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Inspector Gadget

Theatrical release poster
Directed by David Kellogg
Produced by Roger Birnbaum
Written by Andy Heyward
Starring Matthew Broderick
Rupert Everett
Joely Fisher
Michelle Trachtenberg
Michael G. Hagerty
Andy Dick
Rene Auberjonois
With D.L. Hughley
as 'Gadgetmobile'
And Dabney Coleman
Cheri Oteri
Frances Bay
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
Caravan Pictures
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release date(s) July 23, 1999
Running time 78 minutes[citation needed]
Language English
Budget $75 million
Gross revenue $134,403,112 [1]
Followed by Inspector Gadget 2

Inspector Gadget is a 1999 live-action film based on the animated cartoon series of the same name. It starred Matthew Broderick as the title character, along with Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw, and Michelle Trachtenberg as Penny. Two new characters were introduced, Brenda Bradford (played by Joely Fisher) and the Gadgetmobile (voiced by D.L. Hughley). This film was produced by Caravan Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures, and distributed by Buena Vista Distribution. It was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Los Angeles, California with the ice castle-like main tower of PPG Place playing a central role.

This was one of the last films produced by Caravan Pictures before it was absorbed into Spyglass Entertainment.


Plot synopsis

John Brown (Matthew Broderick) is a security guard for a science lab operated by robotics expert Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher) in "Riverton, OH." John lives with his niece, Penny (Michelle Trachtenberg), and their dog, Brain. After being denied from the police force, Penny informs John that 'it's not the badge you wear that matters; it's the heart behind it.' Sanford Scolex (Rupert Everett) attacks the lab, stealing valuable equipment for the "Gadget Program" and killing Brenda's father in the process. John, who is smitten with Brenda, gives chase. The ensuing car crash brings a confrontation with Scolex, who uses an explosive to blow up John and his beloved Chevette. A bowling ball in the backseat of John's car flies into the air and through the sunroof of Scolex's limo, crushing his hand. John is rushed to intensive care by Brenda.

John is rebuilt using electronic parts and is dubbed "Inspector Gadget". John is given lessons by a meditating guru at the lab in relaxing his body and getting a firm grip on the workings of his gadgets, which ends in failure when he accidentally grasps the guru's testicles with a little too much force. Despite some previous success in capturing two criminals, John is assigned with many community service jobs, such as crossing guard, litter patrol, and kitten rescue. Meanwhile, Scolex has built a new, mechanical claw as his hand, and named himself "Claw". Scolex hires Brenda as his robotics specialist (expressing lust for her in the process), and is amused to discover that John is the 'lucky duck they plucked for the Gadget Program'.

John investigates and discovers all about Scolex, but is kidnapped in the process. After dissecting him, Scolex takes his control chip and destroys it, leaving John "dead". Scolex sends RoboGadget, an android clone of John, to destroy the city and place the blame on John. While dumping Gadget's body in the dump, Brenda discovers through information given to her by RoboBrenda (a robot clone of herself) that Scolex murdered her father. Brenda and Penny race to save John. They discover him in a junkyard, and after Brenda kisses his cheek, John miraculously returns to life; showing that even though he is part machine, he still has a human heart.

After a chase through the city between the GadgetMobile (voiced by D.L. Hughley) and Scolex's car, John battles RoboGadget on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. RoboGadget, despite his gadgets being geared towards combat rather than detective work, quite literally loses his head (it falls off after John pulls a pin out of the back of RoboGadget's neck), and John tosses it in the river. Activating his Helicopter Hat, John flies to the roof of Scolex Industries, where Scolex is preparing to make his escape with Brenda. Both crash to the plaza below, where police await to arrest John for all of RoboGadget's crimes. Scolex tries to escape, but is caged in by the GadgetMobile. Chief Quimby clears Gadget of all "crimes", and Scolex is arrested. Scolex vows revenge by saying the famous catchphrase, "I'll get you next time, Gadget!" The film closes with Brenda kissing Gadget, with fireworks coming from Gadget's left foot as a sign of arousal.

During the credits, a variety of bonus scenes appear. These include RoboBrenda teaching an aerobics class, RoboGadget's headless body running around Riverton, and Penny with her new communication watch and Brain with his new collar that allows him to speak. In this scene, Brain is voiced by Don Adams, who voiced Inspector Gadget in the original animated series.


