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Impedance may refer to:

  • The ratio of the voltage phasor to the electric current phasor, as in:
    • Electrical impedance, a measure of opposition to time-varying electric current in an electric circuit
    • Characteristic impedance, a figure of merit for a transmission line to indicate the electrical impedance the transmission line must be terminated in order to behave like a transmission line of infinite length
    • Intrinsic impedance, the ratio of the transverse components of the electric and magnetic fields
  • Impedance bridging or voltage bridging, or simply a bridging connection, one which maximizes transfer of a voltage signal to the load
  • Impedance matching,the setting of the input impedance of an electrical load equal to the fixed output impedance of the signal source to which it is connected, usually in order to maximize the power transfer and minimize reflections from the load
  • Impedance of free space, a universal constant
  • Wave impedance, a constant related to electromagnetic wave propagation in a medium
  • Mechanical impedance, a measure of opposition to motion of a structure subjected to a force
  • Acoustic impedance, a constant related to the propagation of sound waves in an acoustic medium
  • Linear response function, a general way to represent the input-output characteristics of a system
  • Object-relational impedance mismatch, difficulties encountered when a relational database management system is in an object-oriented programming language


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