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Interstate 10 shield
Interstate 10
Main route of the Interstate Highway System
Maintained by TxDOT
Length: 878.6 mi[1] (1,414.0 km)
Formed: 1959
West end: I-10 at New Mexico state line
I-20 between Kent and Balmorhea
I-35 in San Antonio
I-37 in San Antonio
I-45 in Houston
East end: I-10 at Louisiana state line
Highways in Texas
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InterstateU.S.T.X. (LoopsSpursRecFM)

Interstate 10 is the major east–west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States. In the U.S. state of Texas, it runs east from El Paso, near the border with New Mexico, through San Antonio and Houston to the border with Louisiana in Orange, Texas.

At just under 879 miles (1,410 km), the length of Interstate 10 crossing Texas, maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation, is the longest continuous untolled freeway under a single authority in North America, a title formerly held by Ontario's Highway 401. Mile marker 880 (and the corresponding exit number) near Orange are the highest numbered mile marker and exit on the Interstate Highway System, or for that matter, on any freeway in North America.

Texas alone contains more than a third of the interstate's entire length. El Paso is 785 miles (1,260 km) from the western terminus of Interstate 10 in Santa Monica, California, making it closer to Los Angeles than it is to Orange, 857 miles (1,370 km) away. Likewise, Orange on the Texas–Louisiana border is only 789 miles (1,270 km) from the eastern terminus of Interstate 10 in Jacksonville, Florida.




West Texas

Interstate 10 replaced and currently runs concurrent with U.S. Highway 85 from the New Mexico border up until the two diverge at mile marker 13. The two highways parallel each other for several miles until Highway 85 continues to head south to the border with Mexico and I-10 turns east towards El Paso. Prior to the interstate system, Highway 85 ran concurrent with U.S. Highway 80 from the New Mexico border until the two diverged west of El Paso. I-10 replaced Highway 80 through El Paso and to the southeast and east to the present day junction of I-10 and Interstate 20. Highway 80 along this route has been completely removed from the highway system in favor of I-10. [2]

At the junction with I-20, I-10 replaced U.S. Highway 290 eastward to the present day junction of I-10 and Highway 290 southeast of Junction. This section of Highway 290 was deleted from the highway system.[3] From this point to near Comfort, I-10 replaced State Highway 27. State Highway 27 still exists along this stretch, mostly paralleling I-10 to the south. From Comfort southeast to San Antonio, I-10 directly replaced U.S. Highway 87.

San Antonio and Central Texas

I-10 generally follows the alignment of US 87 on the northwest side of San Antonio into downtown. A new alignment was built to the south of downtown for the freeway since it was impossible to upgrade the surface streets in downtown that US 87 and US 90 followed prior to the Interstate Highway System. Southeast of downtown, I-10 curves back to the northeast to connect with the pre-interstate alignment of US 90.

Construction of portions of I-10 were well underway and completed prior to the commissioning of the highway in 1959. The section from Culebra Road to Woodlawn Road opened as the first freeway in San Antonio in 1949, but was signed as US 87. Expansion and construction continued in the 1950s, but the bulk of the construction occurred in the 1960s after the interstate was commissioned. The current alignment was completed by 1968.

Rapid growth in San Antonio has resulted in the original highway becoming quickly inadequate, resulting in the highway being in perpetual construction and expansion. In the 1980s the portion just northwest of downtown was reconstructed to add a double deck feature to expand the freeway to five lanes in each direction. In 1990, the interstate had only two lanes in each direction from Loop 1604 to where the double deck freeway begins near downtown. Construction is currently underway to expand the freeway to five lanes in each direction from just outside the I-410 loop all the way into downtown. The I-10 and I-410 interchange is also being reconstructed into a four-level stack interchange.[4]

Houston and East Texas

The new IH-10 "Katy Freeway" in Houston, with managed lanes (HOV + EzTag). View towards East from connector ramp with West Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8)

As part of the construction of Interstate 10 in the 1960s, the Katy Freeway was named for the connection to Katy from Houston. Because West Houston was empty farmland, the freeway was made small and simple for its drivers. Not counting the side lanes, it was only 6-8 lanes wide, which compared to many other freeways in Houston, was tiny. Despite the small size of the freeway at the time, population growth in the area had caused considerable traffic congestion. By 2001, the AADT was 238,000 vehicles just west of the West Loop.[5]

It wasn't until 2000 that the Katy Freeway was forced to upgrade. It had become inadequate due to the increased traffic and West Houston's bustling communities. In 2002, the old railway had been demolished and the area was cleared for the freeway's renovation.

