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Ligament: Inferior pubic ligament
Symphysis pubis exposed by a coronal section. (Inferior pubic ligament is labeled -- with very small text -- at left.)
Latin ligamentum pubicum inferius
Gray's subject #80 310
Dorlands/Elsevier l_09/12492871

The inferior pubic ligament (arcuate pubic ligament, arcuate ligament of the pubis, or subpubic ligament) is a thick, triangular arch of ligamentous fibers, connecting together the two pubic bones below, and forming the upper boundary of the pubic arch.

Above, it is blended with the interpubic fibrocartilaginous lamina; laterally, it is attached to the inferior rami of the pubic bones; below, it is free, and is separated from the fascia of the urogenital diaphragm by an opening through which the deep dorsal vein of the penis passes into the pelvis.

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