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Informer may refer to:

  • Informer or Informant - member of an underground organization, a criminal gang or any other group outlawed, persecuted or harassed by the civil or military authorities, who gives the authorities information about the group as a whole and/about other members.
  • Common informer, a historical concept in English law abolished in 1951
  • Informant (psychiatry), a person who provides information about a psychiatric patient
  • Informant (linguistics), a native speaker acting as a linguistic reference for a language being studied

in music, films and televsion, it may also refer to:

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INFORMER, in a general sense, one who communicates information. The term is applied to a person who prosecutes in any of the courts of law those who break any law or penal statute. Such a person is called a common informer when he furnishes evidence on criminal trials or prosecutes for breaches of penal laws solely for the purpose of obtaining the penalty recovered, or a share of it. An action by a common informer 300 ' ',Oo 0 0 ? a) O is termed a popular or qui tam action, because it is brought by a person qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso sequitur. A suit by an informer must be brought within a year of the offence, unless a specific time is prescribed by the statute. The term informer is also used of an accomplice in crime who turns what is called "king's evidence" (see Accomplice). In Scotland, informer is the term applied to the party who, in criminal proceedings, sets the lord advocate in motion.

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