In 2004, construction began on the freeway. Planned to be at least 16 lanes wide, the new stretch would have to hold up to 200,000 people per day. Two highway intersections would have to be rebuilt (Beltway 8 and I-610), toll booths would be a new addition, including major landscaping as part of Houston's Highway Beautification Project.

The first completed sections, from just west of Highway 6 to the Fort Bend/Harris county line, opened in late June 2006[6]. As of September 2006, most of the freeway between Beltway 8 and State Highway 6 has been laid, while the stretch to Washington Avenue inside I-610 will be completed later. The completion of the Katy Freeway took place in October, 2008.

Route description

West Texas

I-10 enters Texas northwest of El Paso near Anthony and travels southward, concurrent with U.S. Highway 85 and U.S. Highway 180. The US 85 splits off west of El Paso with US 85 heading south to the border with Mexico and I-10/US 180 turning to the east towards downtown El Paso. I-10 and US 180 diverge east of downtown as US 180 heads off to the northeast and I-10 to the southeast. I-10 is called Gateway Boulevard in El Paso based on designations for the frontage roads. On the eastern side of the city, I-10 turns to the southeast and begins to parallel the Rio Grande and Mexican border for approximately 60 miles (97 km).

Texas State Rep. Pete Gallego unveiling a new 80 mph speed limit sign on Interstate 10 near Fort Stockton.

I-10 leaves the Rio Grande with a primarily eastward heading. Just east of Kent, the western terminus of Interstate 20 intersects with I-10. I-20 heads northeast towards the Dallas-Fort Worth area and I-10 continues to head east. US Highway 67 runs concurrently with I-10 for a stretch and the La Entrada al Pacifico trade corridor is a part of this stretch of I-10. Near Junction, I-10 begins a more southeastwardly course as it heads toward the San Antonio metropolitan area. Near Comfort, I-10 and U.S. Highway 87 begin a concurrency that carries on into San Antonio.

Due to I-10 traversing one of the more rural parts of the United States, it has several unique features that differentiate it from other Interstate Highways. I-10 is one of the very few Interstates that have at-grade intersections (roads that intersect it at a 90 degree angle, as opposed to an overpass or underpass with on and off ramps). These are private access roads (mostly from large ranches) which occur over a limited stretch in western Texas.

The stretch from Kerr County to El Paso County has an 80 mph (130 km/h) speed limit, the highest in the nation.

San Antonio and Central Texas

I-10 is the busiest freeway in San Antonio with nearly 200,000 vehicles on an average day.[7] On the northwest side, I-10 is known as the McDermott Freeway, named after Robert F. McDermott, former dean of the United States Air Force Academy as well as CEO of the USAA financial services corporation. The highway enters the city concurrent with US 87 from the north and travels more in a north–south direction into downtown, rather than the east–west designation found on the Interstate Highway signs. The northern section from Loop 1604 to downtown serves one of the fastest growing areas of the city. A majority of the region's suburban office space is located along the corridor as are the headquarters for USAA, gasoline refiner and retailer Valero, South Texas Medical Center, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the Shops at La Cantera. I-10 intersects Interstate 410 for the first time near Balcones Heights, a suburban city within San Antonio. The construction is nearing completion of a four-level interchange to accommodate the growing northwest side. Heavy commercial development dominates the landscape between I-410 and Loop 1604. Inside I-410, the route is lined with light industrial and residential areas.

I-10 as an elevated freeway as it runs multiplexed with I-35 in downtown San Antonio.

