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Inorganic Syntheses is a book series which aims to publish "detailed and foolproof" procedures for the synthesis of inorganic compounds.[1] Although this series of books are edited, they usually are referenced like a journal, without mentioning the names of the checkers (referees) or the editor. A similar format is usually followed for the series Organic Syntheses.



Volume (Year) ISBN Editor(s), affiliation(s)
v. 34 (2004) 0-471-64750-0 John R. Shapley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
v. 33 (2002) 0-471-20825-6 Dimitri Coucouvanis, University of Michigan
v. 32 (1998) 0-471-24921-1 Marcetta. Y. Darensbourg, Texas A&M University
v. 31 (1997) 0-471-15288-9 Alan H. Cowley, University of Texas at Austin
v. 30 (1995) 0-471-30508-1 Donald W. Murphy, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Leonard V. Interrante, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

v. 29 (1992) 0-471-54470-1 Russell N. Grimes, University of Virginia
v. 28 (1990) 0-471-52619-3 Robert J. Angelici, Iowa State University
v. 27 (1990) 0-471-50976-0 Alvin P. Ginsburg, AT&T Bell Laboratories
v. 26 (1989) 0-471-50485-8 Herbert D. Kaesz, University of California, Los Angeles
v. 25 (1989) 0-471-61874-8 Harry R. Allcock, Pennsylvania State University
v. 24 (1986) 0-471-83441-6 Jean’ne M. Shreeve, University of Idaho
v. 23 (1985) 0-471-81873-9 Stanley Kirschner, Wayne State University
v. 22 (1983) 0-471-88887-7 Smith L. Holt, Jr., Oklahoma State University
v. 21 (1982) 0-471-86520-6 John P. Fackler, Jr., Case Western Reserve University
v. 20 (1980) 0-471-07715-1 Daryle H. Bush, Ohio State University
v. 19 (1979) 0-471-04542-X Duward F. Shriver, Northwestern University
v. 18 (1978) 0-471—03393-6 Bodie E. Douglas, University of Pittsburgh
v. 17 (1977) 0-07-044327-0 Alan G. MacDiarmid, University of Pennsylvania
v. 16 (1976) 0-07-004015-x Fred Basolo, Northwestern University
v. 15 (1974) 0-07-048521-6 George W. Parshall, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
v. 14 (1973) 07-071320-0 Aaron Wold, Brown University

John K. Ruff, University of Georgia

v. 13 (1972) 07-013208-9 F. A. Cotton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
v. 12 (1970) 07-048517-8 Robert W. Parry, University of Utah
v. 11 (1968) NA William L. Jolly, University of California, Berkeley
v. 10 (1967) NA Earl L. Muetterties, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
v. 9 (1967) NA S. Young Tyree, Jr., College of William & Mary
v. 8 (1966) NA Henry F. Holtzclaw, Jr., University of Nebraska
v. 7 (1963) NA Jacob Kleinberg, University of Kansas
v. 6 (1960) NA Eugene G. Rochow, Harvard University
v. 5 (1957) NA Therald Moeller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
v. 4 (1953) NA John C. Bailar, Jr., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
v. 3 (1950) NA Ludwig F. Audrieth, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
v. 2 (1946) NA W. Conard Fernelius, Syracuse University
v. 1 (1939) NA Harold Simmons Booth, Western Reserve University

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