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Imagination Movers
Format Live-action
Starring Rich Collins
Dave Poche
Scott Durbin
Scott Smith
Wendy Calio
Douglas Fisher
Voices of Kath Soucie
Kevin Carlson
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 32 (List of episodes)
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel Disney Channel
First shown in  United States
Original run September 6, 2008 – present

Imagination Movers is a TV series that airs on Playhouse Disney, starting on September 6, 2008, featuring the members of the New Orleans based music group Imagination Movers.



Name Actor/Voiced by
Rich Rich Collins
Dave Dave Poche
Smitty Scott Smith
Scott Scott Durbin
Warehouse Mouse Kevin Carlson
Nina Wendy Calio
Knit Knots Douglas Fisher
Voicemail Kath Soucie

Episode List


Season 1

Episode Number Name Plot Songs Original Airdate (US)
1 No Noise Is Good Noise A strange noise is interrupting the Mover's rehearsing. I Heard That, Nina's Song September 6, 2008
2 The Tooth Hurts Warehouse Mouse hides in order to avoid a trip to the vet. Toothache, Where is Warehouse Mouse?, L.O.S.T. (I'm Lost) September 6, 2008
3 Bad Hair Day Scott is having a bad hair day and needs to tame it before taking a photograph for the newspaper. Take a Picture, Bad Hair September 8, 2008
4 A Puppy Problem Knit Knot's puppy enters the warehouse where it soon gets lost. Playing Catch, Puppy Dog September 9, 2008
5 Body Language A Borovian man visits the Movers and tries to communicate, though they don't understand his language. Buckets and Cans, Get Up September 10, 2008
6 Super Goop Dave's "Super Goop" ends up sticking Rich and Smitty together. Shakeable You, What's in the Fridge? September 11, 2008
7 Heavy Reading A woman asks for advice on how to make her unwieldy new book, the world's telephone directory, easier to move around. Eureka! (Feel the Beat), Rollin' September 12, 2008
8 It's a Breeze Scott left the door to "the wind room" open overnight and it causes problems through the warehouse. Gust of Wind, Give Me Your Hand September 13, 2008
9 A Bee Story A giant robotic bee is let loose in the warehouse. Clean My Room, Try Again September 15, 2008
10 The Un-Party It's Knit Knot's birthday, but he doesn't like parties. The Movers attempt to make him an "un-party". Birthday, Have Some Fun Today September 17, 2008
11 Too Cool The warehouse is freezing cold and the Movers try to figure out what's causing it. Sunblock, Recipe (Stir it Up!) September 18, 2008
12 Sneeze and Thank You Dave's constant sneezing is interrupting his ability to work. The Movers try to find what's causing his allergies. Achoo!, Clean My Room September 20, 2008
13 Bucket Trouble Rich has a bucket stuck on his foot. Do it By Myself, Pop! September 22, 2008
14 Finders Key-pers Knit Knot's has lost his keys and asks the Movers to help find them. Idea Box, Where'd You Go? September 27, 2008
15 Wayne Dance Nina's friend has trouble dancing and asks the Movers to help him learn. Shakeable You, Get Up October 4, 2008
16 Hiccups Knit Knot's constant hiccuping is interrupting his work. He employs the Movers to help cure him. Boing Cluck Cluck, The Boom Boom Song October 11, 2008
17 All Broken Up The Movers accidentally break Nina's cuckoo clock and try to repair it. Fix it Up, We Can Work Together October 18, 2008
18 Big Pumpkin Problem For a pumpkin festival, the boys engineer a giant pumpkin which is so large it can't leave the warehouse. Grow the Pumpkin, Now We're Cooking October 25, 2008
19 Have a Ball A football player employs the Movers when he loses the ability to catch a ball. Playing Catch, Kick It! November 8, 2008
20 Knit-Knots Gets Stuck While helping the Movers, Knit Knot's gets stuck in a suit and needs to be removed before his meeting. Paint the Day Away, Please & Thank You November 22, 2008
21 Present Problem Nina forgets to label her presents to the Movers, who must deduce the contents and distribute the presents accordingly without ruining the surprise. Give a Gift, Gotcha, It's Christmas December 6, 2008
22 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Mouse? A TV repairman cannot do his job as he is afraid of Warehouse Mouse. Fix it Up, Farm January 31, 2009
23 March of the Movers A trombonist has difficulty marching and playing at the same time. March Like a Mover, Today's Parade February 28, 2009
24 Treasure of the Warehouse A "famous treasure hunter" explores the warehouse for the "greatest treasure of all." My Favorite Snack, Jungle Room March 21, 2009
25 Mother's Day Gift Nina comes up with the perfect gift for her mother on mother's day - a song from the Movers. I Want My Mommy, Mother In You May 9, 2009
26 Rockabye Rich Rich has trouble falling asleep. Sleeping Bag, One More Book From The Library, Last Song August 15, 2009