Actor Role
Matthew Broderick Inspector Gadget/RoboGadget
Rupert Everett Sanford Scolex/Dr. Claw
Michelle Trachtenberg Penny
Dabney Coleman Chief Quimby
Cheri Oteri Mayor Wilson
D. L. Hughley Gadgetmobile (voice)
Joely Fisher Dr. Brenda Bradford/RoboBrenda
Andy Dick Kramer
Michael G. Hagerty Sikes
René Auberjonois Dr. Artemus Bradford
Don Adams Brain (Voice)


The film grossed $134 million worldwide[citation needed] with a budget of $75 million making it a moderate box office success. In the UK, it grossed just over £7 million, with a top 10 box office chart run of 2-2-2-3-6-8-8-8. The film received generally negative to mixed reviews.

Many fans from the cartoon series felt the film itself was far darker than the original series, which was always light-hearted in tone. Some examples are Scolex committing murder and later electrocuting one of his minions with an electronic helmet (although the latter had more of a comic effect). It currently has 22% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie spawned a direct-to-video sequel, IG2. The character, G2, a female robot Gadget, is introduced. Gadget once again becomes bumbling and clueless, and Dr. Claw's face is never seen. In addition, Brenda Bradford is absent, and all characters are portrayed by different actors, with French Stewart in the role of Gadget.

DiC Entertainment released an animated movie, Gadget's Last Case in 2002. Certain elements were maintained from the films, such as the bitter Chief Quimby and the Gadgetmobile, but Claw remains "unseen" in his original form, instead he uses a disguise to become more active in the movie and to show up and discredit Gadget as a superior law enforcer. Maurice LaMarche voiced Gadget here. The animation style would be adapted for Gadget and the Gadgetinis, where major changes again shook up the Gadget franchise.

The Gadgetmobile

The Gadgetmobile is designed by Brenda Bradford based on a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible. Among other things, it can camouflage itself, has a radar system to track Gadget's location (and other people as well), can extend its tires upwards, and has a powerful engine. It also has a talking personality. The Gadgetmobile openly breaks the law constantly (it is a particular fan of backturns), but claims it's okay: "Speed limits are for cars, not the Gadgetmobile". He is voiced by comedian D.L. Hughley.


The soundtrack of the film contains the single "I'll Be Your Everything" by the boy band Youngstown.


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Inspector Gadget is a Disney film. This movie is about security guard, John Brown (Matthew Broderick) gets blown to pieces by billionaire Sanford Scolex (Rupert Everett). The officer was rebuilt into a crime-fighting machine.


John Brown/Inspector Gadget

  • How about I say "In the name of justice"?
  • Hey, that guy's speeding. Ten miles per hour in a parking lot, buddy!
  • You're under arrest for murder and robbery. (to RoboGadget) And you are under arrest for impersonating a police officer.

Sanford Scolex/Dr. Claw

  • Sykes, release the remote control robots now.
  • Stop the car, Sykes. I wanna enjoy this.
  • Just Claw. One word. Like Madonna
  • Well, if it isn't that annoying security guard from the incident.
  • You crushed my hand and I really liked that hand. So Go Go get over it it.
  • This is NOT good-bye. I'll get you next time, Gadget! I'LL GET YOU!!


  • Gadgetmobile: Say bye-bye to the rookie.


Penny: Having another hero cop dream, Uncle John?
John Brown: Every time I close my eyes. How was school?
Penny: Fine. Don't forget tomorrow is the day parents come over to talk about their careers.
John Brown: Oh, I have.

John Brown: Attention! Driver of the black limo attached to the Yahoo! billboard, this is security officer John Brown get out with you hands up immediately or... Else!
Sanford Scolex: Fine work, Mr. Security Guard. You got me. Here, have a victory cigar.
John Brown: No, thanks.
Sanford Scolex: Remember, smoking kills!
John Brown: I don't smoke.
Sanford Scolex: Oh, really? You will now.
(The explosive cigar explodes on Officer John Brown)

