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Logo of the International Peace Operations Association.

The International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association.

Founded in April 2001, IPOA was created to support the burgeoning private military industry. Based in Washington, D.C., IPOA's staff includes President Doug Brooks, Director J.J. Messner, Business Development Manager Jared Lawyer, and others.



The controversial military services contractor Blackwater Worldwide was a member of IPOA until October 2007[1]. Their departure from the private military industry group was apparently spurred by a pending IPOA investigation[2] after several violent, high-profile incidents involving Blackwater in


Every member company sits on the IPOA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors sets the annual budget, approves revisions to the Code of Conduct, elects the Executive Committee from member representatives, and makes other major decisions. For day-to-day issues, the IPOA staff works with the Executive Committee.

IPOA sponsored a conference in March 2010 centered on the Haiti reconstruction effort.[3] It enabled private military companies to met with government and NGO entities in need of services.[4] President Doug Brooks commented, "When the policies come down and the money starts flowing for the reconstruction, we'll be ready to go."[5]

Official Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

  • To promote high operational and ethical standards of firms active in the peace and stability operations industry;
  • To engage in a constructive dialogue and advocacy with policy-makers about the growing and positive contribution of these firms to the enhancement of international peace, development and human security;
  • To provides unique networking and business development opportunities for its member companies; and
  • To inform the concerned public about the activities and role of the industry.

Code of Conduct

IPOA states its commitment to raising the standards of peace and stability operations, to ensure sound and ethical professionalism and transparency in the conduct of peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction activities.

All member companies subscribe to the IPOA Code of Conduct, towards better regulating private sector operations in conflict and post-conflict environments. IPOA promotes high standards with intentions both to benefit the industry and to serve the greater causes of peace, development, and human security.

IPOA Members

Every signatory to the IPOA Code of Conduct pledges to abide by the high ethical standards established therein. All of these companies have received the IPOA Seal of Approval.

IPOA Seal of Approval

From the official site (updated 23 Oct 2009):

Full Members

Associate Members

- MineWolf Systems


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