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His/Her Imperial Highness (abbreviation HIH) is a style used by members of an imperial family to denote imperial - as opposed to royal - status to show that the holder in question is descended from an Emperor rather than a King (compare His/Her Royal Highness). It generally outranks all other single styles.

Today the style has mainly fallen from use with the exception of the Imperial Family of Japan (in Japanese: 殿下, denka), and the descendants of the Imperial Line of Russia who are still addressed as such, although, of course, no longer have any power in Russia. In the past, the style has been applied to more senior members of the French and Korean Imperial Houses. Archdukes of Austria from the Habsburg dynasty held the style of Imperial and Royal Highness (in German:Kaiserliche und königliche Hoheit), with the "Royal" signifying their status as Princes of Hungary and Bohemia. They were also addressed as "Imperial Highness" (Kaiserliche Hoheit). Members of the Imperial House of Osman still continue to use the style His/Her Imperial Highness, which was and still is reserved for children and grandchildren of the Ottoman Emperor (Grand Sultan). The last Shah of Iran also used the style HIM , and since the revolution the Imperial Pahlavi family still use the style HIM, such as for Farah Pahlavi.

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