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International Union of Socialist Youth
Headquarters Amtshausgasse 4, Vienna, Austria
Official languages English, French, Spanish
Membership 148 member organisations
 -  President Jacinda Ardern
 -  Secretary-General Johan Hassel
 -  IUSY 24 August 1907 

The International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) encompasses socialist, social democratic and Labour Party youth organizations from more than 100 states of the world. IUSY is a member of the Socialist International.

Full members status is held to the European Youth Forum (YFJ) which operates within the Council of Europe and European Union areas and works closely with both these bodies.

The President of IUSY is Jacinda Ardern, from New Zealand Young Labour and the New Zealand Labour Party.

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The International Union of Socialist Youth Organisations was founded in 1907 in Stuttgart. Its first president was Karl Liebknecht.

After the First World War the split in the workers' movement was also a split of the youth organisations. In 1919 the International Union of Socialist Youth Organizations was reconstructed as the Communist Youth International in Berlin. Two other organisations were founded in 1921, the International Community of Socialist Youth Organisations and the Working Youth International, merged as Socialist Youth International in 1923 in Hamburg.

After the Second World War, IUSY was founded on 30 September 1946 in Paris.

About IUSY

IUSY is led by its Presidium that is elected at the World Congress with representatives from all over the world.

Jacinda Ardern, Young Labour, New Zealand
Secretary General
Johan Hassel, SSU, Sweden
Vice Presidents
Aurora Bonnin, JSE, Spain
Cordula Drautz, JUSOS, Germany
Daniel Manouchehri, JS, Chile
Dimitri Tskitishvili, YSG, Georgia
Federica Mariotti, SG, Italy
Francisco Crespo, JID, Ecuador
Ismail Somad, Fateh Youth Organization, Palestine
Judicael Biaou, J PSD, Benin
Maayan Amodai, Labour Young Leadership, Israel
Marie Chris Cabreros, Akbayan Youth, Phillipinnes
Nela Celik, DY, Serbia
Pavel Melendez, JPRD, Mexico
Silje Rygland, AUF, Norway
Vaclav Klusak, MSD, Czech Rep.
Viviana Pineiro, JSU, Uruguay
Vuyiswa Tulelo, ANC Youth League, South Africa
Wellington Arnaud, JR, Dominican Rep.
Working Group Coordinators
LGBT: Jonas Gunnarsson, SSF, Sweden
Feminist: Kati Hellwagner, SJÖ, Austria
Students: Christos Myronidis, PASOK Youth, Greece
EU-Arab Dialogue: Ziad Nasr, PYO, Lebanon
GPYF and Social Movements: Zita Schelleken, JS in de PvDA, Netherlands
Control Commission President
Sven Frye, SJD-Die Falken, Germany
Permanent Invited
ECOSY President/Secretary General
ICFTU YO Secretary General
IFM-SEI International Falcon Movement - Socialist Education International

Member organisations of IUSY




  •  Argentina — Franja Morada
  •  Argentina — Socialist Party Youth (Juventud Partido Socialista)
  •  Argentina — Radical Youth (Juventud Radical)
  •  Barbados — League of Young Socialists of the Barbados Labour Party
  •  Bolivia — Youth of the Revolutionary Left Movement (Juventud del Movimiento de la Izquierda Revolucionaria)
  •  Bolivia — Free Bolivia Movement Youth (Juventud Movimiento Bolivia Libre)
  •  Brazil — Socialist Youth-PDT (Juventude Socialista-PDT)
  •  CanadaNew Democratic Youth of Canada
  •  Chile — Youth of the Party for Democracy (Juventud del Partido por la Democracia)
  •  Chile — Social Democratic Radical Youth of Chile (Juventud Radical Socialdemócrata de Chile)
  •  ChileSocialist Youth of Chile (Juventud Socialista de Chile)
  •  Colombia — National Organisation of Liberal Youths (Organización Nacional de Juventudes Liberales)
  •  Costa Rica — Liberationist Youth (Juventud Liberacionista)
  •  CuraçaoNew Antilles Movement (Movementu Antiyas Nobo)
  •  Dominican Republic — Dominican Revolutionary Youth (Juventud Revolucionaria Dominicana)
  •  EcuadorDemocratic Left Youth (Juventud de Izquierda Democrática)
  •  Honduras — Pinuist Youth (Juventud Pinuista)
  •  Jamaica — People's National Party Youth Organisation
  •  Mexico — Democratic Youth, PRD (Juventud Demócrata, PRD)[1]
  •  Nicaragua — Sandinista Youth 19 July (Juventud Sandinista 19 de Julio)
  •  Panama — PRD Youth Front (Frente de la Juventud del PRD)
  •  Paraguay — Febrerist Revolutionary Youth (Juventud Revolucionaria Febrerista)
  •  PeruPeruvian Aprista Youth (Juventud Aprista Peruana)
  •  Puerto Rico — PIP Youth (Juventud del PIP)
  •  United StatesYoung Democratic Socialists
  •  Uruguay — New Space Youth (Juventud Nuevo Espacio)
  •  Uruguay — Socialist Youth of Uruguay (Juventud Socialista del Uruguay)
  •  Venezuela — Youth of Democratic Action (Juventud de Acción Democrática)


  •  Bhutan — Youth Organisation of Bhutan
  •  India — Rashtra Seva Dal
  •  India — Yuva Janata Dal (Secular)
  •  Israel — Young Guard of the Labour Party (Mishmeret Tse'irah shel Mifleget Ha'Avoda)
  •  IsraelYoung Meretz-Yachad (Tse'irei Meretz-Yahad)
  •  Japan — Social Democratic Party of Japan - Youth Bureau
  •  Japan — Young Japanese Socialists
  • Iraqi Kurdistan Kurdistan — Democratic youth union of Iranian Kurdistan (lawan)
  •  Lebanon — Progressive Youth Organisation
  •  Malaysia — Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth
  •  Mongolia — Mongolian Democratic Socialist Youth Union
  •  Nepal — Nepal Students Union
  •  NepalNepal Tarun Dal
  •  Palestine — Fatah Youth (Shabibet Fateh)
  •  PhilippinesAkbayan! Youth
  •  Thailand — Young People for Democracy Movement, Thailand-YPD




Associate member

IUSY presidents

IUSY Secretaries General

IUSY Congresses

International Youth Meetings

The international youth meetings with up to 50,000 participants (1929 in Vienna) are an important tradition of socialist youth organisations. In 1952, IUSY reconvened this tradition with the first IUSY Camp in Vienna.

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