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Imagine Me & You

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Ol Parker
Produced by Barnaby Thompson
Written by Ol Parker
Starring Piper Perabo
Lena Headey
Matthew Goode
Celia Imrie
Anthony Head
Music by Alex Heffes
Cinematography Ben Davis
Editing by Alex Mackie
Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures
Focus Features
BBC Films
Release date(s) September 9, 2005 (Toronto)
January 27, 2006 (US)
Running time 94 min.
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English
Gross revenue $671,240 (US)

Imagine Me & You is a 2005 British comedy-romance film written and directed by Ol Parker. It centres on the relationship between Rachel, played by Piper Perabo and Luce, played by Lena Headey, who meet on Rachel's wedding day. The movie takes its title from a line in the song "Happy Together". Writer/director Ol Parker reveals on the DVD audio commentary that the movie was originally titled Click, after the French term for love at first sight, but conflicts with the Adam Sandler film of the same name necessitated the name change.



The film opens on Rachel (Piper Perabo) and Hector's (Matthew Goode) wedding day. Rachel's bossy mother Tess (Celia Imrie) and adorably dazed dad Ned (Anthony Head) are introduced. Luce, (Lena Headey) who manages a flower shop, is the wedding florist. She also makes fast friends with Rachel's younger sister, Henrietta (nicknamed "H" because, according to Henrietta, her mother exclaimed "Jesus H. Christ!" upon discovering she was pregnant). However, as Rachel is walking up the aisle, her eyes meet Luce's and a connection is made.

Some time later, Luce is invited to dinner with Rachel, Heck, and Coop (Darren Boyd), Heck's best friend and a perennial bachelor. Rachel suggests they fix up Luce with Coop, until Luce mentions that she's a lesbian. Heck takes this news in stride, and Coop is undeterred in his good-natured attempts to sleep with her.

While Heck works long hours at his increasingly unsatisfying office job, he encourages Rachel to be friends with Luce. The two spend an evening together, visiting a football match and an arcade (which becomes the setting for a Dance Dance Revolution sequence). At the end of the night, Luce walks Rachel back to her flat. Their goodbye grows awkward from tension, and Rachel leans forward to kiss Luce. But Rachel withdraws at the last moment and leaves.

Over the next few days, Rachel continues to deny her growing attraction to Luce in an effort to remain loyal to Heck. For her part, Luce has no wish to break up a committed couple. Unable to deny what she is feeling, Rachel eventually confronts Luce directly at the flower shop. She tells Luce that a romance between them cannot happen, leaves, and abruptly returns seconds later to kiss Luce in the back of the shop. Their foreplay gets interrupted by Heck, who has stopped by to pick up flowers for Rachel. He tells Luce that he has sensed the distance growing between him and Rachel and partially blames himself for not being there for her. Hearing this, Rachel runs off, later sorrowfully agreeing with Luce that they can't betray Heck. She goes so far as to rashly confess all to a drunken Heck, who feigns sleep, without saying who her love is. Heck later turns to Coop for support and Coop angrily confronts Luce after figuring out it was her Rachel fell in love with. Luce decides that being near Rachel without being with her is too hard. She makes plans to go on an extended trip out of the country, leaving care of her shop to her mother.

When Rachel and Heck are celebrating her birthday at her parents', H tells them about Luce's trip. Heck then figures out that it was Luce who Rachel fell in love with after noticing her reaction to the news. Heck does not want to be her second choice or to live a lie so he leaves. She then confesses to her parents that she is in love with a woman and with their help, Rachel tracks down Luce as she takes a taxi to the airport. After getting stuck in traffic and Luce brushing her off on the phone, all seems lost. However, Rachel realizes Luce is in the same traffic jam and uses the lessons Luce taught her about yelling loudly to call to her. The two women reunite and kiss each other in the middle of a crowded London street.

In a post credits coda, we see the characters some time later. Heck is on the plane to some far flung destination, all set to write his travel book, where he sits next to a young woman for the 24 hour flight. There is an obvious and immediate attraction (and nervous flirtation) between them. H and her young boyfriend are playing at a playground, Coop is seen holding a baby, and Luce and Rachel are still happy together.


Box office

  • On January 27, 2006 the film opened in 106 theaters in the USA. In its opening weekend, the film made 51,907 USD. It stayed eight weeks on theaters in the USA and made 672,243 USD in total.[1]
  • In the Netherlands, the film grossed over 97,470, debuting at #10 in its second week.
  • Worldwide the film grossed over 2,635,305 USD.[1]


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Imagine Me & You is a 2005 film about a newlywed bride who becomes infatuated with another woman, bringing her to question her sexual orientation and promoting a stir among her family and friends.

