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The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame was opened July 7, 1981, in Netanya, Israel. It is located on the campus of the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport. It has inducted over 300 athletes and sportspersons representing 25 countries.[1] The Hall elects new honorees each year, with submissions due December 1st for votes for the following year. It honors Jewish athletes who have accomplished great things from anywhere around the world.

The Hall was founded by Joseph M. Siegman, a television producer and writer who lives in Beverly Hills, California.[2] He chaired the Hall from 1981 to 1989, and later served as Chairman of its Selection Committee.

The IJSHoF is separate from the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, an American hall of fame that honors only American Jews.



Name Country Field Year
Harold Abrahams  Great Britain Track & Field 1981
Jesse Abramson  USA Media 1995
Amy Alcott  USA Golf 2000
Joe Alexander  USA Football 1985
Mel Allen  USA Media 1980
Lyle Alzado  USA Football 2008
Yael Arad  Israel Judo 2010
Ray Arcel  USA Boxing 1992
Gerald Ashworth  USA Track & Field 2001
Abe Attell  USA Boxing 1983
Arnold "Red" Auerbach  USA Basketball 1979
Albert Axelrod  USA Fencing 1993
Arthur Baar  Austria Soccer 1982
Aron "Ali" Bacher  South Africa Cricket 1991
William Bachrach  USA Swimming coach 1994
Max Baer  USA Boxing 2010
Sam Balter  USA Basketball/Media 1994
Viktor Barna  Hungary
 Great Britain
Table Tennis 1981
Herman Barron  USA Golf 1993
István Barta  Hungary Waterpolo 1998
Harris Barton  USA Football 2009
Benny Bass  USA Boxing 1994
Doug Beal  USA Volleyball 2001
Adriana Behar  Brazil Beach Volleyball 2006
Laszlo Bellak  Hungary Table Tennis 1995
Carina Benninga  Netherlands Field Hockey 2000
Senda Berenson  USA Basketball 1987
Jackie "Kid" Berg  Great Britain Boxing 1993
Isaac Berger  USA Weightlifting 1980
Samuel Berger  USA Boxing 1985
Richard Bergmann  Austria Table Tennis 1982
Ira Berkow  USA Media 2006
Jack Bernstein  USA Boxing 2000
Kenny Bernstein  USA Auto Racing 2006
Morris "Whitey" Bimstein  USA Boxing 2008
Arthur Bluethenthal  USA Football 1997
Walter Blum  USA Horse Racing 1991
Gyorgy Brody  Hungary Water Polo 1982
Tal Brody  Israel Basketball 1996
Larry Brown  USA Basketball 1990
Si Burick  USA Media 2000
Ellen Burka  Canada Figure Skating 2010
Angela Buxton  Great Britain Tennis 1981
Alain Calmat  France Figure Skating 1987
Zefania Carmel  Israel Yachting 1982
Joe Choynski  USA Boxing 1991
Robert Cohen  Algeria Boxing 1988
Lillian Copeland  USA Track & Field 1979
Howard Cosell  USA Media 1993
Dan Daniel  USA Media 1996
Harry Danning  USA Baseball 2000
Pierre Darmon  France Tennis 1997
Massimo Della Pergola  Italy Official/Media 1989
Umberto De Morpurgo  Italy Tennis 1993
Barney Dreyfuss  USA Baseball 1979
Dutch Olympians, 1928  Netherlands Gymnastics 1997
Al Munro Elias  USA Media 2003
