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The International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (2001), edited by Neil J. Smelser and Paul B. Baltes, is a 26-volume work. It has some 4,000 signed articles, commissioned by around 50 subject editors, and includes 150 biographical entries, 122,400 entries, and an extensive hierarchical subject index. It is also available in online editions. The work has been described in Contemporary Psychology as the "the largest corpus of knowledge about the social and behavioral sciences in existence."


Subject Classification

Contents include the following broad Subject Classification.

Overarching Topics: Institutions and infrastructure, History of the social sciences and the behavioral sciences, Ethics of research and applications, Biographies, Integrative concepts and issues

Methodology: Statistics, Mathematics and computer sciences, Logic of inquiry and research design.

Disciplines: Anthropology, Demography, Economics, Education, History, Linguistics. Philosophy, Political science, Clinical psychology and applied psychology, Cognitive psychology and cognitive science, Developmental psychology, social psychology, personality psychology and motivational psychology, Sociology

Intersecting Fields: Evolutionary sciences, Genetics, behavior and society, Behavioral neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience, Psychiatry, Health, Gender studies, Religious studies, Expressive forms, Environmental sciences/ecological sciences, Science and technology studies, Area studies and international studies

Applications: Organizational studies and management studies, Media studies and commercial applications, Urban studies and Urban planning, Public policy, Modern cultural concerns

Subclassification of articles with an example

The above Subject Classification is alphabetized with a link for each such general subject at: Each such link leads to subclassification links for that subject. The hierarchical classification of articles for a subject can be used to locate an article. For example, the Economics link above brings up these subclassification links:

Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
Financial Economics
General Methods and Schools
Industrial Organization and Law and Economics
International Economics, Growth, and Development
Labor Economics
Public and Welfare Economics

Each such subclassification link goes to corresponding Encyclopedia article titles with the author, page numbers, and links to the article Abstract and a View of Related Articles. (The latter is an extensive list of references separate from the Bibliography in the article.) For example, under the Economics link above, the link for "General Methods and Schools" brings up:

Auctions, Pages 917-923, S. Müller | Abstract | View Related Articles
Behavioral Economics, Pages 1094-1100, S. Mullainathan and R. H. Thaler ...
Consumer Economics, Pages 2669-2674, A. P. Barten
Econometric Software, Pages 4058-4065, W. H. Greene
Econometrics, History of, Pages 4065-4069, M. S. Morgan and D. Qin
Economic Education, Pages 4078-4084, W. E. Becker
Economics and Ethics, Pages 4146-4152, J. Broome
Economics, History of, Pages 4152-4158, M. Schabas
Economics, Philosophy of, Pages 4159-4165, D. M. Hausman
Economics: Overview, Pages 4158-4159, O. Ashenfelter
Expectations, Economics of, Pages 5060-5067, G. W. Evans and S. Honkapohja
Experimental Economics, Pages 5100-5108, V. L. Smith
Feminist Economics, Pages 5451-5457, D. Meulders
Firm Behavior, Pages 5676-5681, F. M. Scherer
Game Theory: Noncooperative Games, Pages 5873-5880, E. van Damme
Information, Economics of, Pages 7480-7486, S. S. Lippman and J. J. McCall
Institutional Economic Thought, Pages 7543-7550, G. M. Hodgson
Macroeconomic Data, Pages 9111-9117, T. P. Hill
Market Areas, Pages 9203-9207, J.-C. Thill
Marxian Economic Thought, Pages 9286-9292, R. Bellofiore
Monetary Policy, Pages 9976-9984, B. M. Friedman
Political Economy, History of, Pages 11649-11653, K. Tribe
Post-Keynesian Thought, Pages 11849-11856, G. C. Harcourt
Psychiatric Care, Economics of, Pages 12267-12272, S. Tyutyulkova and S. S. Sharfstein
Psychology and Economics, Pages 12390-12396, K. Fiedler and M. Wänke
Science, Economics of, Pages 13664-13668, W. E. Steinmueller
Search, Economics of, Pages 13760-13768, C. A. Pissarides
Transaction Costs and Property Rights, Pages 15840-15845, O. E. Williamson

The Abstract (summary) for each article can be linked from the article link. An example of an Abstract link is that for the article "Economics: Overview" above.

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  • Neil J. Smelser and Paul B. Baltes, ed. (2001). International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 26 v. Oxford: Elsevier. Publisher's description.


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