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imake is a discontinued build automation system implemented on top of the C preprocessor.

imake generates makefiles from a template, a set of cpp macro functions, and a per-directory input file called an Imakefile. This allows machine dependencies (such as compiler options, alternate command names, and special make rules) to be kept separate from the descriptions of the various items to be built.

imake grew out of the X Window System and has been part of its distribution since Version 11. With the release of X11R7.0, it is being replaced by GNU autotools. X11R6.9 was the final version of to use imake; imake is now only used by XFree86.

imake is the principal source for the command utility lndir, for creating a light-weight mirror of a directory structure using a combination of directories and symbolic links. This provides an easy way to build a source tree in a separate directory, without support from the build system for doing so.

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  • imake FAQ at the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center


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