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Immix Wireless
Type Private
Founded 2005
Headquarters Wyomissing, PA
Industry Wireless Services
Products GSM, GPRS (wireless voice and data services), SMS (text messaging), MMS (picture messaging)

Immix Wireless is a wireless provider that serves central Pennsylvania. Immix Wireless provides GSM voice service as well as i•mix[1] data service using GPRS technology, on the 1900MHz PCS band. Immix Wireless also offers nationwide plans through partnerships with AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and other 15-20 other GSM providers with no roaming fees. Immix Wireless has more towers than any other service provider in the ten counties.

Immix Wireless is a small regional carrier. Its stated goal is to "provide the most minutes, best prices, and the best coverage around". They claim to be "without the corporate influences".

Immix Wireless is the first regional carrier to provide a handset-neutral, independent visual voicemail offering to its users through YouMail. [2]

It was widely speculated that T-Mobile would eventually purchase Immix Wireless to cover the gap in their network. However in 2005, T-Mobile overbuilt the network in State College, PA, and are planning to do so with the rest of the network in 2008.

It was thought that this overbuild will render Immix Wireless virtually without value. Immix Wireless claims that it has not, and that they are still the top service provider in the area.[3]




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