Directed and written by Ol Parker.
There Goes The Bride. taglines



  • Everyone promises you happily ever after... but life turns into a different kind of fairy tale.
  • You make me feel something I absolutely cannot feel.
  • [reading to coworkers] In her acceptance speech, the distinguished scientist paid tribute to her husband, Dr. Chris Davis. Tomorrow the pair celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary after eloping together on the day they met. When asked how they could possibly have known that it would all work out, Professor Harrison replied in true scientific fashion: "We don't know, you can never be sure. But you take the plunge anyway. Sure is for people who don't love enough."


  • You're a wanker, number nine!
  • I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes meet... Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize that you were incomplete and now you are whole...


  • [to Rachel] You know I want you to be happy. And more than anything, I wanted to be the cause of happiness in you.
  • Well, let's hang these flowers and get that jacket in some water.
  • [Rachel wants to have sex in a park late at night] We've got a flat. It's a good one. And I've confiscated your mother's key so she can't sneak up on us anymore. I swear that woman's got a sex radar.


  • Three cheers for my husband, as much use as a fart in a jam jar.
  • Cooper, that trollop. That man would shag an open wound.
  • Will you fuck off with the fucking candles?


  • Later on tonight, we're going to fall madly in bed.
  • I am a cure for lesbianism.


  • Ned: I love the smell of hot dogs in the evening. Smells like... hot dogs.
  • Edie: She's not just heterosexual, she's barbie heterosexual!


H: Heck, I've got a question.
Tessa: Not now.
Heck: What's the question, H?
H: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
Heck: [thinks for a few seconds] I haven't got a bastard clue, I'm afraid.
Tessa: There you are, you see. Now we can let him get married in peace.
[She starts to lead H to the church to find a seat for the wedding]
Luce: [Catches H before Tessa can take her away completely] It never happens. If there's a thing that can't be stopped, it's not possible for there to be something else which can't be moved, and vice versa. They can't both exist. You see, it's a trick question is the answer.
H: [as Tessa leads her to the church] Can she sit with me?

Luce: What's your name, anyway?
H: Everyone calls me "H.' They tell me it's short for Henrietta, but it's not. It's short for Jesus "H" Christ. That's what my mummy said when she found out she was pregnant with me.

Coop: [Standing at the altar with Heck] I fancy that flower girl.
Heck: [Craning around to see if Rachel's coming] Yeah, yeah, I know you do.
Coop: She likes me, right? I got a vibe that she likes me.
Heck: Coop, it's my wedding day. Can we talk about me?
Coop: Sure, yes.
[Turns with Heck to see if Rachel's coming. Waits a few seconds, then whispers]
Coop: Did you get the vibe that she likes me?

Luce: [Has come for a glass of punch, but finds Rachel blocking the way] What, is something wrong? I'm here to help.
Rachel: My ring. I was getting some of this punch crap and...
Luce: Your wedding ring?
Rachel: It fell off. Off and in there. My wedding ring is in there.
Luce: And you tried the ladle?
Rachel: Nothing.
Luce: And you can't empty...
Rachel: No.
Luce: No, it's too big. Right. Only one thing to do. Cover me.
[Starts to roll up her sleeves]
Rachel: What?
Luce: Use the dress.
[Moves Rachel so that her body covers Luce's actions]
Luce: I'm going in.
Rachel: You can't just...
[Looks over her shoulder as Luce prepares to fish around for the ring]
Rachel: Oh, yes, really, you can.
[Luce sticks her arm in the punch bowl]

Edie: You need a love life.
Luce: I have a like life. It suits me fine.

Heck: So, what about you? Are you married? Ever been married, ever going to get married?
Luce: No. No. Maybe now that the law's changed.
Heck: How do you mean?
Luce: Well, I'm gay.
Heck: [chuckles, then realizes that it's not a joke] Mmm... well done.

Rachel: [about Luce] She's gay...
Heck: As a tennis player.

Coop: I'm 29 years old.
Heck: You're 31.
Coop: Precisely my point. I'm getting older. And I see you... I see what you've got with... I can see that stability. And the trust, and permanence. And I think... God, I'm glad I'm not you.

Coop: Fuck me if I'm wrong, but I think you want to kiss me.
Luce: It's not going to happen.

