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Internet Killed Television
Genre Comedy/Vlogging
Created by Charles Trippy & Alli Speed
Starring Charles Trippy
Alli Speed
Theme music composer Charlie Puth
Ending theme "The Internet Killed Television"
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
Running time 5-17 minutes approx
Original channel YouTube
First shown in May 01, 2009
Original run May 1, 2009 – Present
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Internet Killed Television is a video-logging web series that was created by YouTube celebrity Charles Trippy. [1] The series has gained huge popularity on the Internet, purely through viewings on YouTube.[1] It was originally planned to last one year, however after the series was a hit, and Charles and his fiancé Alli's life unfolded, the couple announced that the series could continue after its original year duration.[1] The format of the series follows the lives of Charles and Alli whose life varies between general conversation and visits to a number of locations.[1][1] The video-logs the couple create each day[1] are edited and uploaded to YouTube by late afternoon (EST) reaching over 50,000 views in just a few hours. The format of the series creates has been adapted to fit a website such as YouTube with most of its viewers returning day in day out. Therefore the subscription feature aids Charles and Alli's followers by providing them with an relativity easy way of access to the newly posted videos to the web series YouTube channel.



Charles and Alli's YouTube channel is called "Internet Killed Television" or is known by most of their fan base as CTFxC which stands for "Charles Trippy Friend x Core"(The "x" is silent.). As of March 15, 2010 the series has 205,594 subscribers; making it the 37th most subscribed Comedian channel on YouTube. The web-series also refers itself as a 'homemade reality show' due to its format of a first person perspective that directly follows Charles and Alli's activities with a typical video-blogging (Vlogging) style of the couple filming both their surroundings whilst equally talking into the camera with additional comments (usually of a humorous nature) and general conversation. The Internet Killed Television also has its own website which features embedded versions of each days vlog. Though the CTFxC channel is very popular, this is not his main channel. Charles Trippy has been doing videos on the internet since May 2006, long before the premiere of Internet Killed Television, in May 2009.

Furthermore Charles and Alli additionally broadcast live shows upon the internet, using websites such as their main host, BlogTV to communicate with the audience of their Internet Killed Television web series whilst adding additional commentary and topics that are often similar to that of their web series. Much like their web series, these live shows attract a highly respected audience, with Charles Trippy's account (which they use for the live streams) being the most subscribed account on BlogTV, holding 12,528 subscribers as of the 24th January 2010.

Charles and Alli are also both known for the "That's What She Said: Worldwide" application in the iTunes App store. The app allows the user to listen to the statement, "That's What She Said" in a variety of languages from all around the world. Charles' other app is called "iTrippy" which allows fans to keep up with the latest news dealing with Charles and Alli.


Charles Trippy and Alli Speed were engaged on 10.04.09 - Day 157 in Spain. ( The marriage date has not yet been scheduled but Charles has announced he will have the wedding on his YouTube channel, CTFxC. Charles and Alli are not the only stars of the "Home Made Reality Show", though. The cast often includes their two pets, Marley and Zoey (Zoey is a mutt, possibly German Shepherd, Husky & Rot. Marley is a rat terrier mix). Others include parents, close friends, and siblings too.

Awards and recognition

Year Award Show Nominated work Award Result
2009 Mash Online Video Web Series Internet Killed Television Best Online Video Web Series Nominated
2009 Mashable Open Web Awards Surprise Marriage Proposal in Spain! YouTube Video of The Year Won
2009 Mashable Open Web Awards Internet Killed Television Best Brand Use of YouTube Won

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