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The International Boxing Federation, or IBF, is one of four major organizations recognized by IBHOF which sanction world championship boxing bouts, alongside the WBA, WBC and WBO.



The IBF is preceded by the United States Boxing Association (USBA), a regional championships organization like the NABF, NABC and NABA. In 1983, at the WBA's annual convention, held in Puerto Rico that year, Bob Lee, president of the USBA, lost in his bid to become WBA president against Gilberto Mendoza. Lee and others withdrew from the convention after the election, and decided to organize a new world-level organization. At first, the new group was named the USBA-International. They decided to base the new organization in New Jersey, where its main offices are still located.

The IBF's first world champion was Marvin Camel, a former WBC world Cruiserweight champion who won the IBF's belt in the same division. During its first year of existence, however, the IBF remained largely obscure. But by 1984, the IBF decided to recognize Larry Holmes, Aaron Pryor, Marvin Hagler and Donald Curry, already established champions from other organizations, as IBF world champions. In Holmes' case, he relinquished his WBC title to accept the IBF's recognition. It established the IBF as the "third" sanctioning body, and a legitimate organization.

Ever since then, the IBF has been the sanctioning body of many important fights and world champions. For example, Félix Trinidad was the IBF's world Welterweight champion from 1993 to 2000, and is one of a long list of world champions who have been recognized by the IBF. The current IBF Heavyweight champion is Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko.

The organization's reputation was seriously damaged in 1999, however, as Lee resigned as the IBF's President upon conviction on racketeering and other violations for taking bribes in exchange for high boxer rankings. Hiawatha Knight then became the first woman president of any of the world's governing boxing bodies. In 2001, Marian Muhammad followed her as president. The organization was under federal observation from Lee's conviction through September 2004, though remaining recognized as one of boxing's "big three" sanctioning organizations.

The IBF and Japan

While all countries that excel in boxing recognized the IBF as a legitimate organization, Japan is an exception. The reason to this lies in the fact that some Japanese boxing officials had unfavorable experiences with the organization. For this matter, challenging a world champion from Japan for unification would be difficult to arrange, especially if the other champion who wishes to is a champion of IBF or WBO.

Current IBF world title holders

Champions since 1920 of heavyweight boxing of 5 most important Associations
Weight class: Champion: Date won:
Mini flyweight Mexico Raul Garcia  June 14, 2008 
Junior flyweight Philippines Brian Viloria April 19, 2009
Flyweight Vacant
Junior bantamweight South Africa Simphiwe Nongqayi September 15, 2009
Bantamweight Colombia Yonnhy Pérez October 31, 2009
Junior featherweight Panama Celestino Caballero November 21, 2008
Featherweight Mexico Cristóbal Cruz October 23, 2008
Junior lightweight United States Robert Guerrero August 22, 2009
Lightweight Vacant
Junior welterweight Colombia Juan Urango January 30, 2009
Welterweight Slovenia Dejan Zavec December 11, 2009
Junior middleweight United States Cory Spinks April 24, 2009
Middleweight Germany Sebastian Sylvester September 19, 2009
Super middleweight Romania Lucian Bute October 19, 2007
Light heavyweight United States Tavoris Cloud August 28, 2009
Cruiserweight Vacant
Heavyweight Ukraine Wladimir Klitschko April 22, 2006

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The International Boxing Federation, or IBF, is one of many organizations which sanction world championship boxing bouts, alongside the WBA, WBC, WBO, and a dozen or so others.

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