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Background information
Born 1986
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Rapper, Actor
Years active 2004 - present
Labels Luxurious Ent./ Independent Online Distribution Alliance/ Pepsi DJ Division/ Def Jam Recordings
Associated acts Kurupt, Jay-Z, L.U.X.
Website ImmenseOnline

Immense, is a world known American rapper from Los Angeles, California.




Family Influences

Immense, was borned on the west side of Los Angeles, California in an area referred to as South Central L.A. He experienced the street life at a young age. His brother was a big time L.A. drug dealer who used to deal with the Jamaican Posse durin the 1980s and his uncle was a gang leader from the Los Angeles original Businessmen street gang[1] durin the 1960s & 1970s.

Early Years

As a youth, Immense moved around a lot and lived with different family members throughout the Los Angeles area. Living in different neighborhoods in South Central allowed him to experience different cultures and ways of life. He also seen things that a kid so young shouldn’t see. He saw firsthand the effects of alcohol and drug abuse, he saw the wads of money and guns that the fast life brings. He also saw the tragedy that comes with these things. He once said in an interview that he watched family members overdose on pills when he was as young as four years old, He witness his first drive-by at the age of five. He also wrote his first rap the same year.

He learned compassion and how to love from the three main women in his life. His aunt, his mother, and his grandmother. His aunt Pearlie died when he was seven. His mother died when he was twelve. It was discovered that her death was caused by the Hospital staff giving her medications that she were allergic to. After many trips from home to home, it was grandmother who gave him the stability that he needed to succeed. She enrolled him into school and made sure that he learned what it took to be a hardworker. Herself had attended College, was a homeowner, and worked for the government for 42 years. She was also a former singer in a church choir. She raised Immense in the church. He became a gifted student in the classroom and began his music ambitions by taking piano lessons before he entered his teenage years. Rapping back then was just something he did as a hobby.

While exceeding in the classrooms, Immense discovered he had another talent. He discovered that he had gift for communicating. He discovered that he had a way of getting the things that he desired. He began hanging out at local pool-halls, after hour strip clubs, and on the world famous Crenshaw Blvd.[2]–a popular Los Angeles strip known for cruising. He was embraced by the hustlers, the pimps, and the lovely ladies that accompanied they lifestyle. “I can remember going to school Monday through Friday, then after dropping off my books Friday after-school ,I wouldn’t come home until Sunday morning just in time for church. With a pocket full of phone numbers, and money. My left hand never knew what my right hand was doing!” he quoted in a in a demo song he wrote during high school.

Career Beginnings

His wild partying and street way was never overshadowed by Immense the young businessman. He always kept what he calls “a legal job aka steady income, because in the hustle game, you never know what day is gonna be a good money day and which days are going to be a slow money day”. Being so busy it seem as if he never slept. He attended college in the daytime, work 2 part-time jobs in the afternoons and evenings, and then hustled in the streets till the early a.m hours after midnight!

In 2002, Immense was stabbed with an icepick in his heart and lungs[3] and was hospitalized in the infamous Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital (now known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center). After receiving many surgeries Immense recovered and upon release went straight to the studio to record songs. He based his music around his life experiences including being incarcerated (in which a case he was facing 4–7 years was dismissed) and being hit as a pedestrian by a SUV (in which he was tossed 40 feet into the air landing face first onto the concrete)[4].

Immense (on the left) performing at a show in Las Vegas

He began putting out music independently in the Los Angeles underground rap scene. His relentless efforts allowed him to performed at venues locally (including the famous Project Blowed) and nationally, opening up for various platinum artists (including: West Side Connection, Ja Rule, Ashanti (entertainer), and Dru Hill)[5]. He also enjoyed success in modeling (Empyrean Photography), acting in movies (Second Chance) and by appearing in various hip-hop dvds (Road Kings).

His grind didn’t go unnoticed by music industry. He began working behind the scenes for artists and record labels as well. He was instrumental in dealing with the activities of Uneek Music’s Founder and CEO Big U. He handled the day to day business of platinum recording artist and actor Kurupt of tha Dogg Pound. He managed the career of popular gospel rap artist Dedge P and was the major factor in getting him to Interscope. Immense also worked exclusively behind the scenes with director/executive Chris and director/producer Tone Toven of Yahoo Music /Pepsi Music.

Years 2006-Present

In 2006 Immense began releasing the highly downloaded mix-tape series “Protect the West”[6] with platinum recording artist Kurupt[7], which featured many well known West Coast artists such as The Game (rapper), Dogg Pound, Eve, Too Short, Bone Thugs N Harmony, 2Pac’s Outlawz, and Kokane.

Immense credits include being featured in segments for Pepsi Music[8] and advertisements for Yahoo![9] Also he is credited for writing songs for music groups over-seas.


  • Protect the West vol.1 (2006)
  • Protect the West vol.2 (2008)
  • Protect the West vol.3 (2010)
  • From SunUp to SunDown (2010)


  • 2004: Second Chance (film) (street thug)
  • 2005: Road Kings (film) (rapper)
  • 2008: Pepsi Commercial (commercial segment) (self)
  • 2008: Yahoo! Ad (commercial segment) (self)
  • 2009: Yahoo! Ad (commercial segment) (self)


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