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The International Tennis Hall of Fame is a non-profit tennis hall of fame and museum at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.



The Newport Casino, home to the hall of fame

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is hosted by the Newport Casino. The complex was commissioned in 1880 by James Gordon Bennett, Jr. Legend has it that Bennett placed a bet with his guest British Cavalry Officer, Captain Henry Augustus "Sugar" Candy that Candy would not ride his horse up onto the front porch of Newport's most exclusive men's club - The Reading Room. Candy won the bet, but the Governors of the Reading Room were not amused. Bennett and his infamous short temper did not take this kindly, and soon set about creating his own retreat, what would eventually become The Newport Casino.

The first half of the 20th century was unkind to the Newport Casino. The Gilded age drew to a close with the onset of the Depression, and the Newport fell by the wayside as a summer resort for the wealthy and powerful. The Casino struggled financially as a social club right from the start, and by the 1950s the Casino was in sad shape. Like many of the mansions, there was the very real possibility that it would be demolished to make way for more modern retail space.

Tennis, however, would be its saving grace. Having always had a sporting flair, the United State Lawn Tennis Association held their first championships at the Casino in 1881, an event that would continue through 1914. By this time, tennis was firmly entrenched as the key attraction at the Casino.

Fortunately, James Van Alen stepped in, and by 1954 had established the Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum in the Newport Casino. The combination of prominent headliners at the tennis matches and the museum allowed the building to be saved.

It stands today as one of the finest examples of Victorian Shingle Style architecture in the world. The buildings are generally well preserved, except for the Casino Theatre which is in poor condition.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is founded in 1954[1] by James Van Alen as "a shrine to the ideals of the game". He was elected president of the hall in 1957.[1] The International Tennis Hall of Fame is one of the largest and finest tennis museums in the world. The International Tennis Hall of Fame was officially sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association in 1954 and recognized by the International Tennis Federation in 1986. The first Hall of Fame members were inducted in 1955; as of 2007, there are 200 inductees from 19 countries.


The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and memorabilia (including videos, photographs, audio recordings, tennis equipment and apparel, trophies, and art) highlighting the history of tennis from its origins up through the modern era. The collection is displayed year-round in the museum's 13,000 square feet (1,200 m2) of exhibit space.


The Hall of Fame hosts several tournaments, including:


July 6-12: Campbell's Hall of Fame Tennis Championships

Part of the ATP World Tour, the tournament is one of 17 events in North America. Top male players come to Newport direct from Wimbledon to compete for the Van Alen Cup and $500,000 in prize money at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Early player commitments include No. 3 ranked American Mardy Fish, No. 4 ranked American Sam Querrey, and two-time Singles Champion, France's Fabrice Santoro.

July 11: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Class of 2009 will take their place in the International Tennis Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 11. Nine-time Grand Slam Singles Champion and former World No. 1 Monica Seles heads the Class of 2009. Joining her in the Master Player category is Andres Gimeno of Spain and in the Contributor category are Donald L. Dell and Dr. Robert "Whirlwind" Johnson (posthumously).


Contributor category

Name Nationality Year inducted
Adams, Russ United States 2007
Adee, George United States 1964
Baker, Lawrence United States 1975
Chatrier, Philippe France 1992
Clerici, Gianni Italy 2006
Collins, Bud United States 1994
Cullman III, Joseph United States 1990
Danzig, Allison United States 1968
David, Herman Great Britain 1998
Dell, Donald United States 2009
Gray, David Great Britain 1985
Griffin, Clarence United States 1970
Gustav V of Sweden Sweden 1980
Heldman, Gladys United States 1979
Hester, William United States 1981
Hunt, Lamar United States 1993
Jones, Perry United States 1970
Kelleher, Robert United States 2000
Laney, Al United States 1979
McCormack, Mark United States 2008
Myrick, Julian United States 1963
Nielsen, Arthur United States 1971
Outerbridge, Mary United States 1979
Scott, Eugene United States 2008
Tinling, Ted Great Britain 1986
Tobin, Brian Australia 2003
Van Alen, James United States 1965
Wingfield, Walter Clopton Great Britain 1997