Nikolay Epshteen  Russia Ice Hockey 2001
Charlotte Epstein  USA Swimming 1982
Laszlo Fabian  Hungary Canoeing 1996
Jackie Fields  USA Boxing 1979
Red Fisher  Canada Media 1999
Herbert Flam  USA Tennis 1992
Alfred Flatow  Germany Gymnastics 1981
Gustav Flatow  Germany Gymnastics 1989
Nat Fleischer  USA Media 1985
Gal Fridman  Israel Sailing 2005
Benny Friedman  USA Football 1979
Max Friedman  USA Basketball 1994
Jenő Fuchs  Hungary Fencing 1982
Tamas Gabor  Hungary Fencing 1996
János Garay  Hungary Fencing 1990
Mitch Gaylord  USA Gymnastics 1988
Aaron "Okey" Geffen  South Africa Rugby Union 1998
Dr. Oszkár Gerde  Hungary Fencing 1989
Nathaniel Gibson  Canada Ice Hockey 2004
Sid Gillman  USA Football 1991
Marty Glickman  USA Media 1996
Sir Arthur A. Gold  Great Britain Contributor 1987
Marshall Goldberg  USA Football 1980
Charles "Buckets" Goldenberg  USA Football 1993
Israel Charley Goldman  USA Boxing 1999
Margie Goldstein-Engle  USA Equestrian 2009
Reuven "Ruby" Goldstein  USA Boxing 1995
Sándor Gombos  Hungary Fencing 1997
Aleksandr Gomelsky  USSR Basketball 1981
Sidney Gordon  USA Baseball 2010
Maria Gorokhovskaya  USSR Gymnastics 1991
Brian Gottfried  USA Tennis 1999
Eddie Gottlieb  USA Basketball 1980
Milton Green  USA Track & Field 1997
Al Greenberg  USA Media 1993
Hank Greenberg  USA Baseball 1979
Bud Greenspan  USA Media 1995
Abie Grossfeld  USA Gymnastics 1992
Gary Gubner  USA Track & Field 2001
George Gulack  USA Gymnastics 1984
Boris Max Gurevich  USSR Wrestling 1987
Boris Mi. Gurevich  USSR Wrestling 1982
Bela Guttmann  Hungary Soccer 1981
Sir Ludwig Guttmann  Germany
 Great Britain
Contributor 1981
Alfred Hajos-Guttmann  Hungary Swimming 1981
Hakoah-Vienna  Austria Soccer 1982
Alphonse Halimi  France
( Algeria)
Boxing 1989
Sidney Halter  USA Football 2006
Willie Harmatz  USA Horse Racing 1999
Johan Harmenberg  Sweden Fencing 1997
Harry Harris  USA Boxing 1996
Sigmund Harris  USA Football 1994
Cecil Hart  Canada Ice Hockey 1992
Lew Hayman  Canada Football 2004
Ladislav Hecht  Czech Republic Tennis 2005
Gladys Heldman  USA Tennis/Media 1989
Julie Heldman  USA Tennis 2001
Ben Helfgott  Great Britain Weightlifting 1995
Lilli Henoch  Germany Track & Field 1990
Otto Herschmann  Austria Swimming 1989
Victor Hershkowitz  USA Handball 1991
Nikolaus Hirschl  Austria Wrestling 1993
Marty Hogan  USA Racquetball 1996
Marshall Holman  USA Tenpin Bowling 2006
Nat Holman  USA Basketball 1979
Jerome Holtzman  USA Media 2005
Ken Holtzman  USA Baseball 1995
William "Red" Holzman  USA Basketball 1988
Sarah Hughes  USA Figure Skating 2005
Maria Leontyana Itkina  USSR Track & Field 1991
Joe Jacobi  USA Canoeing 2005
Hirsch Jacobs  USA Horse Racing 1979
Jimmy Jacobs  USA Handball 1979
Irving Jaffee  USA Speed Skating 1979
Allan Jay  Great Britain Fencing 1985
Endre Kabos  Hungary Fencing 1986
Hank Kaplan  USA Media 2004
Louis "Kid" Kaplan  USA Boxing 1986
Karoly Karpati  Hungary Wrestling 1994
Gennadi Karponosov  Russia Figure Skating 2001
Max Kase  USA Media 1986
