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Interstate 74 shield
Interstate 74
Main route of the Interstate Highway System
Length: 17 mi[1] (27 km)
West end: I-77 at the VA line near Cana, VA
I-77 near Mount Airy
US 601 near Mount Airy
US 52 near Mount Airy

I-73 / US 220 near Asheboro

US 15 / US 401 / US 501 in Laurinburg
I-95 / US 301 near Lumberton

East end: US 74 / NC 41 near Lumberton
North Carolina highways
< I-73 US 74 >

In the U.S. state of North Carolina, Interstate 74 currently exists, in several distinct segments as a portion of a planned eastern extension of I-74 from Cincinnati through the Ohio River Valley then south to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Route description

An Interstate shield marking the western terminus of Future I-74.

In North Carolina, there are three open sections of Interstate 74 totaling 75 miles (121 km) and four open sections signed as Future I-74 totaling 45 miles (72 km).

The three interstate sections are: (1) from the Virginia state line (overlapped with I-77 for approximately 4 miles (6 km) to exit 101)[2] and 12 miles (19 km) to US 52 near Mount Airy (segment previously signed as NC 752)[3]; and (2) a concurrent section with Interstate 73 for 27 miles (43 km) on the US 220 freeway from US 220 Business/NC 134 in Ulah to just south of Candor[4]; and (3) a new section opened on September 26, 2008 for 19 miles (31 km) from US 74 in Maxton to NC 41 south of Lumberton. When a six-mile (10 km) section of this new freeway opened in November 2007, another 13 miles (21 km) to the east along the existing Laurinburg and Maxton bypasses were also signed as I-74. However, these signs were taken down between June and October 2009, because the two highways did not meet interstate standards.[5].

Future I-74 is signed for 7 miles (11 km) along the US 311 freeway between the future interchange with the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway and Business 311 in High Point[6], 12 miles (19 km) with Future I-73 along US 220 from the US 220 Business/NC 134 interchange in Ulah through Asheboro north to the U.S. Route 311 interchange[7]. It is also signed as Future I-74 with Future I-73 along the 17-mile (27 km) US 220 Ellerbe Bypass from Candor to just north of Rockingham, opened January 7, 2008[8]. Future I-74 is also signed by itself along the US 74 (Rockingham-Hamlet Bypass) for 10 miles (16 km).

US 52 from Mount Airy to Winston-Salem cannot currently be designated as I-74 because it is not up to Interstate Highway standards, but there are several "Future I-74 Corridor" signs. Furthermore, it is not certain whether the future route of I-74 in Winston-Salem will be the Winston-Salem Beltway going around the city's east side, or US 52, which will require a $500 million upgrade to Interstate Highway standards in the city.[9] From Winston-Salem southeast to US 220, I-74 is to follow the US 311 bypass, part of which is still under construction and is to be completed by 2012[10]. The existing US 311 bypass, as of Fall 2002, did not meet Interstate Highway standards and would require a waiver to be designated I-74, for now it is signed Future I-74, and will receive additional signs at exit on-ramps when the bypass construction is complete. In anticipation, NCDOT added I-74 milepost exit numbers along this section of the route in November 2008[11].

Exit list

County Location # Destinations Notes
Surry 5 (Using I-74 Mileage) I-77 south – Statesville East end of I-77 overlap
6 NC 89Mount Airy
8 Red Brush Road
11 US 601Mount Airy, Dobson
13 Park Drive
Temporary east end of I-74 Segment 1
17 US 52 north – Mount Airy West end of US 52 overlap
136 (Using US 52 Mileage) Cook School Road
(135)-No Exit Number on Signs Pilot Mountain Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Pilot Mountain 134 NC 268Pilot Mountain, Elkin
Pilot Mountain State Park
Stokes 129 Pinnacle
Forsyth King 123 King, Tobaccoville
122 Moore-RJR Drive
Rural Hall 120 Westinghouse Road
118 NC 65Rural Hall, Bethania
West end of gap (Winston-Salem Northern Beltway); future east end of US 52 overlap at present exit 117[12]
Winston-Salem US 52 south
I-274 west (Winston-Salem Northern Beltway)
NC 66
NC 8
Baux Mountain Road
Walkertown US 311
US 158
Winston-Salem I-40 Bus. / US 421 / NC 150
Kernersville Road
US 311 north
East end of gap (Winston-Salem Northern Beltway); west end of (Future I-74) US 311 overlap[12]
59 (Using I-74 Mileage) Union Cross Road
60 High Point Road Former US 311
63 NC 66Kernersville
Guilford High Point 65
US 311 Bus. south (North Main Street) – High Point
End Future I-74 signage.
66 Johnson Street
67 NC 68 (Eastchester Drive) to I-40
69 Greensboro Road
70 Kivett Drive
71A East Green Drive Eastbound Exit Only
71B I-85 Bus. / US 29 / US 70Thomasville, Greensboro Eastbound Exit Only (Westbound Under Construction)
West end of gap
I-85Charlotte, Greensboro Under Construction
Cedar Square Road Under Construction

US 311 Bus.Sophia
Under Construction
I-73 north – Greensboro Under Construction
Gaps on either end of I-73 overlap
Richmond 311 (Using US 74 mileage) US 1Rockingham, Southern Pines, Cheraw, SC
316 NC 177Hamlet
Future east end of I-73 overlap
319 NC 38Hamlet, Bennettsville
320 NC 381Hamlet
US 74 Bus. west – Hamlet
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Gap; temporary west end of I-74 Segment 3
Scotland 181* (Using I-74 Mileage, but not signed as I-74) *(207)Wrong exit numbers corrected as of 5/8/09, old ones in().[13]
US 74 Bus. east – Laurinburg
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
182 (208)* NC 79Gibson Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Laurinburg 183 (209)* US 15 / US 401 / US 501 north – Fayetteville, Bennettsville West end of US 501 overlap
184 (210)*
US 15 Bus. / US 401 Bus.Laurinburg
185 (211)* US 501 south – Rowland, Myrtle Beach East end of US 501 overlap
186 (212)*
To US 74 Bus.Laurinburg
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
187 (213)*
US 74 Bus.East Laurinburg, Maxton
190 (216)* Maxton, Laurinburg-Maxton Airport
Robeson Maxton 191 (217)* NC 71Maxton, Red Springs
194 (220)*
US 74 Bus. west / US 74 Alt. east – Maxton
Signed as exits 220A (west) and 220B (east) eastbound
197 (223)* Cabinet Shop Road
200 (226)* NC 710Pembroke, Red Springs
203 Dew Road - Pembroke
207 Back Swamp Road
209 - 209A south and 209B north I-95 / US 301Lumberton, Fayetteville, Rowland, Dillon, SC
Lumberton 210
US 74 Alt. west
Lumberton 213 NC 41Lumberton, Fairmont
Gap; Temporary East End to I-74
US 74 Bus. east / NC 130 east / NC 410
East end of NC 130 overlap
Tommy Wooten Road At-grade intersection
US 76 west – Chadbourn, Fair Bluff West end of US 76 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Union Valley Road
Whiteville No image.svgBy-pass plate.svgNo image.svg
US 701 Byp.Whiteville, Clarkton

US 74 Bus. west / US 76 Bus. west – Whiteville

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