As I-10 heads south into downtown, it splits into an upper level with three lanes in each direction and a lower level with two lanes in each direction. It was necessary to design the freeway this way in order to accommodate the amount of traffic heading into downtown and to fit into the narrow corridor that was surrounded by existing infrastructure. I-10 meets Interstate 35 on the northwest side of downtown and it multiplexes with I-35 South to form the west side of the downtown loop. The I-35 exit numbers are carried through during the multiplex. I-10 and I-35 end their concurrency at a four-level interchange on the southwest side of downtown with the junction of U.S. Highway 90 from the west. I-35 continues to the south and I-10 and US 90 run multiplexed to the east to form the south side of the downtown loop. This section of I-10 is known as the Jose Lopez Freeway, named after the Medal of Honor recipient. A four-level interchange with Interstate 37 occurs approximately 2 miles (3 km) east of the I-35 interchange. I-10 heads east away from downtown through mainly residential neighborhoods on the east side of San Antonio. I-10's multiplex with U.S 87 ends just east of downtown when US 87 heads south towards Victoria. I-10 provides access to the AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs, and to the Freeman Coliseum. Leaving San Antonio, I-10 again passes the loops I-410 and Loop 1604. I-10 is known as the 90th Infantry Division Memorial Highway on this stretch east of San Antonio. I-10 and US 90 continue their multiplex until they diverge in Seguin. They continue from there on to Houston nearly paralleling each other with short stints of multiplexing along the route.

Houston and East Texas

I-45 and I-10 near Downtown Houston.

In Houston, from the western suburb of Katy to downtown, I-10 is known as the Katy Freeway. This section is currently being widened to as much as 26 lanes (12 main lanes, 8 lanes of access roads, and 4-6 mid-freeway HOT/HOV lanes, not counting access road turning lanes)[8] and will be one of the widest freeways in the world.

Between I-610 and I-45 west of downtown, the interstate contains at least 5 lanes in each direction. This section has traditionally been the widest section of I-10 in the Houston area and the only one with a significant portion below grade. As I-10 travels through downtown, it interchanges with Interstate 45 and U.S. Highway 59, the future corridor of Interstate 69 through Texas. Both interchanges feature left exits causing several lane shifts for through traffic. I-10 provides access to Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros, and also runs through the campus of the University of Houston–Downtown.

The section east of downtown Houston is officially known as the "East Freeway," although it is widely known by locals as the "Baytown East Freeway" , or colloquially shortened to "The Beast" due to a marketing push by Baytown, the easternmost principal city of the Greater Houston Area.

In Beaumont, it is designated Eastex Freeway between both splits with U.S. Highway 69. Eastex is not to be confused with the designation for U.S. Highway 59 in Houston.

