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Idol Ace
Idol Ace first page.png
First page of the series.
(Aidoru Ēsu)
Genre Romantic comedy, School, Sports (baseball)
Author Mitsuru Adachi
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Young Sunday
Original run 20052007
Volumes collected in Short Program 3
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Idol Ace (アイドルA(エース) Aidoru Eisu ?) is a Japanese short manga written by Mitsuru Adachi about a high school girl who wishes to play on the high school baseball team, but can not due to the rules. Her father is the team's coach, and her best friend happens to look very much like her, so she is able to do a swap with him during games and meet her dream. The three chapters were published irregularly in Weekly Young Sunday between 2005 and 2007, and it is unknown if the series will continue.[1][2][3] The three chapters were published in Short Program 3 tankōbon.



Azusa Satomi (里美あずさ Satomi Azusa ?)
An up-and-coming idol star who has always dreamed of playing for a high school baseball team and going to Kōshien; however, due to the rules of high school baseball in Japan she can not play on the team. Her childhood friend Keita looks a lot like her, and because her father is the coach of the baseball team at their high school, they are able to convince Keita to switch with her during games. This means he has to dress up like Satomi during the games.
Keita Hirayama (平山圭太 Hirayama Keita ?)
Satomi's childhood friend, and an average baseball player. He grudgingly plays along with Satomi's plans to take the baseball team to Kōshien.


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