Dr. Claw: Not bad, Kramer. Not bad at all. This is sort of post-modern Captain Hook kind of field and I'm diabolical. I deserve a dashing appalachian.
Kramer: A dashing appalachian? What is that, a hillbilly with a tuxedo?
Dr. Claw: No, you idiot! It's a nickname, one that send my enemies cowering in fear. Too bad Hook is taken, eh?
Sykes: How about, eh, Captain Claw?
Dr. Claw: No, no, no, no.
Kramer: Or Santa Claw.
Dr. Claw: Just Claw. One word, like Madonna.
Kramer: Well, anywho, captain, sir, Mr. Claw, I know how much you like to maintain an active lifestyle so I have managed to design a few interchangeable options.
Dr. Claw: Very clever, Kramer.
Sykes: (mocking) Very clever, Kramer.
Dr. Claw: Very clever, indeed.
Kramer: Well, first we have the opera hand; For those special nights out. And I know how much you enjoy Japanese food so I made you a sushi hand. See there? Tasty. Also, I don't remember if you enjoyed that medieval fair but...
Dr. Claw: Kramer, that's enough. (to Sykes) Sykes, bring on the foot.
(Dr. Claw closes the case, pinning Kramer's hand)

Dr. Claw: A quality of this android can be uses: shock troops, kamikazes, hit-men...
Kramer: International rescue workers, teachers.
Dr. Claw: Oh yes, I was getting to them. Well, let's see it in action. I strip myself in. Okay, turn me on, Kramer.

Dr. Claw: Move! Darn you, move!
Sykes: It's a lemon.
Dr. Claw: Thank you for that, Sykes. We'll put it on you. Come on.
Sykes: Why can't he do it?
Dr. Claw: He's capable of intelligent thoughts. That's useful to me.

Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadgetmobile?
Gadgetmobile: Good morning, Riverton. Hey, who's in the car? I work alone. Before we hit the road, I got to tell you something: "Duck!"
Inspector Gadget: I don't think the car likes me.
Gadgetmobile: Who're you calling "car"? I'm a crime-fighting machine. Watch this. Back turn! Ain't you fallin' out yet?
Inspector Gadget: No, sir, I haven't.
Gadgetmobile: Who are you, rookie?
Inspector Gadget: I'm Officer John Brown, and you're exceeding the speed limit.
Gadgetmobile: Speed limits are for cars, not the Gadgetmobile!
Inspector Gadget: Are you? Are you talking to me?
Gadgetmobile: Speaking of breaking the law, who's not wearing a seat belt? You gotta wear the belt, baby. It's a Disney movie. Now, I'm going to find some crime. More back turns!
Inspector Gadget: Can you slow down, please? I get carsick.
Gadgetmobile: You know what makes people sick: a rookie who thinks he's good enough for Dr. B.
Inspector Gadget: Not that is any of your business, but what makes you think I was putting the moves on Dr. Bradford?
Gadgetmobile: Hey, I got heat sensors, and I know what you're think when Dr. B. gave you that smile. Look here, come clean with me, or I'm gonna bounce you right outta here.
Inspector Gadget: I can assure you my interest on Dr. Bradford is professional.
Gadgetmobile: Professional, huh? Well, good. Keep it that way and that's an order. You got it?
Inspector Gadget: Uh, I'm the inspector, you're the car.
Gadgetmobile: I'll tell you what you are. You're...
(Inspector Gadget hits Gadgetmobile)
Gadgetmobile: Don't make me hook up on you.
Inspector Gadget: Is there an off button or something? Mute. (paintball hits a man) Sorry, sir.
Gadgetmobile: Don't push my buttons when I'm reading the manual.

Dr. Claw: Sykes!
Sykes: Yes, boss?
Dr. Claw: Get my tuxedo ready. Tomorrow, promises to be quite an evening.

Inspector Gadget: Is it that obvious?
Penny: Come on, Uncle John, you just need to loosen up. Be cool.
Inspector Gadget: Have you been talking to my car?
Penny: What?
Inspector Gadget: You'll see.

Dr. Claw: Brenda, Sanford Scolex. We were at Harvard together.
Brenda: We were?
Dr. Claw: Oh, you don't recognize me; that's because I've changed. I was obese. Maybe you remember me like this.
(Dr. Claw fills his mouth with air to make Brenda remember)

Kramer: I've pretty much completed Prometheus per your specifications. And I must say the likeness is really quite convincing.
Dr. Claw: Good. Imitation is a serious form of flattery, Kramer.
Kramer: Isn't that Dr. Brenda Crawford's private data?
Dr. Claw: Yes. I tapped into her files and stole her research.
Kramer: Why would you do that?
Dr. Claw: (mocking) Why would you do that? Why would you do that?
(Dr. Claw pinches Dr. Kramer's nose)
Dr. Claw: Kramer, don't look so nonplussed.

