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I-5 (big).svg
Interstate 5
Main route of the Interstate Highway System
Length: 308.14 mi (495.90 km)
Formed: August 7, 1947
South end: I-5 at California state line
I-105 in Eugene
I-205 inTualatin
I-405 in Portland
I-84 in Portland, Oregon
I-405 in Portland
North end: I-5 at Washington state line
Oregon highways (lists: Routes - Highways)
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In the U.S. state of Oregon, Interstate 5 traverses across the state, passing through the major cities of Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Medford.


Route description

Interstate Bridge crossing the Columbia River towards Oregon

Beginning with the section about 3 miles (5 km) north of the California border, the highway runs from 4,310 foot (1,314 m) Siskiyou Summit, the highest point on I-5, through Oregon's southern mountains and towns such as Ashland, Medford, and Grants Pass. Past Roseburg, the mountains tend to turn into hills, and as it reaches Eugene, the road enters the Willamette River Valley. At Eugene the highway intersects with the short Interstate 105. The interstate then heads almost due north, skirting near Albany and Corvallis, and passes through Salem. There were plans to build a spur into Salem, Oregon, called Interstate 305.

In the Salem area, placed in the median between mile marks 259 and 260 (closer to 260), is a sign designating where I-5 crosses the 45th parallel. It bears the words "45 Parallel half way between the Equator and the North Pole".

In downtown Portland, I-5 runs adjacent to the Willamette River and passes by the Rose Garden Arena (center), and Oregon Convention Center (right).

The highway then tracks a little to the northeast, splitting off Interstate 205 south of the Portland metro area. From here it passes up through Tualatin and Tigard along former U.S. Route 99W before hitting the southern terminus of I-405 and the Marquam Bridge. Also planned was a spur in Portland off of I-405, called Interstate 505, but it was never built and has been removed from city plans. A stub of I-505 exists as a long exit ramp to U.S. Route 30.

After crossing the Willamette River on the Marquam Bridge, I-5 has junctions at the western terminus of Interstate 84 and the northern terminus of I-405. It then continues through the northern parts of the city of Portland, and crosses into Washington via the Interstate Bridge.

Notably, bicycles are not prohibited from most of I-5 in Oregon, perhaps because in rural and mountain areas, few or no alternate routes exist (having been largely built over the alignment of U.S. 99, which in many places was laid over historic trails). In the early 1970s, restrictions against nonmotorized vehicles began appearing in denser urban areas where such use would be unsafe, but, as of April 2007, the rest remains accessible.[1]

State law

Legally, I-5 in Oregon is designated the Pacific Highway No. 1 (see Oregon highways and routes).