Elias Katz  Finland Track & Field 1981
Agnes Keleti  Hungary Gymnastics 1981
Abel Kiviat  USA Track & Field 1984
Traute Kleinova  Czechoslovakia Table Tennis 1994
Ilana Kloss  South Africa Tennis 2010
Bela Komjadi  Hungary Water Polo 1992
Suzy Körmöczy  Hungary Tennis 2007
Sandy Koufax  USA Baseball 1979
Lenny Krayzelburg  USA Swimming 2005
Solly Krieger  USA Boxing 1997
Grigori Kriss  USSR Fencing 1989
Lily Kronberger  Hungary Figure Skating 1983
Henry Laskau  USA Track & Field 1996
Lydia Lazarov  Israel Yachting 1982
Karen Leibowitz  USA Swimming 2008
Benny Leonard  USA Boxing 1979
Battling Levinsky  USA Boxing 1982
Edward L. Levy  Great Britain Weightlifting 1988
Marv Levy  USA Football 1998
Harry Lewis  USA Boxing 2002
Ted "Kid" Lewis  Great Britain Boxing 1983
Jason Lezak  USA Swimming 2006
A.J. Liebling  USA Media 1998
Mort Lindsey  USA Bowling 1997
Alexandre Lippmann  France Fencing 1984
Harry Litwack  USA Basketball 1980
Benny Lom  USA Football 1996
Sid Luckman  USA Football 1979
Tatiana Lysenko  Ukraine Gymnastics 2002
Joe Magidsohn  USA Football 1999
Gyula Mandl  Hungary Soccer 1982
Valentin Mankin  USSR Yachting 1987
Al McCoy  USA Boxing 1989
Hugo Meisl  Austria Soccer 1981
Willy Meisl  Germany
 Great Britain
Media 1986
Faina Melnik  USSR Track & Field 1984
Daniel Mendoza  Great Britain Boxing 1981
Dr. Ferenc Mezo  Hungary Contributor 1986
Mark Midler  USSR Fencing 1983
Walter Miller  USA Horse Racing 1983
Ron Mix  USA Football 1980
Ivor Montagu  Great Britain Table Tennis 1984
Samuel Mosberg  USA Boxing 1985
Armand Mouyal  France Fencing 1988
Charles "Buddy" Myer  USA Baseball 1992
Lon Myers  USA Track & Field 1980
Barney Nagler  USA Media 1992
Alfred Nakache  France Swimming 1993
Paul Neumann  Austria Swimming 1984
Edward Newman  USA Football 1995
Harry Newman  USA Football 1992
Tzvi Nishri  Israel Contributor 1981
Sidney Nomis  South Africa Rugby Union 1999
Grigori Novak  USSR Weightlifting 1985
Fred Oberlander  Canada Wrestling 1991
Tom Okker  Netherlands Tennis 2003
Ben Olan  USA Media 1994
Murray Olderman  USA Media 1997
Bob Olin  USA Boxing 2008
Ivan Osiier  Denmark Fencing 1986
Victor "Young" Perez  Tunisia Boxing 1986
Attila Petschauer  Hungary Fencing 1985
Sphas Philadelphia  USA Basketball 1996
Lipman Pike  USA Baseball 1985
Zhanna Pintusevich  Ukraine Athletics 2009
Maurice Podoloff  USA Basketball 1989
Shirley Povich  USA Media 1992
Daniel Prenn  Germany Tennis 1981
Myer Prinstein  USA Track & Field 1982
Bela Rajki-Reich  Hungary Water Polo 2000
Mark Rakita  USSR Fencing 1988
Marilyn Ramenofsky  USA Swimming 1988
Mauri Rose  USA Auto Racing 2007
Mel Rosen  USA Track & Field 2004
Al Rosen  USA Baseball 1980
Harry "Coon" Rosen  USA Softball 1993
Allen Rosenberg  USA Rowing 1994
Charlie Rosenberg  USA Boxing 1990
Wilf Rosenberg  South Africa Rugby Union 1994
Maxie Rosenbloom  USA Boxing 1984
Leonard Rosenbluth  USA Basketball 2003
Albert Rosenfeld  Australia Rugby League 2006
Fanny Rosenfeld  Canada Track & Field 1982
