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Front Entrance of ISB, as seen entering Nichada Thani

International School Bangkok (ISB; Thai: โรงเรียนสถานศึกษานานาชาติ) is a widely recognized international school located outside Bangkok, Thailand. (ISB) has been providing education to expatriates representing more than 50 countries since 1951.

The International School of Bangkok is located 30 minutes north of downtown Bangkok. ISB's 35-acre (140,000 m2) campus is nestled in the western style community of Nichada Thani, in Nonthaburi Province. Owing to the centralized location, many of the students walk or ride their bicycle or motor scooter to school. ISB has many facilities including three basketball courts, 3 soccer fields, a baseball field, and track


ISB history

ISB opened in 1951 as the first international school in Thailand. Its initial enrollment was 50 children of United Nations and U.S. diplomats. First located on Rajadamri Road, ISB expanded to provide both primary and secondary education for English-speaking children in Bangkok. In 1960 ISB moved from the U.S. Embassy-owned grounds to Sukhumvit Soi 15. A few years later, ISB opened a second campus on Viphavadi Rangsit road, but it closed in the mid-70s with the American drawdown from Vietnam. Finally In 1992, International School Bangkok was relocated from Soi 15 to the present US $25-million campus that it owns and maintains itself, and that consists of a separate elementary, middle, and high schools interwoven into one Thai-style complex.

Parents oversee the operation of ISB, which is a nonprofit and non-sectarian school. Parents are members of the school association and elect the governing board of ISB.


The school grounds hosts youth sports leagues such as basketball, soccer, badminton, swimming, rugby, softball, volleyball, golf, and tennis. These sports are in IASAS, varsity and junior vasity teams. There is also NBBL and NBSL.


Bangkok Baseball Association

Each winter three former or current major leagues representing UPI travel to Bangkok to spread baseball knowledge to the kids participating in the BBA. Past players that traveled to Bangkok include Kevin Maas, Mickey Weston, Brian Dorsett, Wade Rowden, Mike Davis, Don Gordon, and Doug Jones. The BBA opening day ceremony is a huge event, with many hundreds of attendees, a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic food court in the gymnasium, and the ceremonial first pitch is routinely thrown out by the U.S. Ambassador

High School Sports

The International School of Bangkok is part of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS), a group of international schools in Southeast Asia. ISB sports program supports varsity sports teams that compete against other IASAS schools, such as International School Manila (ISM)), Singapore American School (SAS), Jakarta International School (JIS), International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), Taipei American School (TAS), during exchanges or the final IASAS competition.

ISB Varsity Teams Include: Rugby, Swimming, Touch Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Cross-Country, Tennis, Badminton, Softball, Volleyball, Track, and Golf, and Junior Varsity teams are available for most sports.

Tsunami Relief / After the Wave

Partnering with its official Alumni Association (ISB Network), the International School Bangkok continues to raise thousands of dollars for Tsunami relief and the 35 Rajaprajanugroh School (R-35). The R-35 school, located in the village of Bang Sak about 100 km north of Phuket, was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. The school buildings were destroyed, a number of children and parents died, and many more were left homeless. Rescuing the school and community became a massive endeavor. The International School Bangkok community raised funds and helped rebuild the school to create a learning environment well beyond the one that previously existed. At the same time, faculty and other associates recognized the need for long-term continuous support of the students.

Mascot, Symbol, and Seal

ISB School logo

The panther is the official school mascot, and the school colors are black and gold. The current ISB symbol is composed of triangles and lettering. The logo was created originally to identify the school with its new campus as the red triangle roofs are the most visible element of the school on entry. The gold triangle represents the 3 components of education that work together—students, teachers, and parents. The inner triangle is the color of the ruby, a precious gem native to Thailand, and reflects International School Bangkok's heritage with its host country. The large black letters of the school's name are overlaid on the gold triangle. Originally the school symbol was the hanuman logo as is the seal, but when ISB moved from Soi 15 Sukhumvit to the present campus, its logo was changed to a more secular international logo.

At the center of the school seal is the Hanuman. In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is the divine monkey in the Indian epic, Ramayana (Journey of Rama), written by Valmiki over 2000 years ago and at the core of Thai culture. Hanuman aids Rama in rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana thereby acquiring divine rank. As the conqueror of demons and hostile spirits, as a god of strength and wisdom, and as an unselfish and faithful friend, Hanuman is held in high esteem in Thai culture and thus was chosen to represent ISB as the official school seal.

Notable alumni

  • Thant Myint-U (1983) - Expert on Burmese Affairs, grandson of U Thant, the former Secretary General of the United Nations
  • Rob McKenna (1984) - Current Attorney General for the State of Washington
  • Atika Shubert (1991) - CNN Reporter
  • Reema Zaman (2002) - Actress - "Guiding Light", Circuit
  • Charm Onwarin Osathanond (2005) - Miss Thailand Universe 2006
  • Sarunrat "Lydia" Visutthithada (2005) - Famous Thai Pop Star, Performed in Manchester at the MCFC Thaksin Reception


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