Exit list

County Location # Destinations Notes
Jackson 1 Siskiyou Summit Northbound exit and southbound entrance; former US 99
6 Mt. Ashland (OR 273) Former US 99
11 OR 99 (Siskiyou Boulevard) – Ashland Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Ashland 14 OR 66Ashland, Klamath Falls
19 Valley View Road - Ashland
Talent 21 Talent
Phoenix 24 Phoenix
Medford 27 Barnett Road - Medford
30 OR 62 to OR 238North Medford, Medford, Crater Lake, Klamath Falls
Central Point 33 Central Point
35 OR 99 south / Blackwell Road – Central Point, North Medford South end of OR 99 overlap
40 OR 99 (Scenic Byway) to OR 234Gold Hill North end of OR 99 overlap
43 To OR 99 (Rogue River Route) to OR 234Gold Hill, Crater Lake
45A OR 99 (Rogue River Route)
45B Valley of the Rogue State Park
Rogue River 48 Rogue River, Savage Rapids Dam
Josephine Grants Pass 55 US 199 (Redwood Highway)  – Oregon Caves , Crescent City
58 OR 99 south / US 199 (Redwood Highway) - Grants Pass City Center South end of OR 99 overlap
61 Merlin
66 Hugo
71 Sunny Valley
76 Wolf Creek Former US 99
78 Speaker Road Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Douglas 80 Glendale
83 Barton Road Northbound exit and southbound entrance
86 Quines Creek Road
88 Azalea, Galesville Reservoir
95 Canyon Creek
Canyonville 98 Canyonville, Days Creek
99 North Canyonville, Stanton Park, Canyonville, Crater Lake
101 Riddle, Stanton Park
102 Gazley Road
103 Tri-City, Myrtle Creek, Riddle (OR 99 north) North end of OR 99 overlap
106 Weaver Road
Myrtle Creek 108 Myrtle Creek (OR 99 south) South end of OR 99 overlap
110 Boomer Hill Road
112 OR 99 north to OR 42Dillard, Coos Bay, Winston
113 Clarks Branch Road - Round Prairie
119 OR 42 west to OR 99Winston, Coos Bay
120 OR 99 north – Green District, South Roseburg No northbound entrance
121 McLain Avenue
123 Fairgrounds, Umpqua Park
Roseburg 124 OR 138 east – Roseburg City Center, Diamond Lake South end of OR 138 overlap
125 Garden Valley Boulevard - Roseburg
127 Edenbower Boulevard - North Roseburg
129 OR 99Winchester, Wilbur, North Roseburg
Sutherlin 135 Sutherlin, Wilbur
136 OR 138 west – Sutherlin, Elkton North end of OR 138 overlap
138 Oakland Northbound exit and southbound entrance
140 OR 99 south – Oakland South end of OR 99 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
142 Metz Hill
146 Rice Valley
148 Rice Hill
150 OR 99 north to OR 38Yoncalla, Drain, Red Hill North end of OR 99 overlap
154 Scotts Valley, Yoncalla, Elkhead
159 Cox Road — Elk Creek
160 Salt Springs Road
161 Anlauf, Lorane Northbound exit only
162 OR 99 south to OR 38Drain, Elkton South end of OR 99 overlap
163 Curtin, Lorane
Lane 170 OR 99 north – Cottage Grove North end of OR 99 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
172 Sixth Street — Cottage Grove Lake Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Cottage Grove 174 Dorena Lake, Cottage Grove
176 Saginaw
Creswell 182 Creswell
186 Goshen Northbound exit only
188A OR 58 (Willamette Highway) / OR 99 south – Oakridge, Klamath Falls, Goshen South end of OR 99 overlap; signed as exits 188A (OR 58) and 188B (OR 99) northbound
189 30th Avenue (OR 225) - South Eugene
Eugene 191 Glenwood, Springfield
192 OR 99 north (OR 126 Bus. west) – Eugene North end of OR 99 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
Springfield 194 I-105 west / OR 126Springfield, Eugene Signed as exits 194A (east) and 194B (west)
195 Beltline Highway (OR 569) - Junction City, Florence, North Springfield, Gateway Mall Signed as exits 195A (east) and 195B (west)
199 Coburg, Coburg National Historic District
Linn 209 Harrisburg, Junction City
216 OR 228Brownsville, Halsey
228 OR 34Lebanon, Corvallis
Albany 233 US 20 (Santiam Highway) – Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home
234A Linn County Fair and Expo Center, Knox Butte Signed as exit 234 northbound
234B OR 99E south – Albany South end of OR 99E overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Millersburg 235 Viewcrest, Millersburg
237 Viewcrest No northbound exit
238 South Jefferson, Scio, Millersburg (OR 164)
239 Dever-Conner
Marion 242 Talbot Road
243 Ankeny Hill
244 North Jefferson, Jefferson (OR 164)
248 Sunnyside, Turner
Salem 249 Commercial Street Northbound exit and southbound entrance; former US 99E north
252 Kuebler Boulevard
OR 22 / OR 99E Bus. north – Stayton, Detroit Lake
256 OR 213 (Market Street) – Silverton, Lancaster Mall
258 OR 99E north (Pacific Highway East) – North Salem, Oregon State Fair North end of OR 99E overlap
OR 99E Bus. (Salem Parkway) – Keizer
Signed as exits 260A (south) and 260B (north) southbound
263 Brooks, Gervais
Woodburn 271 OR 214Woodburn, Silverton
278 Aurora, Donald
Clackamas 282A Canby, Hubbard (OR 551 south) Southbound exit and northbound entrance
282B Canby, Charbonneau District Signed as exit 282 northbound
Wilsonville 283 Wilsonville
Washington 286 Stafford, North Wilsonville
Tualatin 288 I-205 to I-84West Linn, Oregon City, The Dalles, Seattle
289 Tualatin, Sherwood
Lake Oswego 290 Lower Boones Ferry Road - Lake Oswego, Durham
291 Carman Drive - King City
Tigard 292 OR 217 north to / US 26 / Kruse Way, 72nd Avenue – Tigard, Beaverton, Lake Oswego Signed as exits 292A (OR 217) and 292B (Kruse Way) northbound
293 Haines Street
Multnomah Portland 294 OR 99W / Barbur Boulevard – Tigard, Newberg
295 Capitol Highway No northbound exit
Taylors Ferry Road Northbound exit only
296A Barbur Boulevard, Bertha Boulevard Southbound exit and northbound entrance
296B Multnomah Boulevard Southbound exit and northbound entrance
297 Terwilliger Boulevard No southbound entrance
298 Corbett Avenue Northbound exit only
299A OR 43 (Macadam Avenue) to US 26 east (Ross Island Bridge) – Lake Oswego
299B I-405 to US 26 west - Portland City Center, Beaverton
300B OR 99E to US 26 east , Morrison Bridge, OMSI, Central Eastside Industrial District, Oregon City No southbound entrance; northbound exit is part of exit 300
301 I-84 east / US 30 east - Portland Airport, The Dalles South end of US 30 overlap; signed as exit 300 northbound
302A Weidler Street, Broadway - Rose Quarter, Portland City Center
302B I-405 / US 30 west – Beaverton, St. Helens North end of US 30 overlap
302C Greeley Avenue - Swan Island Northbound exit and southbound entrance
303 Killingsworth Street, Alberta Street - Swan Island
304 Rosa Parks Way
305 By-pass plate.svg
US 30 Byp. (Lombard Street)
Northbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as exits 305A (east) and 305B (west)
306A Columbia Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
306B Interstate Avenue - Expo Center, Portland International Raceway Signed as exit 306 southbound; former OR 99W south
307 OR 99E (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) / Marine Drive - Delta Park
308 Jantzen Beach


Interstate 5
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