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Igor Mandić at the 2008 Interliber book fair in Zagreb
Born November 20, 1939 (1939-11-20) (age 70)
Šibenik, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (now Croatia)
Occupation Journalist, freelance writer
Nationality Croatian
Education B.Sc. in Comparative Literature
Alma mater University of Zagreb
Writing period c. 1963[1] – present
Subjects Literature, music, mass media, feminism, gastronomy, sexuality and erotica

Igor Mandić (born in Šibenik, November 20, 1939[1][2]) is a Croatian writer, literary critic, columnist and essayist.

According to literature historian Slobodan Prosperov Novak, Mandić is the most important and the most versatile Croatian newspaper writer of the second half of the 20th century.[3] His polemic texts have marked a Yugoslav publicist epoch of the 1960s and 1970s. Known for his fresh, sharp writing style[3] and contrarian views, he has been dubbed "the master of quarrel".[4]



Igor Mandić was born in Šibenik in 1939. His father, whom Mandić described as a "self-made man", owned a book store that had an important role in intellectual life of the Šibenik area.[5] During the Italian occupation of Dalmatia in World War II, Mandić's father did business with the Italians, all the while secretly helping the Partisan resistance by supplying them with typewriters, a precious commodity during wartime.[5] Nevertheless, the communist authorities nationalized his book store in 1948, leaving the family without its only source of income.[5]

Mandić finished elementary school in Split, where his family had moved after they lost the book store.[1] After graduating from the classical gymnasium in Split in 1958, Mandić studied comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, graduating in 1963.[1][2] During his university years Mandić began to write literary and music reviews, publishing them in student newspapers, literary magazines and cultural weeklies.[1] Since 1966 he worked full-time in the Croatian daily Vjesnik, as a critic in daily newspapers, as a columnist of Wednesday's edition, and as an in-house reviewer, as an editor and the author of texts in certain Vjesnik's editions. He was the editor-in-chief of Vjesnik in 2000.[2]

In the period 1993-1995 he wrote culturological commentaries for Slobodna Dalmacija, and since 1997 he works as a free artist, publishing in various periodicals such as Novi Plamen.[2]


In 1999 he received Matica hrvatska's award A. G. Matoš for his book Književno (st)ratište. In 2005 he received the award of Croatian Journalists' Association for his lifework. In 2006 at the book fair Sa(n)jam knjigu u Puli he received the Kiklop Award for his book Sebi pod kožu.[2] In 2008 he received the Joško Kulušić Lifetime Achievement Award from Slobodna Dalmacija daily newspaper.[6]


Mandić is a very prolific writer. He publishes literary critics, socio-culturological feuilletons and essays. He is a lifetime collaborator of various radio and television stations.

He published following books:

  • Uz dlaku (critics, Mladost, Zagreb 1970)
  • Mysterium televisionis (essays, Mogućnosti, Split 1972)
  • Gola masa (feuilletons, Znanje, Zagreb 1973)
  • Nježno srce (polemics, Znanje, Zagreb 1975)
  • Mitologija svakidašnjeg života (feuilletons, Otokar Keršovani, Rijeka 1976)
  • Od Bacha do Cagea (essays and critics, Mladost, Zagreb 1977)
  • 101 kratka kritika (Zagreb 1977)
  • U sjeni ocvale glazbe (polemics, Znanje, Zagreb 1977)
  • Policajci duha (polemics, Globus, Zagreb 1979)
  • Šok sadašnjosti (essays, Centar za informacije i publicitet, Zagreb 1979)
  • Arsen (monography, Zagreb, 1983)
  • Književnost i medijska kultura (essays, Nakladni zavod Matice hrvatske, Zagreb 1984)
  • Što, zapravo, hoće te žene (feuilletons, Znanje, Zagreb 1984; Varaždin and Pula 1985)
  • Principi krimića (essays, Mladost, Beograd 1985)
  • Jedna antologija hrvatske poratne poezije (anthology, Prokuplje, Zagreb, 1987)
  • Zbogom dragi Krleža (polemics, Književne novine, Beograd 1988; 2nd ed. Profil international, Zagreb 2007)
  • Bračna kuhinja (co-authored with Slavica Mandić; feuilletons, Grafički zavod Hrvatske, Zagreb 1989; 2nd ed. Profil international, Zagreb 2006)
  • Ekstaze i mamurluci (essays, August Cesarec, Zagreb 1989)
  • Romani i krize (critics, Beograd, 1996)
  • Književno (st)ratište (critics, Nakladni zavod Matice hrvatske, Zagreb 1998)
  • Za našu stvar (critics and polemics, Konzor, Zagreb 1999; 2nd enlarged ed. Biblioteka XX. vek, Beograd 2001)
  • Prijapov problem (essays, Arkzin, Zagreb 1999)
  • Između dv(ij)e vatre (columns, Nin, Beograd 2000)
  • Bijela vrana (columns and polemics, Prosvjeta, Zagreb 2000)
  • Hitna služba (a selection of columns from Vjesnik 1999-2005, Sysprint, Zagreb 2005)
  • Sebi pod kožu. Nehotična autobiografija (Profil international, Zagreb 2006)
  • Notes (columns, Matica hrvatska, Zagreb 2007)
  • U zadnji čas (Profil International, Zagreb 2009)


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