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International Union of Young Farmers is an international nongovernmental organization founded by the UN General Assembly call in the year 2000 (resolution 54/120 year 1999, articles 3, 14, 15) to implement articles 17, 47 of the WORLD PROGRAMME OF ACTION FOR YOUTH TO THE YEAR 2000 AND BEYOND, adopted by the UN General Assembly resolution 50/81 in 1995. The International Union of Young Farmers (IUYF or I.U.o.Y.F.) is located in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Austria (ZVR Zahl. 171648350), it is in Consultative Status with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (Prague Office of the OSCE Secretariat, ID 3222) and has representations in Latvia (LR reg. nr.40006007055) and Lithuania (LR JAR reg. nr. 302456048).



  • Assembly – IUYF members' annual meeting, the highest organ
  • Board – IUYF activities' leading organ, is headed by the Chairman
  • Revisers
  • Arbitrage
  • Secretary – Head of the IUYF Secretariat
  • Secretariat – The Secretariat (representative office) of the International Union of Young Farmers is in Lithuania; acts on the legal basis of IUYF representation in Lithuania. The Secretariat provides communication and cooperation among the members of the organization, among members of the Board, it also archives IUYF bodies’ documents and documentation of IUYF events taking place in the area of OSCE.

Membership in the IUYF

The International Union of Young Farmers is an organization that is flexible, operative, mobile and not restricted with bureaucracy. For its bodies to function, it uses decisions that had been voted for and decision making process by using contemporary communication technology. IUYF members are associations and persons from Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia and Russia. Membership in IUYF consists of these types: ordinary, honorary, and extraordinary. An application to join IUYF can be delivered to the Secretariat or to any one member of the Board, as well as via IUYF Website. Any legal entity can become a member of the International Union of Young Farmers as long as they agree with IUYF goals and accept regulations; this also applies to subjects from Lands - states with limited recognition.


Aims of the International Union of Young Farmers - to represent young farmers’ and rural youth’ interests in the OSCE area. IUYF is now in a stage of rapid development and invites to cooperate all rural and city youth, farmers, agricultural and youth organizations that accept the leading roll of UN and OSCE systems in the area from Vancouver to Vladivostok. The International Union of Young Farmers jointly with the International Institute of Political Sciences participates in a project “INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF NGOs FOR SECURITY AND COOPERATION IN EUROPE”.

IUYF Festivity Assembly

In april 2010 the International Union of Young Farmers is going to celebrate its tenth anniversary. IUYF members’ Festivity Assembly is going to take place in city Klaipeda, Lithuania.




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