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Type Broadcast television network
Country United States
Availability National (but not available in all markets)
Launch date 2004
Official Website

ImaginAsian Entertainment is a multi-media company based in New York City. Its main feature is a television network, iaTV, which premiered in 2004 and which focuses on entertainment featuring people of East Asian and South East Asian descent. There is also some South Asian content. The channel competed in certain markets with AZN Television until April 2008, when the competing network ceased broadcasting. It is not yet available in many American television markets.

They also operate The ImaginAsian, a renovated movie theater located in Midtown Manhattan that shows only first-run and classic Asian films, as well as several film festivals per year. The company renovated a second former movie theater in Los Angeles that opened in December 2007, the former Linda Lea Theater, which originally showed Japanese films and served the Little Tokyo area before shuttering in the 1980's.

iaLink, ImaginAsian Entertainment's monthly e-zine, has over 10 million subscribers. The resident fitness guru for ialink and ImaginAsian is Amazin Lethi - the first Vietnamese born and Asian bodybuilder to have successfully crossed over into the entertainment industry on a global scale.


List of corporate affiliates

  • ImaginAsian Entertainment (IAEI) is the corporate parent
  • iaTV is the television network
  • ImaginAsian Radio (iaRadio) is a streaming online radio
  • iaLink is an online e-zine
  • The ImaginAsian Theater, a movie theater in New York City
  • ImaginAsian Pictures is for the creation, distribution, and promotion of films
  • ImaginAsian Home Entertainment is the DVD and home video division
  • The ImaginAsian Center is the film/event theatre in the Gallery Row area of Los Angeles, California, which opened on December 1, 2007. The Los Angeles center seems to have stopped operations in October 2008, though its web site ( is still up.

Shows aired on ImaganAsian


Television programs

Eastern Animation

Japanese (Anime)


  • Guardian Fairy Michel
  • Hermos: The Green Chariot

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