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Inner Catalan border
Northern and Southern Catalonia
Type international border
Built Treaty of the Pyrenees, 1659 (Treaty of the Pyrenees, 1659)
Built by  France  Spain
Garrison France:

France Gendarmerie nationale
France Police nationale


Spain Guardia Civil
Spain Policía Nacional
Catalonia Mossos d'Esquadra

The inner Catalan border [1][2](or Catalan frontier [3], in Catalan: frontera intercatalana or frontera catalana) is the frontier between the French and Spanish States, which runs across Catalonia, thus effectively dividing the nation in two parts, Northern Catalonia, in France, and Southern Catalonia, in Spain.

The frontier starts on the Andorra/France/Spain eastern tripoint (42°30′09″N 01°43′34″E) and runs eastwards into the Mediterranean sea, in the boundary between the towns of Cervera de la Marenda (French: Cerbère) and Portbou (42°26′09″N 03°10′26″E).

The inner Catalan border is the result of the so-called Pyrenees' Treaty[4], signed on 1659 to end the 1635 to 1659 war between France and Spain, a war that was initially a part of the wider Thirty Years' War.

The definitive boundary between the two States was definitevely laid out in the 1866 Treaty of Bayonne[5].

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