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Illinois Senate
Type Upper house
President of the Senate John Cullerton, (D)
since January 14, 2009
Majority Leader James Clayborne, Jr., (D)
since November 20, 2008
Minority Leader Christine Radogno, (R)
since November 19, 2008
Members 59
Political groups Democratic Party
Republican Party
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
Illinois State Senate.jpg
Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, IL, U.S.

The Illinois Senate is the upper chamber of the Illinois General Assembly, the legislative branch of the government of the state of Illinois in the United States. The body was created by the first state constitution adopted in 1818. The Illinois Senate is made up of 59 senators elected from individual legislative districts determined by population. Under the Illinois Constitution of 1970, senators are divided into three groups, each group having a two-year term at a different part of the decade between censuses, with the rest of the decade being taken up by two four-year terms.[1] Depending on the election year, roughly ⅓, ⅔, or all of the senate seats may have terms ending. In contrast, the Illinois House of Representatives is made up of 118 members with its entire membership elected to two-year terms. House districts are formed by dividing each Senate district in half.[2]

The Illinois Senate convenes at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. Its first official working day is the second Wednesday of January each year. Its primary duties are to pass bills into law, approve the state budget, confirm appointments to state departments and agencies, act on federal constitutional amendments and propose constitutional amendments for Illinois. It also has the power to override gubernatorial vetoes through a three-fifths majority vote. The Illinois Senate tries impeachments made by the House of Representatives, and can convict impeached officers by a two-thirds vote.

Voting in the Illinois Senate is done by members pushing one of three buttons. Unlike most states, the Illinois Senate allows members to vote yes, no, or present. It takes 30 affirmative votes to pass legislation during final action. The number of negative votes does not matter. Therefore the use of the present vote has the same effect as voting no.

The Democratic Party of Illinois currently holds a veto-proof majority in the Illinois Senate.


Party summary

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 37 22 59 0
Begin 37 22 59 0
Latest voting share 62.7% 37.3%






  • Secretary of the Senate: Jillayne Rock
  • Assistant Secretary of the Senate: Scott Kaiser
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Claricel Agans-Dominguez

Members of the Illinois Senate

District Representative Party Residence Term Up
1 Munoz, AntonioAntonio Munoz Democratic Chicago 2010
2 Delgado, WilliamWilliam Delgado Democratic Chicago 2012
3 Hunter, MattieMattie Hunter Democratic Chicago 2012
4 Lightford, Kimberly A.Kimberly A. Lightford Democratic Chicago 2010
5 Hendon, Rickey R.Rickey R. Hendon Democratic Chicago 2012
6 Cullerton, JohnJohn Cullerton Democratic Chicago 2012
7 Steans, HeatherHeather Steans Democratic Chicago 2010
8 Silverstein, IraIra Silverstein Democratic Chicago 2012
9 Schoenberg, JeffreyJeffrey Schoenberg Democratic Evanston 2012
10 DeLeo, JamesJames DeLeo Democratic Chicago 2010
11 Viverito, LouisLouis Viverito Democratic Burbank 2012
12 Sandoval, MartinMartin Sandoval Democratic Chicago 2012
13 Raoul, KwameKwame Raoul Democratic Chicago 2010
14 Jones III, EmilEmil Jones III Democratic Chicago 2012
15 Meeks, JamesJames Meeks Democratic Chicago 2012
16 Collins, Jacqueline Y.Jacqueline Y. Collins Democratic Chicago 2010
17 Trotter, DonneDonne Trotter Democratic Chicago 2012
18 Maloney, EdwardEdward Maloney Democratic Chicago 2012
19 Crotty, MaggieMaggie Crotty Democratic Oak Forest 2010
20 Martinez, IrisIris Martinez Democratic Chicago 2012
21 Cronin, DanielDaniel Cronin Republican Elmhurst 2012
22 Noland, MichaelMichael Noland Democratic Elgin 2010
23 Pankau, CaroleCarole Pankau Republican Bloomingdale 2012
24 Dillard, Kirk W.Kirk W. Dillard Republican Hinsdale 2012
25 Lauzen, ChrisChris Lauzen Republican Aurora 2010
26 Duffy, DanDan Duffy Republican Lake Barrington 2012
27 Murphy, MattMatt Murphy Republican Palatine 2012
28 Millner, John J.John J. Millner Republican St. Charles 2010
29 Garrett, SusanSusan Garrett Democratic Highwood 2012
30 Link, TerryTerry Link Democratic Vernon Hills 2012
31 Bond, MichaelMichael Bond Democratic Grayslake 2010
32 Althoff, PamelaPamela Althoff Republican Crystal Lake 2012
33 Kotowski, DanDan Kotowski Democratic Park Ridge 2012
34 Syverson, DaveDave Syverson Republican Rockford 2010
35 Burzynski, J. BradleyJ. Bradley Burzynski Republican Sycamore 2012
36 Jacobs, MikeMike Jacobs Democratic East Moline 2012
37 Risinger, DaleDale Risinger Republican Peoria 2010
38 Dahl, Gary G.Gary G. Dahl Republican Peru 2012
39 Harmon, DonDon Harmon Democratic Oak Park 2012
40 Hutchinson, ToiToi Hutchinson Democratic Crete 2010
41 Radogno, ChristineChristine Radogno Republican Lemont 2012
42 Holmes, LindaLinda Holmes Democratic Aurora 2012
43 Wilhelmi, ArthurArthur Wilhelmi Democratic Joliet 2010
44 Brady, BillBill Brady Republican Bloomington 2012
45 Bivins, TimTim Bivins Republican Dixon 2012
46 Koehler, DavidDavid Koehler Democratic Pekin 2010
47 Sullivan, John M.John M. Sullivan Democratic Rushville 2012
48 Hultgren, RandyRandy Hultgren Republican Wheaton 2012
49 Demuzio, DeannaDeanna Demuzio Democratic Carlinville 2010
50 Bomke, LarryLarry Bomke Republican Springfield 2012
51 McCarter, KyleKyle McCarter Republican Greenville 2012[3]
52 Frerichs, MikeMike Frerichs Democratic Gifford 2010
53 Rutherford, DanDan Rutherford Republican Pontiac 2012
54 Jones, John O.John O. Jones Republican Mount Vernon 2012
55 Righter, DaleDale Righter Republican Mattoon 2010
56 Haine, William R.William R. Haine Democratic Alton 2012
57 Clayborne, Jr., JamesJames Clayborne, Jr. Democratic Belleville 2012
58 Luechtefeld, DavidDavid Luechtefeld Republican Okawville 2010
59 Forby, GaryGary Forby Democratic Benton 2012


  1. ^ Illinois Constitution Article IV, Section 2(a)
  2. ^ Illinois Constitution Article IV, Section 2(b)
  3. ^ McCarter was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Frank Watson. A special election will be held at the general election in November 2010 to fill the remainder of vacancy.

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