Player category

Name Nationality Year inducted
Barrett, Angela Mortimer Great Britain 1993
Addie, Pauline Betz United States 1965
Alexander, Fred United States 1961
Allison, Wilmer United States 1963
Alonso, Manuel Spain 1977
Anderson, Malcolm Australia 2000
Ashe, Arthur United States 1985
Atkinson, Juliette United States 1974
Austin, Henry Great Britain 1997
Austin, Tracy United States 1992
Becker, Boris Germany 2003
Behr, Karl United States 1969
Borg, Björn Sweden 1987
Borotra, Jean France 1976
Bowrey, Lesley Turner Australia 1997
Brinker, Maureen Connolly United States 1968
Bromwich, John Australia 1984
Brookes, Norman Australia 1977
Browne, Mary Kendall United States 1957
Brugnon, Jacques France 1976
Buchholz Jr., Earl United States 2005
Budge, Don United States 1964
Bueno, Maria Brazil 1978
Bundy, May Sutton United States 1956
Cahill, Mabel Ireland 1976
Campbell, Oliver United States 1955
Casals, Rosemary United States 1996
Cawley, Evonne Goolagong Australia 1988
Chace, Malcolm United States 1961
Chambers, Dorothea Douglass Lambert Great Britain 1981
Chang, Michael United States 2008
Cheney, Dorothy Bundy United States 2004
Clapp, Louise Brough United States 1967
Clark, Clarence United States 1983
Clark, Joseph United States 1955
Clothier, William United States 1956
Cochet, Henri France 1976
Connors, Jimmy United States 1998
Cooke, Sarah Palfrey United States 1963
Cooper, Ashley Australia 1991
Courier, Jim United States 2005
Court, Margaret Australia 1979
Crawford, Jack Australia 1979
Davidson, Sven Sweden 2007
Davis, Dwight F. United States 1956
Dod, Lottie Great Britain 1983
Doeg, John United States 1962
Doherty, Lawrence Great Britain 1980
Doherty, Reggie Great Britain 1980
Drobny, Jaroslav Czech Republic 1983
duPont, Margaret Osborne United States 1967
Dwight, James United States 1955
Durr, Francoise France 2003
Edberg, Stefan Sweden 2004
Emerson, Roy Australia 1982
Etchebaster, Pierre France 1978
Evert, Chris United States 1995
Falkenburg, Bob United States/Brazil 1974
Fraser, Neale Australia 1984
Garland, Charles United States 1969
Gibson, Althea United States 1971
Gimeno, Andres Spain 2009
Godfree, Kathleen McKane Great Britain 1978
Gonzalez, Pancho United States 1968
Graf, Steffi Germany 2004
Grant, Bitsy United States 1972
Hackett, Harold United States 1961
Hansell, Ellen United States 1965
Hard, Darlene United States 1973
Hart, Doris United States 1969
Hewitt, Bob Australia/South Africa 1992
Hoad, Lew Australia 1980
Hopman, Harry Australia 1978
Hovey, Fred United States 1974
Hunt, Joe United States 1966
Hunter, Frank United States 1961
Irvin, Shirley Fry United States 1970
Jacobs, Helen United States 1962
Johnston, Bill United States 1958
Jones, Ann Haydon Great Britain 1985
King, Billie Jean United States 1987
Kodeš, Jan Czechoslovakia 1990
Koželuh, Karel Czechoslovakia 2006
Kramer, Jack United States 1968
Lacoste, Rene France 1976
Larned, William United States 1956
Larsen, Art United States 1956
Laver, Rod Australia 1981
Lendl, Ivan Czechoslovakia/United States 2001
Lenglen, Suzanne France 1978
Little, Dorothy Round Great Britain 1986
Lott, George United States 1964
Macdonald, Andrew Great Britain 1987
Mako, Gene United States 1973
Mallory, Molla Norway/United States 1958
Mandlíková, Hana Czechoslovakia/Australia 1994
Marble, Alice United States 1964
Martin, Alastair United States 1973
Martin, William McChesney United States 1982
Maskell, Dan Great Britain 1996
McEnroe, John United States 1999
McGregor, Ken Australia 1999
McKinley, Chuck United States 1986
McLoughlin, Maurice United States 1957
McMillan, Frew South Africa 1992
McNeill, Don United States 1965
Moody, Helen Wills United States 1969
Moore, Elisabeth United States 1971
Mulloy, Gardnar United States 1972
Murray, Robert United States 1958
Năstase, Ilie Romania 1991
Navrátilová, Martina Czechoslovakia/United States 2000
Newcombe, John Australia 1986
Noah, Yannick France 2005
Novotná, Jana Czech Republic 2005
Nüsslein, Hans Germany 2006
Nuthall, Betty Great Britain 1977
Olmedo, Alex Peru/United States 1987
Osuna, Rafael Mexico 1979
Parker, Frank United States 1966
Patterson, Gerald Australia 1989
Patty, Budge United States 1977
Pell, Theodore United States 1966
Perry, Fred Great Britain 1975
Pettitt, Tom Great Britain 1982
Pietrangeli, Nicola Italy 1986
Quist, Adrian Australia 1984
Rafter, Patrick Australia 2006
Ralston, Dennis United States 1987
Renshaw, Ernest Great Britain 1983
Renshaw, William Great Britain 1983
Richards, Vincent United States 1961
Richey, Nancy United States 2003
Riggs, Bobby United States 1967
Roche, Tony Australia 1986
Roosevelt, Ellen United States 1975
Rose, Mervyn Australia 2001
Rosewall, Ken Australia 1980
Ryan, Elizabeth United States 1972
Sabatini, Gabriela Argentina 2006
Sampras, Pete United States 2007
Santana, Manuel Spain 1985
Savitt, Dick United States 1976
Schroeder, Ted United States 1966
Sears, Eleonora United States 1968
Sears, Richard United States 1955
Sedgman, Frank Australia 1979
Segura, Pancho Ecuador 1984
Seixas, Vic United States 1971
Seles, Monica Yugoslavia/United States 2009
Shriver, Pam United States 2002
Shields, Frank United States 1964
Slocum, Henry United States 1955
Smith, Stan United States 1987
Stolle, Fred Australia 1985
Talbert, Bill United States 1967
Tilden, William United States 1959
Tingay, Lance Great Britain 1982
Townsend, Bertha Toulmin United States 1974
Trabert, Tony United States 1970
Van Ryn, John United States 1963
Sánchez Vicario, Arantxa Spain 2007
Vilas, Guillermo Argentina 1991
Vines, Ellsworth United States 1962
von Cramm, Gottfried Germany 1977
Wallach, Maud Barger United States 1958
Ward, Holcombe United States 1956
Washburn, Watson United States 1965
Whitman, Malcolm United States 1955
Wightman, Hazel Hotchkiss United States 1957
Wilander, Mats Sweden 2002
Wilding, Tony New Zealand 1978
Williams, Richard United States 1957
Wood, Sidney United States 1964
Wrenn, Robert United States 1955
Wright, Beals United States 1956
Wade, Virginia Great Britain 1989
Wagner, Marie United States 1969


Country # of members
 United States 121
 Australia 25
 Great Britain 24
 France 10
 Sweden 5
 Spain 4
 Czech Republic
 Argentina 2
 South Africa
 Romania 1
 New Zealand


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