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Ikara Colt were a four piece art-rock band formed by art students at London Guildhall University. They had a five year career beginning in 1999 and ending on 17 January 2005. The band had stated in interviews their intention to disband before they "turn into some old, tired and jaded outfit", this was the reasoning behind the decision to break-up after just two albums and one EP.[1] In Britain, the band were signed to London-based independent label Fantastic Plastic Records, while Epitaph distributed their records in America.

The band were not typically associated with any particular music scene, playing on tour with a variety of diverse bands, though influences include bands such as Sonic Youth and The Fall.[2]

Original bass player Jon Ball left the band in 2003, to be replaced by Tracy Bellaries (formerly of Peel favourites Soulbossa), though he was still involved for most of the writing process and some of the recording of Modern Apprentice, the band's second and final album. Bellaries afterwards joined the group Mystery Meat, and later Part Chimp.


Band members

  • Claire Ingram (guitar/vocals)
  • Paul Resende (vocals)
  • Dominic Young (drums)
  • Jon Ball (bass) 1999-2003.
  • Tracy Bellaries (bass) 2003-2005.





  • Basic Instructions EP - (September 2002)


  • Sink Venice - (May 2001) #187 UK (b/w At The Lodge & Escalate)
  • One Note - (October 2001) #109 UK (b/w Surf 2 & Kite)
  • Rudd - (February 2002) #72 UK (b/w Your Vain Attempts & Memory)
  • Live at the Astoria - (November 2003) (I'm With Stupid & At The Lodge)
  • Wanna Be That Way - (February 2004) (b/w Leave This Country, The Other & Start Up)
  • Wake in the City - (May 2004) #55 UK (b/w Til The End, Keep It To Yourself & Repetition)
  • Modern Feeling - (October 2004) #61 UK (b/w Seeing Double, Ring Road & Modern Feeling JCB Mix)


  • In 2003 they did a 6 week tour of America with Sweden's Sahara Hotnights and USA's The Washdown.
  • The name of the band came to the four members in one simultaneous dream, in which they saw a horse riding on an anti-submarine missile.


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