Exit list

County Location # Destinations Notes
El Paso Anthony 0 FM 1905Anthony
1 Rest Area Eastbound exit and entrance with frontage road access
2 Westway, Vinton
El Paso 6 Loop 375 (Trans Mountain Road) – Canutillo
8 SH 178 (Paseo del Norte, Artcraft Road)
9 Redd Road
11 SH 20 (Mesa Street)
12 Resler Drive Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
13 US 85 south (Paisano Drive) / Sunland Park Drive East end of US 85 overlap
16 Executive Center Boulevard
18A Schuster Avenue – UT El Paso
18B Porfirio Diaz Street, Franklin Avenue No westbound entrance
19A SH 20 (Mesa Street) – Downtown El Paso, Convention Center Signed as exit 19 eastbound
19B Downtown El Paso, Convention Center Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
20 Dallas Street, Cotton Street
21 Piedras Street
22A Loop 478 (Copia Street)
22B US 54 (Patriot Freeway, I-110 south)  – Alamogordo, Fort Bliss, Cd. Juárez
23A Raynolds Street
23B US 62 / US 180 east (Paisano Drive) / Chelsea Street East end of US 180 overlap
24A Trowbridge Drive Westbound exit is via exit 24
24B Geronimo Drive Signed as exit 24 westbound
25 Airway Boulevard – El Paso Airport
26 Hawkins Boulevard
27 Hunter Drive, Viscount Boulevard Westbound exit is via exit 28A
28A FM 2316 (McRae Boulevard) / Sumac Drive
28B Yarbrough Drive, Sumac Drive
29 Lomaland Drive Westbound exit is via exit 30
30 Lee Trevino Drive
32 FM 659 (Zaragosa Road, George Dieter Road)
34 Loop 375 (Americas Avenue, Joe Battle Boulevard)
35 Eastlake Boulevard
37 FM 1281Horizon City, Socorro
42 FM 1110Clint, San Elizario
49 FM 793Fabens
55 Tornillo
Hudspeth 68 Acala Road
72 Spur 148Fort Hancock
78 SH 20 west – McNary
81 FM 2217
85 Esperanza Road
87 FM 34
95 Frontage Road Eastbound exit and entrance
99 Lasca Road
Sierra Blanca 105 I-10 Bus. east (El Paso Street) Signed as exit 106 westbound; no eastbound entrance
107 RM 1111 (Sierra Blanca Avenue)
108 I-10 Bus. west – Sierra Blanca Westbound exit only
129 Allamore, Hot Wells
Culberson 133 Frontage Road Westbound exit and entrance
Van Horn 138 I-10 Bus. east / Golf Course Drive
140A US 90 / SH 54 (Van Horn Drive)
140B I-10 Bus. west (Ross Drive)
146 Wild Horse Road
153 Michigan Flat
159 Plateau
166 Boracho Station
173 Hurds Draw Road
176 SH 118 / RM 2424Kent, Fort Davis
Jeff Davis 181 Cherry Creek Road
184 Springhills
Reeves 187 I-20 east – Fort Worth, Dallas No exit number eastbound; exit 186 westbound is a U-turn for I-20 west to I-10 east traffic
188 Giffin Road
192 FM 3078 east – Toyahvale
206 I-10 Bus. east / FM 2903Toyah, Balmorhea
209 I-10 Bus. west / SH 17 south – Balmorhea, Fort Davis West end of SH 17 overlap
212 SH 17 / FM 2448Pecos East end of SH 17 overlap
214 FM 2448 Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
222 Hoefs Road
Pecos 229 Hovey Road
235 Mendel Road
241 Kennedy Road
246 Firestone Road
248 US 67 south / FM 1776Alpine, Sul Ross State University West end of US 67 overlap
253 FM 2037
Fort Stockton 256 I-10 Bus. east – Fort Stockton
257 US 285Pecos, Sanderson No westbound entrance
259B SH 18Monahans Signed as exit 259 eastbound
259A FM 1053 Eastbound exit is via exit 259
261 I-10 Bus. west / US 385 south – Fort Stockton, Marathon West end of US 385 overlap
264 Warnock Road
272 University Road
273 US 67 north / US 385 north – San Angelo, McCamey East end of US 67 / US 385 overlap; no eastbound entrance
277 RM 2023
285 McKenzie Road
288 Ligon Road
294 FM 11Bakersfield
298 RM 2886
307 US 190 to FM 305Iraan, McCamey
314 Frontage Road
320 Frontage Road
325 SH 290 / SH 349Iraan, Sheffield Former US 290
Crockett 328 River Road
337 Live Oak Road
343 SH 290 west – Sheffield Former US 290
350 RM 2398 (Howard Draw Road)
361 RM 2083 (Pandale Road)
Ozona 363 Loop 466 / RM 2398Ozona
365 SH 163Sterling City, Comstock
368 Loop 466Ozona
372 Taylor Box Road
Sutton 381 RM 1312 Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
388 RM 1312 Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
