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Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation (SOCO) is a provincial Crown corporation with a direct reporting relationship to the provincial government through the Crown Investments Corporation (CIC).

SOCO operates under the brand name of Innovation Place, recognized as an international leader in the development of infrastructure in support of innovation.

The corporate mission is to support the growth and success of Saskatchewan’s technology sector. SOCO fulfills this mission through the development and operation of research parks at the province’s two universities in Saskatoon and Regina, and a forest sector building in downtown Prince Albert.

Innovation Place is home to over 190 clients in its three locations; over 60 percent of these tenants are from the private sector. These clients contribute well over $600 million dollars to the economy of Saskatchewan and employ over 4000 people in high paying challenging careers. Sectors represented in Innovation Place facilities include life sciences, environmental sciences, agriculture, mining, forestry and information technology.


Corporate Strategy

Innovation Place designs and constructs specialized buildings primarily for technology companies. Revenue is generated from leasing space in these buildings to a wide range of clients that support each other’s success. Particular attention is paid to providing a supportive environment for start up and early stage companies.

Innovation Place provides its clients with a superior working environment that contributes directly to their success. A diverse mix of research and service tenants, a dynamic social atmosphere and high quality facilities work together to create a community that encourages interaction and collaboration. The quality of the environment is not only intended to enhance operating productivity and client innovation, but to assist clients in employee recruitment and corporate marketing.

To help build the international reputation of Saskatchewan’s research parks, Innovation Place takes on a limited number of consulting contracts with governments and universities in Canada and internationally.

Innovation Place operates the Bio Processing Centre as a fee for service processing facility in Saskatoon. It extracts active compounds from plant material, primarily for cosmetic and specialized food purposes. Approximately 20 Saskatchewan companies have used the Bio Processing Centre for their processing requirements as have a similar number from outside the province. All but one of these clients are private sector companies.

Environmental Design

Innovation Place has long been a leader in sustainable construction practices and environmental design. A number of Innovation Place buildings have been recognized for their superior environmental performance and they strive to find the most efficient and innovative way to construct their properties.

The Forest Centre in Prince Albert is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certified building, the first Saskatchewan LEED certification is a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings, and a standard for new Innovation Place construction.

Ken Loeppky, Vice President of Research Park Operations, is the Past Chairman of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Canada. BOMA Go Green is a national environmental recognition and certification program for existing commercial buildings. Thirteen Innovation Place buildings have been certified BOMA Go Green Plus, the highest standard in the country, with more currently being audited for consideration.

Saskatoon Buildings

108 Research Drive
Date Built: 1987
Sq. Ft.: 14,108
108 Research Drive is a multi-tenant facility accommodating laboratory testing, research, prototype development, consulting and warehousing.

110 Research Drive
Date Built: 1986
Sq. Ft.: 12,648
110 Research Drive is a multi-tenant facility accommodating laboratory testing, research, prototype development, consulting and warehousing.

112 Research Drive
Date Built: 1984
Sq. Ft.: 30,338
112 Research Drive is a multi-tenant facility accommodating laboratory testing, research, prototype development, consulting and warehousing.

121 Research Drive
Date Built: 2007
Sq. Ft.: 148,022
The new building at 121 Research Drive is a state of the art, five-storey building designed with the growing engineering and information technology sectors in mind. Innovative environmental design approaches provide a modern, energy efficient building that optimizes the use of fresh air and daylight.

411 Downey Road
Date Built: 1995
Sq. Ft.: 14,933
This single-storey office and warehouse space, designed for the agricultural sector, is equipped with overhead doors and some laboratory space.

422 Downey Road
Date Built: 1980
Sq. Ft.: 35,883
422 Downey Road provides analytical laboratories for environmental testing services and related expertise.

Atrium (111 Research Drive)
Date Built: 1991, 1997
Sq. Ft.: 177,313
The Atrium is a three-storey building designed for the human health sciences sector. Overlooking the beautiful Garden Park, the Atrium includes office and lab space, meetings rooms and the Atrium Café. The building is attached to Boffins Club.

Bio Processing Centre (107 Research Drive)
Date Built: 1993
Sq. Ft.: 12,907
The Innovation Place Bio Processing Centre is one of the most advanced bio processing facilities in Canada. It provides toll or custom processing on a contract basis for nutraceutical, cosmetic, and agri-food industries.

Boffins Club (109-11 Research Drive)
Date Built: 1998
Sq. Ft.: 2,313
One of Saskatoon’s finest private clubs, Boffins Club offers clients an elegant dining and entertainment option. Award-winning chefs and the hottest happy hour around make Boffins Club an escape from the everyday.