Barney Ross  USA Boxing 1979
Victor Ross  USA Lacrosse 1995
Mark Roth  USA Bowling 1992
Emilia Rotter  Hungary Figure Skating 1995
Leon Rottman  Romania Canoeing 1981
Angelica Rozeanu  Romania Table Tennis 1981
Louis Rubenstein  Canada Figure Skating 1981
Mendy Rudolph  USA Basketball 1989
Ed Sabol  USA Media 1996
Abe Saperstein  USA Basketball 1979
Miklos Sarkany  Hungary Water Polo 1990
Richard Savitt  USA Tennis 1979
Dick Schaap  USA Media 2004
Dolph Schayes  USA Basketball 1979
Jody Scheckter  South Africa Auto Racing 1983
Corporal Isidore Schwartz  USA Boxing 1998
Barney Sedran  USA Basketball 1989
Eugene Selznick  USA Volleyball 2002
Irina Slutskaya  Russia Figure Skating 2009
Sergei Sharikov  Russia Fencing 2003
Yelena Shushunova  USSR Gymnastics 2005
Al Singer  USA Boxing 2006
Anna Sipos  Hungary Table Tennis 1996
Harold Solomon  USA Tennis 2004
Jack Solomons  Great Britain Boxing 2004
Moe Spahn  USA Basketball 1993
Frank Spellman  USA Weightlifting 1983
Don Spero  USA Rowing 1993
Mark Spitz  USA Swimming 1979
Bill Stern  USA Media 2001
David Stern  USA Basketball 1998
Georges Stern  France Horse Racing 1993
Steve Stone  USA Baseball 2004
Joel Stransky  South Africa Rugby 2009
Earl Strom  USA Basketball 2008
Kerri Strug  USA Gymnastics 2000
Miklos Szabados  Hungary Table Tennis 1987
Eva Szekely  Hungary Swimming 1981
Gyorgy Szepsi-Friedlander  Hungary Media 1998
Irena Szewińska (née Kirszenstein)  Poland Track & Field 1981
Sid Tanenbaum  USA Basketball 1997
Sam Taub  USA Media 1993
Lew Tendler  USA Boxing 1992
Leah Thall-Neuberger  USA Table Tennis 1999
David "Pep" Tobey  USA Basketball 1995
Allen Tolmich  USA Track & Field 2002
Shaun Tomson  South Africa Surfing 1995
Dara Torres  USA Swimming 2005
Eduard Vinokurov  Kazakhstan Fencing 2007
Richard Weisz  Hungary Wrestling 1983
Matt Wells  Great Britain Boxing 2007
Sylvia Wene  USA Bowling 1979
Lajos Werkner  Hungary Fencing 1999
Henry Wittenberg  USA Wrestling 1979
Chagai Zamir  Israel Volleyball 1998
Max Zaslofsky  USA Basketball 1983

Pillar of Achievement

Name Country Field Year
Maury Allen  USA Media 2009
Jehoshua Alouf  Israel Official/Administrator 1981
Robert Atlasz  Israel Official/Administrator 1986
Baruch Bagg  Israel Official/Administrator 1981
Moe Berg  USA Baseball/Patriot 1983
Gretel Bergmann  Germany Track & Field 1980
Dr. Richard Blum  Germany Official/Administrator 1983
Alfred Brull  Hungary Official/Administrator 1995
John Brunswick  USA Bowling 1996
Daniel Bukantz  USA Official/Administrator 2001
Haskell Cohen  USA Official/Media 1991
Judith Deutsch  Austria Swimming 1981
Lajos Domeny-Deutsch  Hungary Official/Administrator 1995
Leo Donath  Hungary Swimming 1999
Leone Efrati  Italy Boxing 2000
Al Munro Elias  USA Media 2003
Ian Froman  South Africa Tennis 1991
Harry L. Getz  South Africa Official/Administrator 1985
Emmanuel Gill  Israel Official/Administrator 1983
Harry Glickman  USA Official/Administrator 1995
Chaim Glovinsky  Israel Official/Administrator 1982