392 RM 1312 / RM 1989 (Caverns of Sonora Road)
Sonora 399 Loop 467Sonora Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
400 US 277San Angelo, Del Rio
404 Loop 467 / RM 864 / RM 3130Sonora, Fort McKavett
412 RM 3130 / Allison Road
420 RM 3130 / Baker Road
429 RM 3130 / Harrell Road
Kimble 437 Loop 291  – Roosevelt Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
438 Loop 291  – Roosevelt Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
442 Loop 291 / RM 1674Fort McKavett
445 RM 1674 Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
451 RM 2291 (Cleo Road)
Junction 456 US 83 north / US 377 / Loop 481Junction, Menard, Mason West end of US 83 overlap
457 FM 2169 (Martinez Street) – Junction
460 Loop 481 Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
462 US 83 south – Uvalde East end of US 83 overlap
465 FM 2169 – Segovia
472 RM 479 / FM 2169 / Old Segovia Road
477 US 290 east – Fredericksburg
Kerr 484 Midway Road
488 SH 27Mountain Home, Ingram
490 SH 41Mountain Home, Rocksprings
492 RM 479
501 FM 1338
505 RM 783Harper, Kerrville
Kerrville 508 SH 16Kerrville
520 FM 1341
Kendall Comfort 523
US 87 north / US 87 Bus. south – San Angelo, Comfort, Fredericksburg
West end of US 87 overlap
US 87 Bus. north / FM 1621Comfort, Waring
527 FM 1621 / FM 289Waring Eastbound exit is via exit 524
533 FM 289 – Welfare
Boerne 537
US 87 Bus. south – Boerne
538 Ranger Creek Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
539 Johns Road
540 SH 46New Braunfels, Bandera
US 87 Bus. north – Boerne
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
543 Boerne Stage Road, Cascade Caverns Road
Bexar 546 Fair Oaks Parkway, Tarpon Drive
San Antonio 550 RM 3351 (Ralph Fair Road)
551 Boerne Stage Road – Leon Springs Eastbound exit is via exit 550
554 Camp Bullis Road
555 La Cantera Parkway – Fiesta Texas
556A Loop 1604 (Anderson Loop)
556B Frontage Road
557 Spur 53 (UTSA Boulevard) – University of Texas at San Antonio
558 De Zavala Road
559 Loop 345 south (Fredericksburg Road) Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
559 Woodstone Drive No eastbound exit
560A Huebner Road Westbound exit is via exit 560
560B Frontage Road Eastbound exit and entrance
560 Ramsgate Drive Westbound exit and entrance
561 Wurzbach Road
562 Medical Drive Westbound exit is part of exit 561
562- 563 Callaghan Road Eastbound exit is via exit 562; westbound exit is via exit 563
564 I-410
565A Crossroads Boulevard – Balcones Heights
565B Vance Jackson Road
566A West Avenue
566B Fresno Drive
566C Hildebrand Avenue, Fulton Avenue Signed as exit 567A westbound
567 Loop 345 north (Fredericksburg Road) / Woodlawn Avenue Signed as exit 567B westbound; westbound exit via lower level
568A Cincinnati Avenue Westbound exit via lower level and eastbound entrance via lower level
568B Spur 421 (Culebra Avenue) / Bandera Road Signed as exit 568 eastbound; access via upper level
569A Colorado Street Signed as exit 569 westbound; access via lower level; no eastbound entrance
569B Frio Street – Downtown San Antonio Eastbound exit via lower level and entrance via lower level
569C Santa Rosa Street – Downtown San Antonio Eastbound exit via upper level and westbound entrance via upper level
570 I-35 north – Austin West end of I-35 overlap; no exit number westbound (concurrent section uses I-35 exit numbers)
155B Frio Street, Durango Boulevard – Downtown San Antonio
155A Spur 536 (South Alamo Street)
154B South Laredo Street, Cevallos Street
154A Loop 353 south (Nogalitos Street) / San Marcos Street
US 90 west – Del Rio West end of US 90 overlap
I-35 south – Laredo East end of I-35 overlap
573 To Spur 536 (Roosevelt Avenue) / Probandt Street
574 I-37 / US 281Corpus Christi, Johnson City
575 Pine Street, Hackberry Street
576 New Braunfels Avenue, Gevers Street
577 US 87 south (Roland Avenue) – Victoria East end of US 87 overlap
578 Pecan Valley Drive, M. L. King Drive
579 Houston Street, Commerce Street
580 Loop 13 (W. W. White Road)
581 I-410