Canadian Space Agency (305 Resources Row)
Date Built: 1994
Sq. Ft.: 1,705
Operated by SED Systems, the Telemetry, Tracking and Command Station for RADARSAT is a key part of the Canadian Space Agency satellite program.

Concourse (116 Research Drive)
Date Built: 1997
Sq. Ft.: 82,000
Catering to the IT sector, the Concourse is a two-storey structure which includes many innovative design features leading to reduced energy usage, better air quality, more comfortable space and better heating and cooling. It is home to the Concourse Coffee Lounge and a games room.

Dr. Burton Craig Building (407 Downey Road)
Date Built: 1996
Sq. Ft.: 40,500
This two-storey facility provides multi-tenant office, laboratory and warehouse space designed to serve the needs of companies and agencies involved in the environmental and agricultural sciences.

Dr. Jack McFaull Building (421 Downey Road)
Date Built: 2002
Sq. Ft.: 68,752
Completed in 2002, the Dr. Jack McFaull building boasts an advanced design of environmentally friendly and flexible spaces that can accommodate a variety of tenant requirements.

Energy Centre (1 North Access Road)
Date Built: 1994, 1997
Sq. Ft.: 25,793
The Energy Centre is home to innovation Place Technical Operations. The facility facilitates 24-hour systems monitoring in the Energy Centre control room, and includes a fabrication shop.

Galleria (15 Innovation Boulevard)
Date Built: 1980
Sq. Ft.: 184,634
The flagship building at Innovation Place is a four-storey, multi-tenant building that hosts a variety of business sectors. As the first Innovation Place building, the Galleria remains a stunning architectural example, and is the inspiration behind the Innovation Place logo.

L.F. Kristjanson Biotechnology Complex (East: 106 Research Drive, West: 410 Downey Road)
Date Built: 1990
Sq.Ft.: 26,224
Boasting one of the most advanced greenhouse systems in the world, the complex offers private, individually controlled greenhouse and laboratory space, including 10 laboratories, 46 greenhouse compartments and 10 growth chambers.

National Hydrology Research Centre (NHRC) (11 Innovation Boulevard)
Date Built: 1986
Sq. Ft.: 118,138
NHRC is home to several Environment Canada groups, One World Café, and Prairie Farm Rehabilitation administration, and offers both office and laboratory space.

SED Systems (18 Innovation Boulevard)
Date Built: 1987
Sq. Ft.: 125,000
The SED Systems facility includes manufacturing and integration space, a force vibration table and a thermal vacuum chamber. It was customized specifically for SED Systems, with an open-architecture manufacturing area that allows for the addition of new production lines with little disruption or renovation.

Regina Buildings

Terrace (10 Research Drive)
Date Built: 2001
Sq. Ft.: 124,000
Considered the flagship building of the park, this multi-tenant space is a visible symbol of the information technology industry in Regina. The Terrace is fully equipped with meeting rooms, a 5,000 square foot rotunda and excellent food services. The facility was the 2003 recipient of the Natural Resources Canada Award of Energy Efficiency.

ISM Canada (1 Research Drive)
Date Built: 1990
Sq. Ft.: 80,000
This two-storey building was purchased by the park from the University of Regina in 2003. The building is primarily office space but also contains a large utility bill mailing area and an environmentally controlled computer centre.

2 Research Drive
Date Built: 2009
Sq. Ft.: 79,000
This single storey building was redeveloped in 2007 to include a three storey addition designed to meet the needs of larger technology clients. Construction will be completed in early 2009.

Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) (6 Research Drive) Date Built: 2000
Sq. Ft.: 70,000
This three storey building, featuring office and laboratory space, is a pilot plant facility, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. PTRC provides a strategic centre for petroleum related research.

Titanium Pilot Plant (6 Research Drive)
Date Built: 2006
Sq. Ft.: 3,996
Innovative research takes place at the pilot plant level, with the development and construction of an extension to the PTRC building at 6 Research Drive.

Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre (University of Regina Campus)
Date Built: 2003
Sq. Ft.: 25,000
One of the most recent additions to the University of Regina campus, this facility is home of the International Test Centre for CO2 capture. This building includes a four-storey pilot plant, research laboratories, and offices.

Prince Albert Building

Forest Centre (1061 Central Avenue)
Date Built: 2005
Sq. Ft.: 90,000
The Forest Centre, located at the heart of Prince Albert features two floors of premium office space designed for the natural resources and forestry sectors. The indoor atrium blends modern and historic design elements creating an impressive space for receptions and other client-related events.

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