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Interstate 410 shield
Interstate 410
Auxiliary route of the Interstate Highway System
Connally Loop
Maintained by TxDOT
Length: 49.49 mi[1] (79.65 km)
Formed: 1959[2]
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Interstate 410 (abbreviated I-410, and colloquially called Loop 410) is a loop route of Interstate 10 around San Antonio, Texas. It is identified as Connally Loop in honor of former Texas governor John Connally. The north and west section is undergoing a major expansion from six to ten lanes (five in each direction) from Culebra Road to the I-35 interchange as well as major interchanges being renovated at Bandera Road, I-10 and San Pedro Avenue, and an interchange recently constructed at US 281 near San Antonio International Airport.



As most cities in Texas, San Antonio was served by a loop around the city long before the arrival of the Interstate Highway System. Loop 13, although not a freeway, served in this role up until the 1950s, when many of San Antonio's freeways were constructed. The northern half of Loop 13 followed the current path of I-410, while the southern half still exists on the south side of San Antonio. Much of the freeway was proposed during the mid-1950s with construction beginning on the northwest portion of the loop near I-10. In 1960, Loop 13 from I-10 to I-35 was redesignated as Loop 410 for continuity purposes. By 1961, the freeway had been completed from I-35 on the southwest side to just east of US 281 near the airport, where it continued on to the east as a 4-lane highway to I-35. By 1964, the southern arc had been extended eastward from I-35 to Roosevelt Avenue and was under construction from Roosevelt to I-35 on the east side of the city. By 1967, the eastern arc had been completed to Interstate Highway standards and the remaining portion from US 281 to I-35 on the cities northside had been completely upgraded to Interstate Highway standards, but still carried the State Loop 410 designation until 1969 when it officially became Interstate 410.[2]

Due to the city growing primarily to the north, I-410 required upgrading along this stretch. It was expanded to six lanes in the late 1970s and early 1980s from Ingram Road to I-35 North. It was further expanded to six lanes from Ingram to Valley Hi Road in 1987. An additional westbound lane was added from I-10 West to Babcock Road in 1996.

Route description

410 near the 410/281 Interchange in North Central San Antonio, TX.
I-410's interchange with I-37 on the southeast side of San Antonio, Texas.

Interstate 410 circumnavigates the city of San Antonio, officially beginning and ending at the junction with Interstate 35 on the southwest side of the loop. There are vast differences between the northern arc and southern arc of the loop. The northern arc serves the heavily urbanized portions of San Antonio and is currently being upgraded to as many as five lanes in each direction. The southern arc resembles more of a rural interstate as it transverses for the most part undeveloped portions of San Antonio as a two lane interstate. I-410 intersects I-10 twice, I-35 twice, I-37 once, as well as U.S. Highway 90, US 281, and State Highway 151, all freeways in the San Antonio metro area with the exception of 1604, which forms a secondary loop around the city. I-410 serves San Antonio International Airport, Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston, South Texas Medical Center, Southwest Research Institute, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.[3]


410 is being widened along its entire northern arc from Culebra road to Austin Highway, with five lanes each way and intersection upgrades at I-10 and San Pedro, and an entire new interchange at US 281[4][5], officially called the "San Antonio Web"[6].

Exit list

The entire route is in Bexar County, and forms a complete loop. Exit numbers correspond to mileage from the south junction with I-35.[3]

Location # Destinations Notes
San Antonio 1 Frontage Road
2 FM 2536 (Old Pearsall Road)
3A Ray Ellison Drive Signed as exit 3 northbound
3B Medina Base Road Northbound exit is via exit 3
4 Valley Hi Drive – Lackland AFB
6 US 90San Antonio, Del Rio
7 Marbach Road
8 Lakeside Parkway Southbound exit and entrance
9A SH 151  – SeaWorld Signed as exit 9 northbound
9B Military Drive Southbound exit and northbound entrance
10 FM 3487 (Culebra Road)
11 Ingram Road
12 Exchange Parkway Southbound exit and entrance
13A SH 16 / Spur 421 (Bandera Road) – Leon Valley, San Antonio North end of SH 16 concurrency
13B Evers Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
14A Summit Parkway Westbound exit and entrance
14B Callaghan Road Signed as exit 14 eastbound
14C Babcock Road Eastbound exit is via exit 14
15 Loop 345 (Fredericksburg Road) – Balcones Heights
16 I-10 / US 87San Antonio, El Paso
17 Vance Jackson Road, Cherry Ridge Drive
Castle Hills 18 Jackson-Keller Road, West Avenue
19A Honeysuckle Lane Eastbound exit is via exit 18
19B FM 1535 (Military Highway) – Castle Hills Signed as exit 19 eastbound
19 FM 2696 (Blanco Road) Westbound exit is via exit 20A
San Antonio 20A To US 281 north / San Pedro Avenue (Spur 537) – Johnson City Signed as exit 20 eastbound
20B McCullough Avenue Eastbound exit is via exit 20
US 281 "San Antonio Web", fully opened June 9, 2008[5]
21 US 281 south / Airport Boulevard, Wetmore Road Signed as exit 21B eastbound
22 Broadway
23 Nacogdoches Road
24 Harry Wurzbach Road – Fort Sam Houston
25A Starcrest Drive
25B FM 2252 (Perrin-Beitel Road)
26A Loop 368 south – Alamo Heights Signed as exit 26 westbound
26B Interchange Parkway, Perrin Creek Drive Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
I-35 north – Austin
North end of I-35 concurrency
Randolph Boulevard – Windcrest
165 FM 1976 (Walzem Road)
164B Eisenhauer Road
164A Rittiman Road
South end of I-35 concurrency
I-35 south – San Antonio Southbound exit and northbound entrance
30 Space Center Drive Northbound exit and entrance
30 Binz-Engleman Road Southbound exit and northbound entrance
31A FM 78Kirby Signed as exit 32 northbound
31 I-35 south / Binz-Engleman Road – San Antonio Northbound left exit and southbound entrance
31B Loop 13 (W.W. White Road) No northbound exit
32 Dietrich Road Southbound exit only
33 I-10 / US 90San Antonio, Houston
34 FM 1346 (East Houston Street)
35 US 87 (Rigsby Avenue) – Victoria
37 Southcross Boulevard/New Sulpher Springs Road, Sinclair Road
39 Spur 117 (W.W. White Road)
41 I-37 / US 281 north – San Antonio, Corpus Christi East end of US 281 concurrency
42 Spur 122 (South Presa Street) / Southton Road
43 Espada Road – San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Westbound exit is via exit 44
44 US 281 south / Spur 536 (Roosevelt Avenue) – Pleasanton West end of US 281 concurrency
46 Moursund Boulevard
48 Zarzamora Street
49 SH 16 south (Palo Alto Road) / Spur 422Poteet East end of SH 16 concurrency
51 FM 2790 (Somerset Road)
53 I-35San Antonio, Laredo


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