582 Ackerman Road – Kirby
583 Foster Road
585 FM 1516Converse
587 Loop 1604 (Anderson Loop) – Randolph AFB
589 Graytown Road, Pfeil Road
591 FM 1518Schertz
593 FM 2538 (Trainer Hale Road)
Guadalupe 595 Zuehl Road
597 Santa Clara Road
599 FM 465Marion
600 Schwab Road
601 FM 775New Berlin, La Vernia
US 90 east to US 90 Alt.Seguin
East end of US 90 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
604 FM 725Lake McQueeney
605 FM 464
Seguin 607 SH 46 / FM 78New Braunfels, Lake McQueeney
609 SH 123 Bus. (Austin Street)
610 SH 123San Marcos, Stockdale
612 US 90Seguin
617 FM 2438Kingsbury
620 FM 1104Kingsbury
621 Rest Area (Eastbound)
622 Rest Area (Westbound)
625 Darst Field Road
Luling 628 SH 80Nixon, Luling, San Marcos
Caldwell 632 US 183 to US 90Gonzales, Cuero, Luling, Lockhart
Gonzales 637 FM 794Harwood
642 SH 304Bastrop, Gonzales
649 SH 97Waelder, Gonzales
653 US 90Waelder
Fayette Flatonia 661 SH 95 / FM 609Flatonia, Smithville
668 FM 2238Engle
Schulenburg 674 US 77Schulenburg, La Grange
677 US 90
Colorado Weimar 682 FM 155Weimar
689 US 90 / Hattermann Lane
693 FM 2434Glidden
Columbus 695 SH 71 west – La Grange, Austin West end of SH 71 overlap; eastbound exit is via exit 693
696 SH 71 east / SH 71 Bus.Columbus, El Campo East end of SH 71 overlap
698 US 90 west / Alleyton Road – Columbus West end of US 90 overlap
699 FM 102Eagle Lake
704 FM 949
709 FM 2761 / Bernardo Road
Austin 713 Beckendorff Road
716 Pyka Road
Sealy 718 US 90 east East end of US 90 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
720 SH 36Sealy, Rosenberg, Bellville
721 US 90 west West end of US 90 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
San Felipe 723 FM 1458San Felipe, Frydek
725 Mlcak Road Eastbound exit is via exit 723
726 Chew Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Waller 729 Peach Ridge Road, Donigan Road (US 90 east) East end of US 90 overlap; signed as exit 730 westbound
Brookshire 731 FM 1489 (Koomey Road) – Simonton
732 FM 359Brookshire
737 Pederson Road
Fort Bend Katy 740 FM 1463
741 Pin Oak Road Westbound exit is via exit 740
Harris 741 US 90 west / Katy Mills Boulevard West end of US 90 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
742 Katy-Fort Bend County Road Eastbound exit is via exit 741
743 SH 99 (Grand Parkway) Future Toll 99
745 Mason Road
746 Westgreen Boulevard
747A Fry Road
747B Greenhouse Road
Houston 748 Barker-Cypress Road
750 Park Ten Boulevard
751 SH 6
753A Eldridge Parkway
753B Dairy Ashford Road
754 Kirkwood Road
755 Wilcrest Drive
756A Beltway 8 (Frontage Road) Eastbound exit is via exit 755
756B Sam Houston Tollway Signed as exit 756 eastbound
757 Gessner Road
758 Bunker Hill Road
759A Blalock Road, Echo Lane Signed as exit 759 eastbound
759B Campbell Road Eastbound exit is via exit 759
760 Bingle Road, Voss Road
761A Wirt Road, Chimney Rock Road Signed as exit 761 eastbound
761B Antoine Drive, Silber Road Eastbound exit is via exit 761
762 Silber Road, Katy Road, North Post Oak Road
763 I-610
764 Washington Avenue, Westcott Street
765A T. C. Jester Boulevard Eastbound exit is via exit 764
765B Durham Drive, Shepherd Drive, Patterson Street Signed as exit 765 eastbound
766A Yale Street, Heights Boulevard Signed as exit 766 westbound
766B Studemont Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
767 Taylor Street
768 I-45Dallas, Galveston Signed as exits 768A (north) and 768B (south)
769A Smith Street – Downtown Houston Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
769B San Jacinto Street, Main Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
769C McKee Street, Hardy Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
770 US 59Victoria, Downtown Houston, Cleveland Signed as exits 770A (south) and 770C (north)
770B Jensen Drive, Meadow Street, Gregg Street
771A Waco Street
771B Lockwood Drive
772 Kress Street, Lathrop Street
US 90 Alt. west (North Wayside Drive)
West end of US 90 Alt. overlap
