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Interstate 30 shield
Interstate 30
Main route of the Interstate Highway System
Length: 366.76 mi[1] (590.24 km)
West end: I-20 near Fort Worth, TX
I-35W in Fort Worth, TX
I-35E in Dallas, TX
I-45 in Dallas, TX
East end: I-40 / U.S. 65 / U.S. 67 / U.S. 167 in North Little Rock, AR

Interstate 30 (I-30) is an Interstate Highway in the southern United States. I-30 runs from Interstate 20 west of Fort Worth, Texas, northeast via Dallas, Texas, and Texarkana, Texas, to Interstate 40 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The route parallels U.S. Route 67 except for the portion west of downtown Dallas (which was once part of Interstate 20).[2] I-30 intersects with only two of the 10 primary north–south interstates (I-35W, I-35E and I-45) and also with the major Interstate routes I-20, and I-40.



The existing U.S. 67 route was already in heavy use in the early 1950s, at which point it was twinned from just east of Dallas to Rockwall and also near Greenville. The DFW Turnpike linking Fort Worth to Dallas was completed by 1957, becoming the first segment of Interstate 30. The twinned U.S. 67 routes were upgraded to Interstate standards beginning in 1961, forming the R.L. Thornton Freeway. By the mid 1960s much of Interstate 30 was under construction. The majority of the route was completed by 1965, but a 40-mile (64 km) stretch through marshland between Mount Pleasant, Texas and New Boston, Texas remained unfinished. This remaining segment was finally built and opened to traffic in 1971, completing Interstate 30[3].

Route description

  mi[1] km
TX 223.74 360.07
AR 143.02 230.17
Total 366.76 590.24

Interstate 30 is the shortest two-digit Interstate ending in zero in the Interstate system. The Interstates ending in 0 are generally the longest east–west Interstates. It is also the second shortest major interstate (ending in 0 or 5), behind Interstate 45.



In Dallas, I-30 is known as the R.L. Thornton Freeway between downtown and the suburb of Mesquite. I-30 picks up the name from I-35E South at the Mixmaster interchange.

Tom Landry Freeway

Tom Landry Freeway @ Eastchase in Fort Worth, Texas

The section of I-30 between Dallas and Fort Worth is designated the Tom Landry Freeway in honor of the long-time Dallas Cowboys coach. Though I-30 passes well south of Texas Stadium, the Cowboys' former home, their new stadium in Arlington, Texas is near I-30. However, the freeway designation was made before Arlington voted to build the new stadium. This section was previously known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike, which preceded the Interstate system. Although tolls had not been collected for many years, it was still known locally as the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike until receiving its present name.


I-30 enters Arkansas at Texarkana and passes through or near Hope, Prescott, Arkadelphia, Malvern, Benton, and Bryant before heading into Little Rock and ending at the I-40 junction in North Little Rock.

From Benton, Arkansas to I-40, I-30 is a six-lane highway with up to 85,000 vehicles per day.


I-30 may continue along the U.S. Route 67 freeway from Little Rock. Also, if I-30 is extended, there are plans for an I-730 spur along Arkansas Highway 226 from the corridor to Jonesboro, Arkansas. [4] There are also plans to extend I-30 to Wilmington, NC.

There is also a possibility that I-30 may be extended to Atlanta by way of the proposed Memphis-to-Atlanta freeway, with I-30 joining with I-40 from Little Rock to Memphis.

Major intersections

Exit list

County Location # Destinations Notes
Miller Texarkana 1 Jefferson Avenue
2 Hwy. 245Texarkana Regional Airport
7 Hwy. 108Mandeville
12 U.S. 67Fulton Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Hempstead 18 Fulton
Hope 30 U.S. 278Nashville, Hope
31 Hwy. 29Hope
36 Hwy. 299Emmet
Nevada Prescott 44 U.S. 371 / Hwy. 24Prescott
46 Hwy. 19Prescott
Clark 54 Hwy. 51Okolona, Gurdon
63 Hwy. 53Gurdon
69 Hwy. 26 east – Gum Springs
Arkadelphia 73 Hwy. 8 / Hwy. 26 / Hwy. 51Arkadelphia
Caddo Valley 78 Hwy. 7Caddo Valley, Hot Springs, Arkadelphia
Hot Spring 83 Hwy. 283Friendship
91 Hwy. 84 – Social Hill
Malvern 97 To Hwy. 84 / Hwy. 171
98A File:US 270B.svg U.S. 270BMalvern
98B U.S. 270 west – Hot Springs West end of U.S. 270 overlap
99 U.S. 270 east – Malvern East end of U.S. 270 overlap
Saline 106 Old Military Road
111 U.S. 70 west – Hot Springs West end of U.S. 70 overlap
114 U.S. 67 south (Hwy. 229) - Arkansas Health Center West end of U.S. 67 overlap
Benton 116 Sevier Street (Hwy. 229)
117 Hwy. 5 west / Hwy. 35Benton West end of Hwy. 5 overlap
118 Congo Road (Hwy. 5 east) East end of Hwy. 5 overlap
121 Alcoa Road
123 Hwy. 183Bauxite, Bryant
Little Rock 126 Hwy. 111 (Alexander Road) – Alexander
128 Otter Creek Road, Mabelvale West Road
129 I-430 north – Fort Smith
130 Hwy. 338 (Baseline Road) – Mabelvale
131 South Chicot Road Eastbound exit only
131 McDaniel Drive Westbound exit only
132 File:US 70B.svg U.S. 70B east (University Avenue)
133 Geyer Springs Road
134 Scott Hamilton Drive, Stanton Road
135 65th Street
138A I-440 east – Little Rock National Airport, Little Rock River Port, Memphis Signed as exit 138 westbound
138B I-530 south / U.S. 65 south / U.S. 167 south – Pine Bluff, El Dorado West end of U.S. 65/U.S. 167 overlap; no exit number westbound
139A Hwy. 365 (Roosevelt Road)
139B I-630
140 9th Street, 6th Street Signed as exits 140A (9th Street) and 140B (6th Street) westbound
141A Hwy. 10 (Cantrell Road) / Clinton Avenue
North Little Rock 141B U.S. 70 east (Broadway, U.S. 70B west) East end of U.S. 70 overlap
142 15th Street
143A I-40 west / U.S. 65 north / Hwy. 107 north – Fort Smith Northbound exit and southbound entrance
143B I-40 east / U.S. 67 north / U.S. 167 north - Memphis Northbound exit and southbound entrance

Auxiliary routes


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