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Nerve: Inferior branch of oculomotor nerve
Plan of oculomotor nerve. (Inferior branch visible at bottom.)
Latin ramus inferior nervi oculomotorii
Gray's subject #198 884
Innervates    Inferior rectus, Medial rectus, Inferior oblique, Ciliary
From oculomotor nerve

The inferior branch of the oculomotor nerve or the inferior division, the larger, divides into three branches.

  • One passes beneath the optic nerve to the medial rectus.
  • Another, to the inferior rectus.
  • The third and longest runs forward between the inferior recti and lateralis to the inferior oblique. From the last a short thick branch is given off to the lower part of the ciliary ganglion, and forms its short root.

All these branches enter the muscles on their ocular surfaces, with the exception of the nerve to the inferior oblique, which enters the muscle at its posterior border.

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