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Indiecade or IndieCade is a consortium of independent video game developers promoting their work at various festivals and events of the same name. The Indiecade festival is one event,[1] the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) partnered with the IndieCade organization "that focuses on independent games and works to cultivate innovation and artistry in interactive media" in 2009,[2] and an independent video gaming ("indie gaming") festival was also held in the United Kingdom in 2009 after being established in 2007.[3]

Titles showcased by the group at the 2009 E3 event included:

Finalists at the 2009 Indiecade festival were:

  • Closure, a "puzzle platformer" where different areas of the screen are illuminated and safe. It uses "simple, black and white hand-drawn style."
  • The Maw, a game at the Xbox Live Arcade where the player is a space alien partnering up with "a comical purple blob who eats everything in its path." "The secret to success lies in getting the Maw to eat the right things to absorb the qualities needed for a given puzzle."
  • Minor Battle, a 2-D multiplayer game "displayed on four screens forming faces of a cube" that was designed by the Peanut Gallery. "The configuration of the screens forces players to move through physical space as they navigate their avatars through the virtual play space" involving physical play and digital play.
  • Modal Kombat, a "performance interface for traditional games (often Mortal Kombat) that allows the player to control their avatars by playing real guitars." A teaching tool to make practicing guitar a diversion gaming.
  • Ruben & Lullaby, which uses iPhone' technology to control a simulated young couple's and emotions by "agitating them by shaking the phone, calming them by stroking the touch screen, etc."
  • Shadow Physics, a puzzle game involving 2-D characters in 3-D space.
  • Sowlar, a farming game with environmental themes "spanning a galaxy" that was designed by Odd Man In, a team at the DigiPen Institute of Technology.
  • The Deep Sleep Initiative, an alternate reality game requiring active puppet mastering of players contained within a print publication "with secrets hidden across the web". "ARx, a team at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), designed the game for a teen audience."
  • You Get Me (video game), Britain's Blast Theory's mixed reality game that is involves eight players at computer stations in the Royal Opera House connecting with runners in a park five miles away navigating "through a virtual overlay of the park, avoiding all runners except the one they chose."
  • Zeno Clash, a game of "mythopoeia" taking players through an epic narrative adventure "across a landscape of bizarre and surprising worlds and cultures whose storyline echoes Greek tragedy" with gameplay of "close and brutal melee encounters with strange characters and frightening creatures." It was made by a Chilean studio, ACE Team Softwar. [5]


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  • When has a video game ever made you cry?; Indie titles prove that games can evoke the same emotions as films, books "IndieCade is the first standalone independent games festival (that is: it’s not a part of some larger games festival) and one that's meant to introduce the public at large to the joys of independent gaming." MSNBC
  • Melissa J. Perenson Independent Games Take Flight; Indie game makers look to the music and film business (and creative marketing) to learn how to nurture audience and interest. October 5, 2008 PC World

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