Julius Goldman  Canada Basketball 1999
Kenneth Gradon  Great Britain Official/Administrator 2002
Pierre Guildesgame  Great Britain Official/Administrator 1985
Lester Harrison  USA Basketball 1991
Sidney Halter  Canada 2005
Harry Henshel  USA Official/Administrator 1983
Joseph Inbar  Israel Official/Administrator 1989
Mike Jacobs  USA Boxing 1993
Henry Kaplan  USA Boxing 2004
Fernec Kemeny  Hungary Official/Administrator 1996
Kurt Lamm  USA Soccer 1993
Harold Landesberg  USA Official/Administrator 1983
Fred Lebow  USA Official/Administrator 1994
Dr. Herman Leweller  USA Official/Administrator 1987
Bill Lippy  USA Official/Administrator 1997
Marvin Miller  USA Official/Administrator 2001
Charles Ornstein  USA Official/Administrator 1984
Orna Ostfeld  Israel Basketball 2009
Bernard Postal  USA Media 1986
Julia Jones Pugliese  USA Fencing 2002
Jimmie Reese  USA Baseball 1995
Joe Reichler  USA Media 2008
Harold U. Ribalow  USA Media 2009
Al Schacht  USA Baseball 2008
Dick Schaap  USA Media 2003
Eric Seelig  Germany Boxing 1992
Joseph Shane  USA Official/Administrator 2002
Jesse Silver  USA Media 1989
Roy Silver  USA Media 1989
Harry Simmons  Canada Official/Administrator 2007
Emmanuel Simon  Israel Official/Administrator 1983
Dr. Uri Simri  Israel Official/Administrator 1991
Margaredt Sonnenfeld  Israel Official/Coach 1997
Oscar State  Great Britain Official/Weightlifting 1989
Louis Stein  USA Official/Bowling 1992
Sam Stoller  USA Track & Field 2007
Arthur Takać  Yugoslavia
( Croatia)
Official/Administrator 1989
Irving Ungerman  Canada Boxing 1994
Ben Weider  Canada Body Building 1992
Joe Weider  Canada Body Building 1992
Chaim Wein  Israel Official/Administrator 1986
Joseph Yekuteli  Israel Official/Administrator 1982
Aviezer Yellin  Israel Official/Administrator 1984
Paul Ziffren  USA Official/Administrator 1993
Harold O. Zimman  USA Official/Media 1991

Lifetime Achievement

Year Name Location
1992 Sam Sharrow United States Miami Beach, Florida, USA
1993 David Pincus United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
1994 Karl Ribstein Germany Munich, Germany
1995 Canada Monty Hall United States Beverly Hills, California, USA
1996 Yariv Oren Israel Netanya, Israel
1997 Alan Sherman United States Potomac, Maryland, USA
1998 Moshe Rashkes Israel Ramat Gan, USA
1999 Germany Fred Worms, OBE United Kingdom London, England, UK
2000 Joseph Luttenberg Israel Afeka, Israel
2001 Robert Spivak United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2002 Uri Afek Israel Netanya, Israel
2003 Lester Fein United States Vernon, New Jersey, USA
2004 Shimon Mizrahi Israel Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 Sidney Greenberg Canada Toronto, Canada
2006 Alex Gilady  Israel
2007 Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer United States Los Angeles, California, USA
2008 R. Stephen Rubin, OBE United Kingdom London, England, UK
2009 Michael Kevezahi Israel Tel Aviv, Israel

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