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In Our Time  
1st edition (Boni & Liveright)
Author Ernest Hemingway
Country United States
Language English
Publication date 1925
Pages 160 (Paperback edition)
ISBN ISBN 0684822768 (Paperback edition)
Followed by The Torrents of Spring

In Our Time is a collection of short stories by Ernest Hemingway. Each chapter consists of a vignette that in some way relates to the following short story. It was published in 1925, and marked Ernest Hemingway's American debut. It contains several well-known Hemingway works, including the Nick Adams stories "Indian Camp," "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," "The Three Day Blow," and "The Battler", and introduces readers to the hallmarks of the Hemingway style. "On the Quai at Smyrna" was first published as the introduction to the 1930 edition.

A year earlier in 1924, Hemingway published a much shorter book named in our time (in lower-case) in Paris. It consisted of just 32 pages and was published in a small edition of 170 copies. in our time contained only the vignettes later used as interchapters in In Our Time, though some of these vignettes, like "A Very Short Story" and "The Revolutionist," were treated as full short stories in the later collection.

The title comes from the English Book of Common Prayer: "give us peace in our time, O Lord." This origin was first suggested by Ezra Pound and then later confirmed by Hemingway.

At the time of its publication, the book was recognized as a significant development in prose fiction, for its spare language and oblique depiction of the psychological states of the characters portrayed. Retrospectively, In Our Time is viewed as the beginning of Hemingway's highly influential style, which would make an indelible mark on 20th century prose fiction.

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