Season 2

Episode Number Name Plot Songs Original Airdate (US)
27 Captain Terrific A superhero is having trouble flying, and the Movers try to find out why. (Guest Daran Norris) Bounce, Up! Up! Up! September 5, 2009
28 It's a Mystery Someone is stealing the Movers' food. I'd Eat it Anyway, What's in the Warehouse? September 12, 2009
29 Mousesitting Warehouse Mouse is babysitting his crying nephew, Gouda, while his sister is at the vet's office and the Movers tried to find a way to make him stop crying. The Wah-Wah Song, Have Some Fun Today September 19, 2009
30 Slip Slidin' Away Dave used a little too much wax on the floor, and the Movers can't stop slipping and sliding around the warehouse. They need to find a way to get to the magic wax remover. Slippin and-a Slidin', My Friends and Me September 26, 2009
31 Second Chance Pants The famous bike rider "Pants" is having trouble riding his bike. The Movers help him.(Guests Willie Garson and Nancy O'Dell) Riding my bike October 10, 2009
32 A Monster Problem (Guest Tom Kenny) Knocking at your door, Friendly Guy October 24, 2009
33 A Fairy Tale Ending The Imagination Movers are surprised when Cinderella (Guest Nicole Anderson) turns up at their door. She's thinking of taking a train to find work, but they're sure they can reunite her with her Prince Charming (Guest Jason Dolley). One More Book, When You Grow Up November 14, 2009
34 Mouse and Home The Movers try to help Warehouse Mouse find a new home that will fit his new, bigger bed. Paint the Day Away, Springtime! November 21, 2009
35 Happy Ha Ha Holidays The Movers help Santa Claus when he loses his special "ho ho ho" laugh. Tag!, December 5, 2009
36 Snow Days The Movers work to free themselves and Nina when a tremendous snowstorm traps them inside the Idea Warehouse. We Can Work Together, Let the Sun Shine In December 12, 2009
37 Muffin Man The Muffin Man (Duff Goldman) has made some muffins that everyone in the town loves and has many orders to fill, but he cannot remember the secret ingredient that made them so tasty. The Imagination Movers helps out to find out what was the secret ingredient. Snackin' ABC's, Now We're Cooking January 16, 2010
38 Farmhouse Mouse Warehouse Mouse's cousin, Farmhouse Mouse, visits the Warehouse. The Movers and Nina help to solve conflict when the mice disagree on what activities to enjoy. Sunrise/Sunset, Seven Days a Week February 6, 2010
39 Tooth Fairy (Guest Cheri Oteri) Can You Do It?, Last Song February 28, 2010
40 Ace Mulligan A pro golfer loses his lucky hat and enlists the Movers to help him. March 13, 2010
41 Out of Tunes A blues musician is out of ideas. March 26, 2010

Where Is Warehouse Mouse? Shorts

Shorts are being produced with viewers watching Warehouse Mouse during his daily life.


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