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Infosocialism was originally a philosophy created by David Pulver, Jon F. Zeigler and Sean Punch for the Transhuman Space role-playing game. However, while it was created as a fiction it has found real-world adherents.

The Hammer & Helix

Infosocialism posits that information and ideas are the primary means of production. It holds that copyright laws are immoral and that all intellectual property rights should be owned by one entity, usually a government or a private organisation (such as the Free Software Foundation).

Ideological foundation

The core of the ideology is that information is very different from material goods in that it can be given away without the former holder losing anything. And since information can be used for the good of humanity no one should be able to claim the rights to an idea. Simply put - if someone figures out a cure for cancer, every cancer patient has the right to it.

In an ideal world, every idea would belong to humanity as a whole. Since this is impossible as it is an infosocialist would argue that ideas should be owned by the government or an overreaching entity that could make sure that anyone got the info they needed. This same entity would also pay the thinkers who come up with the ideas/write the songs/write the theses.

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