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In the Beginning
Compilation album by Journey
Released January 1980
Genre Rock
Length 75:24
Label Columbia
Journey chronology
In the Beginning

In the Beginning contains songs from the rock band Journey's first three albums (Journey, Look into the Future, and Next) before Steve Perry joined the band as their new lead singer in 1977.


Track listing


Side one

  1. "Of a Lifetime" (G. Rolie, G. Tickner, N. Schon) - 6:48
  2. "Topaz" (G. Tickner) - 6:09
  3. "Kohoutek" (N. Schon, G. Rolie) - 6:40

Side two

  1. "On a Saturday Night" (G. Rolie) - 3:55
  2. "It's All Too Much" (G. Harrison) - 4:01
  3. "In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations" (G. Rolie/R.Valory) - 4:56
  4. "Mystery Mountain" (G. Rolie, G. Tickner, D. Valory) - 4:23

Side three

  1. "Spaceman" (G. Rolie, A. Dunbar) - 4:00
  2. "People" (N. Schon, G. Rolie, A. Dunbar) - 5:19
  3. "Anyway" (G. Rolie) - 4:10
  4. "You're on Your Own" (N. Schon, G. Rolie, G. Tickner) - 5:52

Side four

  1. "Look Into the Future" (N. Schon, G. Rolie, D. Valory) - 8:08
  2. "Nickel and Dime" (R. Valory, N. Schon, G. Rolie, G. Tickner) - 4:11
  3. "I'm Gonna Leave You" (N. Schon, G. Rolie, G. Tickner) - 6:56


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