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Interpretation or interpreter may refer to:



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INTERPRETATION (from Lat. interpretari, to expound, explain, interpres, an agent, go-between, interpreter; inter, between, and the root pret-, possibly connected with that seen either in Greek cbpaq"ELv, to speak, or irpar t , to do), in general, the action of explaining, or rendering the sense of an obscure form of words or an unknown tongue into a language comprehended by the person addressed. In legal use the word " interpretation " is employed in the sense of ascertaining the meaning of the language of a document, as well as its relation to facts. It is also applied to acts of parliament, as pointing out the sense in which particular words used therein are to be understood. The interpretation of documents and statutes is subject to definite legal rules, the more important of which will be found in the articles Contract, Statute, Will, &C.

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Interpretation f. (genitive Interpretation, plural Interpretationen)

  1. interpretation

Derived terms

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  • Introduction
  • The mathematical formalisms of quantum mechanics
    • Hilbert space
    • cstar algebra and quantum logic
  • Thought experiments
    • The Bohr-Einstein debates
    • Schrödinger's cat
    • The EPR experiment aka quantum entanglement
    • Wheeler's delayed choice experiment
  • the problem of measurement in quantum mechanics
  • The Copenhagen interpretation
  • Bohm's pilot wave interpretation
  • Many-worlds Interpretation
  • Coherent Histories
  • Decoherence
  • Quantum Field Theory
    • Local Quantum Physics
    • Causality

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