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Ilkka Remes (born December 13, 1962), is a Finnish author of thrillers and young adult literature. Remes was born in Luumäki as Petri Pykälä. Remes has stated he uses a pseudonym because he does not want to be considered only a thriller writer, and wants to be able to write other genres of books in the future.

Remes lives in Belgium with his wife and two children. He was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti Literature Award in 1997, the Clue of the Year Award from the Finnish Detective Novel Society in 1999 and the Olvi Foundation Literature Award in 1999.

The Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja commented on Remes' book Ruttokellot on his homepage in January 2001. His review on the book was rather negative and he found it troubling that so many of the antagonists in Remes' books were of Russian origin.[1] (see Russophobia).

Remes has written 13 thrillers which have enjoyed significant domestic popularity. The names in parenthesis are direct translations.

  • P√§√§kallokehr√§√§j√§ (1997) ("Death's-head Moth")
  • Karjalan lunnaat (1998) ("Ransom of Karelia")
  • Pedon syleily (1999) ("The Beast's Embrace")
  • Ruttokellot (2000) ("The Plague Bells")
  • Uhrilento (2001) ("The Sacrificial Flight")
  • It√§veri (2002) ("Eastern Blood")
  • Ikiy√∂ (2003) ("The Perpetual Night")
  • Hiroshiman portti (2004) ("The Gate of Hiroshima")
  • Nimess√§ ja veress√§ (2005) ("In the Name and Blood")
  • 6/12 (2006) (referring to December 6, the Independence Day of Finland)
  • Pahan perim√§ ("The Heritage of Evil") (2007)
  • Py√∂rre ("Vortex") (2008)
  • Isku Ytimeen ("A Strike to the Core") (2009)

Of the above, Ruttokellot ("Blutglocke"), Ikiyö ("Ewige Nacht"), Hiroshiman portti ("Das Hiroshima-Tor"), Nimessä ja veressä ("Höllensturz"), 6/12 ("Die Geiseln") and Pahan perimä, ("Das Erbe des Bösen") have been translated into German.

Young adult literature

  • Piraatit (2003) ("The Pirates")
  • Musta Kobra (2004) ("The Black Cobra")
  • Pime√§n py√∂veli (2005) ("Executioner of Darkness")
  • Kirottu koodi (2006) ("Cursed Code")
  • Hermes (2007)
  • Draculan Ratsu (2008) ("Dracula's Steed")
  • Operaatio Solaris (2009) ("Operation Solaris")


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