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An international decoration is a military award which is not bestowed by a particular country, but rather by an international organization such as the United Nations or NATO. Such awards are normally issued as service medals, for participation in various international military operations, and not for specific acts of heroism or bravery.

The following is a list of the most commonly recognized international military decorations that has been or is currently awarded to members of the United States military. Such awards are always worn after all United States decorations before all Foreign decorations.

The list below is by no means comprehensive, but does display the awards which have been bestowed to U.S. service members by international organizations.


United Nations

The Assistant Secretary of Defense approved a change to the policy of the wear of United Nations Medal's. Effective on 13 October 1995, any US military personnel who is awarded an United Nations Medal may wear the ribbon of the first UN medal for which they qualify. Subsequent awards of the United Nations Medal for service in a different mission is noted by adding a bronze service star to the current ribbon. No more than one UN medal or ribbon may be worn at a time.


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

To date the following medals are the only NATO Medal's authorized for wear by the US military personnel.

Members may accept, but may not wear the NATO Macedonia Medal and the NATO Non-Article 5 Medal for service in Iraq, under the NTM-I.

Multinational Force and Observers

Inter-American Defense Board


System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces


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