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Simplified map of part of the border area, near 26°15′43″N 88°45′6″E / 26.26194°N 88.75167°E / 26.26194; 88.75167, showing some of the larger Indian enclaves in Bangladesh. There are many smaller enclaves in this region which are not shown.
More complete map of the exclaves. Top of the map is east.

The India-Bangladesh border in the Indian state of West Bengal has about 92 exclaves of Bangladesh, and 106 exclaves of India are within Bangladeshi soil. The enclaves were part of the high stake card or chess games centuries ago between two regional kings, the Raja of Cooch Behar and the Nawab of Rangpur[1]. The little territories were the result of a confused outcome of a treaty between the Kingdom of Koch Bihar and the Mughal Empire[2].

After the partition of India in 1947, Cooch Behar was merged with India and Rangpur went to then East Pakistan, which became Bangladesh in 1971. In 1974, both countries agreed to exchange the enclaves or at least provide easy access to the enclaves, but since then little has materialised. Talks between the two countries on the issue resumed in 2001, but the lack of a concrete time frame has relegated the issue to the back burner.

The residents of the enclaves live in abysmal conditions, with a lack of water, roads, electricity, schools and medicines. Crime also is rampant, as complaining would mean crossing the international boundary due to the lack of law enforcement resources. Residents of the enclaves may go to their respective countries on the production of an identity card, after seeking permission from the border guards, causing much resentment.


List of enclaves and exclaves


Bangladesh exclaves

A Bangladeshi exclave administrated Pathgram upzila in Lalmonirhat zila lies within the Indian province of West Bengal. The exclave has an area of 25 km2 with a resident population of 20,000 people. The exclave lacks all facilities. The lone health complex remains virtually useless for lack of power supply as India refused to link the exclave with mainland Bangladesh with power supply lines.

The land was actually leased indefinitely to Bangladesh so that they could access the Dehgram–Angalpota enclaves.

Indian exclaves

  • 1.Dasiarchhara

Lies 3 km from India has an area of 7 km² with 9,000 inhabitants


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