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IndosatM2 / IM2
IndosatM2 Logo
Type Internet Broadband Provider, TV Provider
Country Indonesia Indonesia
Availability Jakarta
Founded by PT Indosat
Owner PT Indosat Mega Media
Launch date 1996
Official Website

IndosatM2 provides Internet, multimedia and IP-based products and services to customers in the corporate, small and medium enterprise (SME), and the retail market segments in Indonesia, utilizing a wide array of local access nodes, from dedicated cable and wireless access to standard dial-up, VSAT-IP, and the latest in 3.5G broadband connections. IM2 also offers value-added services including web hosting and collocation.

IndosatM2 is fully subsidiary company of PT. Indosat. IM2 started full operation in 2000 and has since become the largest ISP in Indonesia with its connection to the international Internet backbone.



  • 1996[1]
    • PT Indosat Mega Media (IndosatM2) established fully owned by PT Indosat the leading International telecommunication operator in Indonesia
    • PT IndosatM2 sets up a subsidiary company named PT Menara Jakarta to built the most sophisticated multimedia building at Kemayoran area, Jakarta.
  • 1997[1]
    • Set up a subsidiary company PT Metra to operate pay TV business
    • Set up a subsidiary company PT Yasawirya Indah Mega Media, collaboration with TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) and YTC (Production House Company) to run entertainment business at TMII.
  • 2000[1]
    • IndosatM2 started to operate pay TV with Internet via TV cable at Kelapa Gading area, with head office at Gedung Sarana Jaya, 4 floor, Jl. Budi Kemulian No.1 , Central Jakarta.
    • Start joint marketing to sell Internet for Kabel Vision subscribers.
  • 2001[1]
    • PT Indosat handed over the Indosatnet business to IndosatM2, making IndosatM2 the biggest ISP (Internet Service Provider) and INP (Internet Network Provider) operator in Indonesia.
  • 2002[1]
    • Deployed cable TV network with partners at several big cities : Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung
    • Developed 3.3 GHz radio access for local link to support Indosatnet dedicated service
    • Launched IM2 Link (IP-VPN) on November 5, 2002, making IndosatM2 the first IP-VPN service provider in Indonesia
    • On December 31, 2002 Indosatcom merged with IndosatM2. and IndosatM2 operated B2B e-commerce and also established a new subsidiary company, PT Mediagate Indonesia
  • 2003[1]
    • Divested PT Metra and PT Menara Jakarta
    • Launched a national access number for Internet dialup 080988001, and Indosatnet dialup could be access from 180 cities Indonesia
    • Launched IM2 Indosatnet mobile instant collaboration with Satelindo, allowing Satelindo subscribers to access Indosatnet via their cell phones.
    • Launched IM2 Indosatnet Power Surf, a new feature to accelerate Internet browsing, especially for dialup customers.
    • Trial of VOIP (Voice-over-IP/telephone via Internet) use TV cable network.
  • 2004[1]
    • Indosat M2 and BtN (Beyond the Network) signed a cooperation agreement on implementing International IPVPN which based on MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching). This expanded the IM2 Link service not only in South East Asia, but also to China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and even Europe and South America
    • IM2 launched IM2 Indosatnet new tariff, IM2 Prepaid Card, and IM2 Hotspot on August 14&15 at Cilandak Town Square in South Jakarta
    • Indosat M2 officially became the 19th member of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)
    • For the second time, IM2 was awarded the Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) on September 31, 2004
  • 2005[1]
    • Launched Surf2Win Lottery Promotion as the first IM2 national promotion.
    • Launched Internet Dedicated with DVB-RCS technology and satellite for remote area.
    • IndosatM2 launched the biggest Hotspot Location in Indonesia located in Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk), a mall with open air concept in 3.5-hectare area.
    • IndosatM2 won Call Centre Award 2006 for Service Excellence by Centre from Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty (CCSL).
    • IndosatM2 launched i-memova, a MMS based push-mail service that can be used by prepaid and postpaid cellphone subscribers. This is the first of its kind in Indonesia.
  • 2006
    • IndosatM2 won the TOP BRAND AWARD from Marketing Magazine and the Frontier consulting group for being Indonesia’s leading Internet Brand in recognition of its outstanding achievement in building the top brand
    • Achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification of Quality Management System
    • Established 1Gbit/s IIX connection
    • The first ISP to offer 3.5G Broadband Internet using 3.5G/HSDPA Technology
  • 2007
    • Call Center Award for achieving excellent service performance from CCSL & Marketing Magazine
    • Marketing Award for The Best Market Driven Company from Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group
    • Top Brand Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in building the Top Brand from Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting group for the second time
    • Introducing Blitz- VSAT IP Ku-band, the first kind in Indonesia
    • Race4Win On line game held by IndosatM2 with Peugeot 206 as the grand prize
  • 2008
    • Launched the first Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband Internet in Indonesia. With only little more than 1 dollar, customers can enjoy a wireless broadband connection up to 3,6Mbit/s. The Pre-paid service is dubbed BROOM package.
    • IndosatM2 won The Best Contact Center operational from Indonesian Contact Center Association (ICCA) as a recognition of IndosatM2’ dedication for service excellence in Contact Center division
    • Cooperated with Intel Corp. for Intel’s World Ahead Program as part of access to computer technology and wireless broadband usage acceleration. Intel Corp. donates several thousand Classmate PC (CMPC) for numerous schools in Indonesia with the support of wireless broadband connectivity from IndosatM2