773B McCarty Drive (US 90 Alt. east) East end of US 90 Alt. overlap
774 Gellhorn Drive Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
775A I-610 (US 90 east) East end of US 90 overlap
776A Mercury Drive
776B John Ralston Road, Holland Avenue
778A FM 526 (Federal Road) Westbound exit is via exit 778
778B Normandy Street Signed as exit 778 westbound
779A Westmont Street Westbound exit only
779B Market Street Road, Uvalde Road Signed as exit 780 eastbound
780 Freeport Street Eastbound exit is via exit 780
781A Beltway 8 (Frontage Road) Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
781B Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Parkway) Signed as exit 781A westbound
781B Market Street Westbound exit only
782 Dell Dale Avenue No westbound entrance
783 Sheldon Road
784 Cedar Lane, Bayou Drive
785 Magnolia Avenue
786 Monmouth Drive
787 Crosby-Lynchburg Road
Baytown 788 Spur 330Baytown Westbound exit is via exit 787
789 Thompson Road
790 Ellis School Road Westbound exit only
790 Wade Road Westbound exit is via exit 791
791 John Martin Road
Baytown 792 Garth Road
793 North Main Street
795 Sjolander Road
796 Frontage Road
Chambers Mont Belvieu 798 SH 146Mont Belvieu, Baytown
799 SH 99 Future Toll 99
800 FM 3180
Cove 803 FM 565Cove, Old River-Winfree
Trinity River Boat Ramp, Turnaround
806 Frontage Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
807 Wallisville
810 FM 536Anahuac, Liberty
811 Turtle Bayou Turnaround Eastbound exit and entrance
812 Frontage Road Westbound exit and entrance
813 SH 61Hankamer, Anahuac Signed as exit 812 eastbound
817 FM 1724
819 Jenkins Road
822 FM 1410
Winnie 827 FM 1406
828 SH 73 / SH 124Winnie, Port Arthur Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
829 FM 1663
Jefferson 833 Hampshire Road
838 FM 365
843 Smith Road
Beaumont 845 FM 364 (Major Drive) Westbound exit is via exit 847
847 Brooks Road Eastbound exit is via exit 845
848 Walden Road
849 US 69 south (US 96 south, US 287 south) – Port Arthur West end of US 69 / US 96 / US 287 overlap
850 Washington Boulevard Eastbound exit is via exit 849
851 US 90 (College Street) – Liberty
852A Laurel Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
852B Calder Avenue, Harrison Avenue, Gladys Avenue
853A US 69 north (US 96 north/US 287 north) – Lufkin East end of US 69 / US 96 / US 287 overlap
853B 11th Street
853C 7th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
854 Spur 380 (M. L. King Parkway)
855A US 90 west – Downtown Beaumont West end of US 90 overlap
855B Magnolia Avenue, Pine Street Eastbound exit is via exit 854
Orange 856 Old Highway Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Rose City 858 Asher Turnaround – Rose City
859 DeWitt Road, Bonner Turnaround, Asher Turnaround
Vidor 860A North Dewitt Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
860B West Vidor Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
861A FM 105Vidor
861B Lamar Street Westbound exit only
861C Denver Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
861D SH 12Deweyville No eastbound entrance
862A Railroad Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
862B Old Highway Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
862C Timberlane Drive Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
864 FM 1132 / FM 1135
865 Doty Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
867 Frontage Road Eastbound exit only
869 FM 1442Bridge City
870 FM 1136 Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Orange 873 SH 62 / SH 73Bridge City, Port Arthur
US 90 Bus. east Pinehurst
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
874B Womack Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
875 FM 3247 (M. L. King Jr. Drive)
876 Frontage Road – Adams Bayou
877 SH 87Newton, Orange
US 90 Bus. west (Simmons Drive)
879 Texas Travel Information Center Eastbound exit is via exit 880
880 Sabine River Turnaround Eastbound exit and westbound entrance


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