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Portuguese royalty
House of Avis
Ordem Avis.svg

John I
   Infante Duarte (future Edward I)
   Infante Pedro, Duke of Coimbra
   Henry the Navigator (Infante Henrique, Duke of Viseu)
   Infanta Isabel, Duchess of Burgundy
   Infante João, Lord of Reguengos
   Infante Fernando, the Saint Prince
   Afonso, Duke of Braganza (illegitimate)
   Beatriz, Countess of Arundel (illegitimate)
Grandchildren include
   Infanta Isabel of Coimbra, Queen of Portugal
   Afonso, Prince of Portugal (future Afonso V)
   Infante Fernando, Duke of Viseu
   Infanta Leonor, Holy Roman Empress
   Infanta Catarina
   Infanta Joana, Queen of Castile
Grandchildren include
   Infante Manuel, Duke of Beja (future Manuel I)
   Infanta Leonor of Viseu, Queen of Portugal
   Infanta Isabella, Duchess of Braganza
Great-Grandchildren include
   Jaime, Duke of Braganza, Prince of Portugal
Afonso V
Children include
   João, Prince of Portugal
   Blessed Joana, Princess of Portugal
   João, Prince of Portugal (future John II)
John II
   Afonso, Prince of Portugal
   Jorge, Duke of Coimbra (illegitimate)
His tumb made by Antonio del Rossellino
Coat of Arms of Jaime of Coimbra, combining his father coat of arms (Aviz-Coimbra) with his mother's (Aragon).

Infante James of Coimbra (1433-1459), also known as James of Coimbra, James of Portugal, James of Lusitania or Jacobus, was the 3rd son of Infante Pedro, Duke of Coimbra, and Isabella of Aragon, Countess of Urgell.

With only 14 years old, he took part in the battle of Alfarrobeira where his father's army was defeated by the Portuguese royal army.

We was imprisoned but he escaped and, together with his brother John and his sister Breatrice, he took refuge in Burgundy, under his aunt’s protection: Isabella of Portugal was married to Duke Philip III the Good.

He studied in Flanders and, on March 23, 1453, was made Bishop of Arras. Later he became Archbishop of Lisbon.

Under his aunt’s advise, he travelled to Rome where Pope Calixtus III gave him the Bishopric of Paphos, in Cyprus, where his brother, Infante John of Coimbra, had married Charlotte of Lusignan, Princess of Cyprus.

On February 20, 1456, we vas appointed Cardinal and, in 1458, he participated in the conclave that elected Pius II as the new Pope. He was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, number 58, at the 9th Chapter of the order, held in 1456 at The Hague.

He died in Florence on August 15, 1459, at the age of twenty-six, and was buried in the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte.

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"Nobreza de Portugal e Brasil", Vol. I, page 271. Published by Zairol Lda., Lisbon, 1989

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