IM2 Internet Services


Consumer Solutions

In 2006, IndosatM2 began expanding its service by providing 3.5G wireless broadband Internet in Indonesia. IndosatM2 with its tagline Broadband Anywhere continuously provides retail customers with high quality Internet service. This was shown by increasing number of IndosatM2 hotspots from 66 locations in 2005 to 127 locations with 510 Access Points in 17 Indonesian cities in 2006. Prepaid Internet access for customer was also introduced in 2006 that enabled customer to enjoy a high-quality Wi-Fi connection at these IndosatM2 hotspots.

In 2007, IndosatM2 introduced 3.5G mobile wireless broadband Internet. The new service allowed customers to access broadband Internet via wireless modem. This means the IndosatM2 promise of “Broadband Anywhere” came out step closer to realization. This new service utilizes the 3G cellular telecommunication protocol that allowed for much higher data transfer rates and bandwidth capacity compared with other technologies. Using the HSDPA feature, IndosatM2 users can have speed up to 3.6 Mbit/s while using the datacard or USB wireless modems.

Early in 2008, a new alternative way of using the 3.5G wireless broadband Internet was launched. A prepaid 3.5G Internet service, dubbed “BROOM” package, is one of the highly anticipated services by the customers. Customers can purchase the same Internet service from IndosatM2 with affordable price with refillable system. With little more than USD 1 dollar, a subscriber can access high-speed wireless broadband Internet service from practically anywhere in Indonesia. A single user ID service is also one of the features introduced by IndosatM2. The single user ID can be used in non free Wi-Fi hotspots provided by IndosatM2 partners and dial-up connection and also a top-up service using SMS service is another feature provided by IndosatM2. This numerous highly anticipated services from IndosatM2 contributed to the giant leap in the number of IndosatM2 subscribers, with subscribers number increasing from mere hundreds to more than 30,000 registered subscribers from 2006 to end of 2007. The growth has been increasing rapidly ever since. IndosatM2 currently serves more than 50,000 retail and corporate subscribers.

Business Solutions

The flow of information can be linked to the lifeblood of modern businesses and particularly for large corporations. Nowadays, corporate users have come to depend on IP-based telecommunications services, which offer many advantages over other forms of data communication technologies. To accommodate these corporate users needs, IndosatM2 provides an array of products and services, ranging from IndosatNet Dedicated Internet and IM2 Link IP-VPN MPLS to web-hosting and colocation services. In 2006, IndosatM2 expanded its Fiber Optic and Hybrid Fiber Coaxial networks especially in business districts in Jakarta and Surabaya. Another mainstay in IndosatM2 products lineup for the corporate segment is IM2 Link, an IP-based Virtual Private Network utilizing the Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, which allowed customers to link widely dispersed locations in a single communication network, securely and cost-effectively. Also in 2006, IndosatM2 expanded its MPLS node coverage for IM2 Link from 170 to 217 nodes. This number grew to 369 in 2007 and was further increased in 2008.

Note on IM2 Connection

The stability and connection speed vary greatly at different times and are usually worse than a dial-up connection. The bad connection is particularly obvious during online gaming, where IM2 is unable to connect or lags severely. In other words, IM2 is a 3.5G broadband connection with lower performance/speed ratio and less stability than a dial-up connection.

The inability to connect to the Internet through the IM2 modem is common and can last up to a couple of days. Assistance from live chat is non-existent, there is no way to get support from IM2 via other means, and the company provides nothing more than promises that "we will look into it".

This information is current as of July 2009.

IM2 payTV

IM2 payTV is a paid TV Channel offered by INDOSATM2 with over 46 quality TV channels from all over the world.[2]

Channel Line Up

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