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The Institute for Palestine Studies is a non-profit Arab research organization. According to the Institute, it was established to promote a better understanding of the question of Palestine, and claims to be the only institute in the world exclusively devoted to documentation, research, analysis, and publication on Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Founded by His Excellency the President of Lebanon, Dr. Charles Helou, led by a Board of Trustees comprising of Lebanese Members of Parliament, professors of the American University of Beirut, and other dignitaries. It was established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1963 and incorporated there as a private, independent, not-for-profit institute and is not affiliated with any political organization or government.


Board of Trustees

The Institute is led by a Board of Trustees composed of Arab scholars, businessmen, and public figures. A volunteer executive committee, elected by the Board, manage the regular activities. The trustees come from most Arab countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen.[1]


Present Board

  • Maher Abughazaleh (Palestine)
  • Omar A. Aggad (Palestine, Saudi Arabia)
  • Faisal Alami (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Sami Alami (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Basel Amin Aql ‚Äď Executive Committee Member (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Issam Ashour (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Hanan Ashrawi (Palestine)
  • Raymond W. Audi (Lebanon)
  • Muhsin Al-Ayni (Yemen)
  • Abdul Rahman Bin Saoud al-Thani (Qatar)
  • Lakhdar Brahimi (Algeria)
  • Mazen Dajani ‚Äď Treasurer (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Nadim Dimechki√© (Lebanon)
  • Sawsan Al-Fahoum Jafar (Palestine)
  • Ali Fakhro (Bahrain)
  • Anwar Gargash (UAE)
  • Abdlatif Y. Al-Hamad (Kuwait)
  • Adib Al-Jadir (Iraq)
  • Taher Kanaan ‚Äď Executive Committee Member (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Walid Khalidi, Secretary (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Said T. Khoury (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Samer S. Khoury (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Mohammad Al-Majzoub ‚Äď Executive Committee Member (Lebanon)
  • Camille Mansour, Executive Committee Member (Palestine)
  • Tarek Mitri, Executive Committee Member (Lebanon)
  • Fadi Moghaizel, Executive Committee Member (Lebanon)
  • Adnan Mroueh (Lebanon)
  • Issam Naaman (Lebanon)
  • Hisham Nashabe, Chairman (Lebanon)
  • Rami R. Nimr (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Nabil H. Qaddumi (Palestine, Kuwait)
  • Abdul Muhsin Al-Qattan (Palestine, Kuwait)
  • Hasib Sabbagh ‚Äď Honorary Chairman (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Suhail Sabbagh (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Riad T. Al-Sadik (Palestine, UAE)
  • Mohammad J. Al-Sager (Kuwait)
  • Hani Salaam (Lebanon)
  • Nawaf Salam (Lebanon)
  • Leila Shahid (Palestine)
  • Suha Shoman (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Abdul Hassan Zalzalah (Iraq)

Previous Board of Trustee members

  • Nabih Amin Faris (Lebanon)
  • Maurice Gemayel (Lebanon)
  • Saleh Masud Abu Yaseer (Libya)
  • Wadad Cortas (Lebanon)
  • Fuad Sarrouf (Lebanon)
  • Sa'id Himadeh (Lebanon)
  • Edmond Rabbath (Lebanon)
  • Muhammad Mursi Ahmad (Egypt)
  • Farid Saad (Jordan)
  • Taher Radwan (Saudi Arabia)
  • Ahmad Baha-El-Din (Egypt)
  • As'ad Al-As'ad (Lebanon)
  • Pierre Edde (Lebanon)
  • Shams Ed-Din Wakil (Egypt)
  • Constantine Zurayk (Lebanon)
  • Burhan Dajani (Jordan)
  • Charles Helou (Lebanon)
  • Hala Salam Maksoud (Lebanon)
  • Zahia Kaddoura (Lebanon)
  • Mohieddine Saber (Sudan)
  • Adib Daoudy (Syria)
  • Abdel-Aziz al-Saqr (Kuwait)
  • Edmond Naim (Lebanon)
  • 'Abdel-Wahhab 'Abdel-Wassi' (Saudi Arabia);
  • Najla Abu Izzeddin (Lebanon)
  • Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine)


The Institute's library is located at the Institutes's headquarters in Beirut. It is the largest in the Arab world specializing in Palestinian affairs, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Judaica. The Institute publishes four quarterly journals in English, French, and Arabic. These are independently edited and published from Washington, Paris, Jerusalem, and Beirut respectively. The journals are:

The Institute has offices in Beirut, Paris, Washington, and Ramallah, each with its own full-time director.


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