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Office of the Inspector General
Procuraduría General
Procuraduría logo.jpg
Logo of the Inspector General
Agency overview
Formed April 29, 1830
Jurisdiction Colombia
Headquarters Carrera 5ª No. 15-60
Bogotá, DC, Colombia
Agency executives Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado, Inspector General
Carlos Arturo Gómez Pavajeau, Deputy Inspector General
Child agency Ombudsman's Office of Colombia

The Office of the Inspector General of Colombia (Spanish: Procuraduría General de Colombia) is a Colombian independent, public institution overseeing the public conduct of those in authority or in charge of exercising a public office, and of overseeing the correct functioning of other government institutions and agencies. The Office of the Inspector General of Colombia is not a judicial institution, it is one of the Colombian Control Institutions, alongside the Office of the Controller General. The Inspector General is also charged with safeguarding the rights of the people, guaranteeing Human Rights protection and intervening in the name of the people in the defence of the public's interest.


According to the Colombian Constitution of 1991, one of the main purposes of the Inspector General is to prevent, intervene and start disciplinary actions. It prevents before having to take action; it is charged with overseeing public officials' performance and warns of any violation to the current norms[1]. It intervenes in the different jurisdictions in defence of the legal order, public funds and fundamental rights and freedoms. The Inspector General is in charge of initiating, developing and ruling investigations against public officials in accordance with the Unique Disciplinary Code[2].


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