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Intermontane is a physiographic adjective formed from the prefix "inter-" ("signifying among, between, amid, during, within, mutual, reciprocal) and the adjective "montane" ("inhabiting, or growing in mountainous regions, especially cool, moist upland slopes below the timberline.") Usage includes intermontane basin such as New Zealand's Mackenzie Basin and intermontane steppe such as the Sayan Intermontane Steppe.

The corresponding physiographic noun is intermountain, while the noun intermontane is an ecologic noun meaning among, between, amid, or within "flora and fauna of a montane habitat." As an example, an alpine region would be an intermontane for a species that migrates between a glacial region and a subalpine region.

Intermontane may refer to:

In palaeogeography, intermontane may refer to

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