Dr. Claw: Imagine my relief to have her support.
Kramer: Anyway, sir. Like I said, without the chip, you... (Dr. Claw shows his chip) So you made the chip.
Sykes: Hey, that's just looks like the guy we almost killed.
Kramer: I didn't hear that!
(Dr. Claw inserts the chip to activate RoboGadget)
Dr. Claw: Chips ahoy! Good morning, RoboGadget. You are the most advanced piece of computer technology in the world. What are you going to do now?
RoboGadget: I'm going to kick some butt.
Dr. Claw: Oh, salty!
Sykes: He looks so real.
(RoboGadget pokes Sykes' eyes)

Penny: Uncle John, I love you, but I think you have a loose wire.
(Gadgetmobile laughs. Scolex Industries truck appears)
Penny: Uh, what about that?
Inspector Gadget: Scolex Industries.
Gadgetmobile: Hello! Finally, there's a detective in the house.
Inspector Gadget: Wait a minute. If Scolex stole the foot then Scolex murdered Dr... Oh no. Brenda.

Penny: What about me?
Gadgetmobile: You're smarter than he is. Stay in the car. I don't mind babysitting you, Penny, but please tell the beagle that's an arm rest not a chew toy!

Dr. Claw: Greetings, inspector. Glad you could drop in.
Inspector Gadget: I owe you one, Scolex. You blew me up and my Chevette. And I really liked that car.
Dr. Claw: Well, you crushed my hand and I really liked that hand. So Go Go get over it.
Inspector Gadget: I know what you're up to, Scolex, but you'll never get away with this.
Dr. Claw: How cliche, inspector. I think somebody's been watching too many Satuday morning cartoons.
(Dr. Claw and Dr. Kramer look at Sykes)
Dr. Claw: Unfortunately, Gadget, in the real world, evil often quite prevails. 'Fraid so. (to Sykes) Pull him up.

Dr. Claw: Now, look how your current replacement... [laughs] is helping people to cross the street.
Inspector Gadget: Hey, he looks just like me. I don't get it. Why would you do this?
Kramer: To make teachers!
Dr. Claw: Shut up! I'll tell you why. To make techno-warriors that never get tired, never get hungry, and never say "no". Every army in the world would be made up of my creations. Imagine the confusion, Gadget, huh? Imagine the bricks. Comprende?
Inspector Gadget: Yeah, I comprende.
Dr. Claw: No, no, no. I comprendo, yo comprendo. Can't you get the word for Pete's sake? Pull out his safe chip before he butchers another language.
Kramer: You're kidding, right? Ok, you see, he's always kidding! I never know.
Dr. Claw: Yes, I know. I wanna make sure nobody else could develop their own android. Do it or you'll be building yourself a new head.

Dr. Claw: Dump this idiot in the junkyard. (Sykes grabs Dr. Kramer) Not that idiot, this one.
Sykes: I wish you'd be specific, we got an awful lotta idiots 'round here.
Dr. Claw: Attention, RoboGadget, destroy the city and have some fun.
RoboGadget: OK, boss! You with the beard come here!

RoboGadget: Do you know how to dance?
Inspector Gadget: Well, I've been taking lessons a long ago and...
RoboGadget: Shut up and dance!
(RoboGadget unleashes two machine guns)

RoboGadget: Hey, why did you do that? We shouldn't be fighting. We have a lot in common. It's just that I have nicer teeth. We should be working together, be partners. Together, you and I could rule the world.
Inspector Gadget: You should have quit while you were ahead.
(Inspector Gadget tosses RoboGadget's head to the river)

Brenda Bradford: Two things, Scolex! One, you are completely insane! Two, I liked you better fat!
(Dr. Claw gets shocked by this, and M.A.D. Cat hides under the seat)
Dr. Claw: (going a bit crazy) BRING ON THE BROWNIES!!!!! WHEEL IN THE WAFFLES!!! I'M READY TO BINGE!!!

Dr. Claw: Darn! That fellow will not give us a break!
Inspector Gadget: For the third time, Sanford Scolex, you are under arrest!

Dr. Claw: Let me give you a lift. Where could I drop you off?
Inspector Gadget: I could answer but I don't really care.
Brenda Bradford: John, help up here! Take my hand!
Dr. Claw: Hi, John, how you're doing down there?
Brenda Bradford: John!
Dr. Claw: JOHN!!

Penny: This is the coolest watch. It's a radio, computer, and even a phone. Testing, testing. Brain, say something. Over.
Brain: Brain is not here. Please leave a message at the sound of the woof. Woof.



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