Heck: [Rachel and Heck are having breakfast in bed] I like this jam. It's really good jam. I should make jam. I could, you know.
Rachel: 'Course you could.
Heck: You don't think I could.
Rachel: Not for a second.
Heck: Anyway, I was talking to Rob yesterday.
Rachel: That man's an ass.
Heck: That man is an ass. But he's got this really sweet girlfriend. God knows what she found to love about him, but she does. He cheats on her like a nutter.
[Rachel gets up and starts to get dressed]
Heck: Oh, come back to bed.
Rachel: I'm up now. Does she know?
Heck: Well, I'm like, 'If you want to leave, tell her.' Are you really up?
Rachel: I really am. Maybe he doesn't want to leave. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants.
Heck: Anyway, he should figure it out before someone gets hurt... Why are you looking at me?
Rachel: 'Cause you're a good person.
Heck: You wait till I make jam. Then I'll rock your world.

Rachel: Do you guys believe in love at first sight?
Zina: Well, it saves time.
Rachel: No, really, that you could meet someone, or just... across a room, and with that one glance you could look in their eyes and see their soul. Do you believe that could happen?
Beth: [long pause, takes a breath] No.
Zina: Absolutely not.
Rachel: No, me neither.

Heck: [after finding that Rachel has a lesbian porn film] It's porn, right? It's degrading. It's offensive.
Rachel: God yes.
Heck: Yeah. Let's watch it anyway. Come on, Rach, I mean, things have been getting slack in that department recently. I know it's my fault, and it's... yeah.
Rachel: No, it's mine... I... uh... but I don't want to watch this.
Heck: [sadly] Why not?
Rachel: It doesn't turn me on.
Heck: Makes one of us.

Heck: Edie, are you gay?
Edie: Am I gay? [laughs] I'm ecstatic!

Rachel: What does the lily mean?
Luce: The lily means... [pause] The lily means, "I dare you to love me".

[It's the day after Luce and Rachel's "date" where Rachel almost kissed Luce. Upon seeing Rachel approaching her store, Luce beams a smile]
Luce: Hi!
Rachel: No! No! You're not happy to see me! You can't! I don't want you to be happy to see me!

Rachel: Okay. So do you see? You have to see. I, I can't do this. I can't actually do this. So whatever it is, or was, it's got to stop, and it's got to stop now, do you understand? It's over.
[Leaves back room, then immediately comes back in and passionately kisses Luce]

[Luce and Rachel are making out on a table in the back room of Luce's store. Luce lies back against a pile of roses, and yells]
Luce: OW! OW!
Rachel: [Getting off her] What is it? What?
Luce: Thorns! Thorns! In my bum! Ow!

Rachel: I can't...
Luce: I know.

Luce: Don't forget me.
Rachel: I won't remember anything else.

Ella: [Coming into room dressed to go out, and seeing Luce looking rather dejected sitting on the couch] Sweet shit in a bucket. What's wrong with you?
Luce: I met this girl... but she's with someone else
Ella: Does she love you?
Luce: I don't know... no... [nods head] yes... but it doesn't matter.
Ella: [gently caresses Luce's face] Oh... it's all that matters.

Luce: [surprised] Coop!
Coop: It is you, isn't it?
Luce: What are you talking about?
Coop: I wasn't sure when he told me, but I knew.
Luce: What did he say?
Coop: Tell me it isn't true, girl!
Coop: Dumb slut!
Luce: Don't start, Coop.
Coop: Don't start? Her husband. Her flickin' husband calls me in the middle of the night. And you want to know how he was? He was busted.
Luce: Coop, just get out!
Coop: What was that you said? What was that? About how you shouldn't bust in on another couple's marriage?
[Luce looks guilty]
Coop: Stuck to that one good, didn't you?

Heck: It's not you leaving that's going to kill me. It's you loving someone more.
Rachel: No. You're not walking away. Don't... don't walk away from me.
Heck: Yeah keep saying that. Pretend this is my choice.
Rachel: What do you MEAN?
Heck: Oh come on Rachel. We both know you'd have left me in the end.
Rachel: That's not true.
Heck: YES IT IS! [quieter] Yes it is. I want you to be happy. More than anything else I wanted to be the cause of happiness in you. But if I'm not, then I can't stand in the way, you see? Because what you're feeling now, Rachel, is the unstoppable force. Which means that I've got to move.

Ned: So, who's the lucky chap? What's his name?
Rachel: Her name... is Luce.
Tessa: Luce? As in a woman? As are you a woman? So you mean you two are lesbifriends?
Rachel: It doesn't matter what you call it, it's not going to happen.

Luce: How do you feel?
Ella: Oh. Um. Well you know when you're holding a hot cup of coffee and you realize you're going to sneeze? That's how I feel.


  • There Goes The Bride.
  • The path to true love isn't always straight...


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