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Interstate 280 shield
Interstate 280
Auxiliary route of the Interstate Highway System
Regional map of Interstate Highways with I-280 highlighted in red.
Regional map of Interstate Highways with I-280 highlighted in red.
Length: 26.98 mi[1] (43.42 km)
West end: I-80 / US 6 near Davenport, IA
I-74 in Rock Island, IL
East end: I-74 / I-80 near Colona, IL
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Interstate 280 (abbreviated I-280) is a highway that makes up the western and southern portions of the beltway around the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. The freeway starts at I-80 near Davenport, Iowa and ends at I-80 near Colona, Illinois; its eastern part runs concurrent with I-74 to return to I-80. I-280 forms the southern part of a circle around the Quad Cities as well as forming part of a bypass (along with I-80) for U.S. Highway 61 around Davenport. This road is 26.98 miles (43.42 km) long.[1]


Route description

Interstate 280 runs through the following states:



In Iowa, I-280 runs along a mostly rural area for 9.38 miles (15.10 km)[1]. The portion in Iowa begins at the junction with I-80 on the northwest side of Davenport, to the I-280 Bridge over the Mississippi River into Illinois. This segment runs mostly north–south, before turning southeast towards the Mississippi River.


In Illinois, I-280 runs for 17.60 miles (28.32 km).[1][2] It runs southeast from the I-280 Bridge to Milan, where it parallels the Rock River. I-280 joins with I-74 at the Quad Cities International Airport; this concurrency continues for 9.4 miles (15.1 km) before terminating at the I-74/I-80 interchange.


Interstate 280 has been at the center of a few debates regarding its routing. In the early 1990s, the state of Illinois suggested, via AASHTO and ISTEA hearings, swapping the I-80 and I-280 designations around the Quad Cities. The plan would have also changed I-74 to I-174. This was challenged by the state of Iowa, and the idea was dropped.[3]

One of the reasons Illinois pursued the matter was due to the configuration of the eastern terminus of I-280; as a simple cloverleaf interchange, through I-80 traffic (along the north and east branches) was required to exit on both directions. Thru I-74 traffic (along the west and south branches) is also required to exit on both directions. I-280 runs due west from the interchange.

Exit list

State County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Iowa Scott Davenport I-80 / US 6 west – Des Moines, Chicago Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
1 US 6 east / CR F58 west (Kimberly Road) – Walcott East end of US 6 overlap
4 CR F65 (Locust Street, 160th Street) – St. Ambrose University
6 US 61 (West River Drive) – Muscatine
8 IA 22 (Rockingham Road) – Buffalo Also provides access to Muscatine
9.38 I-280 Bridge over the Mississippi River
Illinois Rock Island Rock Island
11 IL 92Andalusia, Rock Island Signed as exits 11A (west) and 11B (east)
Milan 15 To US 67 (Airport Road) – Milan
Moline 18A/5B US 6 east – Quad City Airport
18B/5A I-74 west / US 6 west – Moline West end of I-74 overlap
Henry Colona 26.98 I-74 east / I-80Peoria, Des Moines, Chicago Eastbound exit and westbound entrance



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