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Interstate 75 shield
Interstate 75
Main route of the Interstate Highway System
Fisher Freeway, Walter P. Chrysler Freeway
Maintained by MDOT

I-75 highlighted in red
Length: 395.54 mi[1] (636.56 km)
Formed: 1958 (completed 1973)
South end: I-75 at Ohio state line
I-96 in Detroit
M-10 in Detroit
I-94 in Detroit
M-59 in Auburn Hills
US 23 in Flint
I-69 in Flint
US 10 near Bay City
US 127 near Grayling
North end: Canadian border on Int'l Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie
Counties: Monroe, Wayne, Oakland, Genesee, Saginaw, Bay, Arenac, Ogemaw, Roscommon, Crawford, Otsego, Cheboygan, Emmet, Mackinac, Chippewa
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Interstate 75 (I-75) is a part of the Interstate Highway System that runs from Miami, Florida to the Upper Peninsula of the US state of Michigan. In Michigan, it is a state trunkline highway that enters the state just north of Toledo, Ohio and runs to Detroit then heads towards Pontiac and then north to Bay City. It then heads towards the middle of the state going northwest then up to the Mackinac Bridge and finally to the Canadian border at Sault Ste. Marie. On the Canadian side, drivers must use a series of city streets in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to reach Highway 17, the local route of the Trans-Canada Highway.

The total length in the state is 395 miles (636 km).


Route description


Mileage signing

Even though Saginaw is the control city for southbound Interstate 75 from Mackinaw City to just north of Interstate 675, Detroit and Flint are often shown as cities for long distance on the mileage signs as far north as the Mackinac Bridge. Just south of the Bridge, Detroit is listed as 288 miles (463 km) away, making it the largest distance for any city listed on the Interstate 75 corridor. Even though Interstate 75 does not go near Lansing at all, the Michigan state capital is still listed as 224 miles (360 km) just south of the Mackinac Bridge, on the same mileage sign. Flint is listed on another mileage sign, as 214 miles (344 km) away, further down Interstate 75.

This helps motorists who have to travel far to reach their destinations. It also makes sense for Detroit to be mentioned, since it is the largest city in the state.

Lane configurations

  • between northern terminus and south end of Grayling Business Loop I-75 (2 lanes on each side; excluding Mackinac Bridge toll booth)
  • between south end of Grayling's BL I-75 and US 127 (formerly US 27) (3 lanes southbound, 2 lanes northbound)
  • between US 127 and Exit 164 (M-13 Connector) (2 lanes on each side)
  • between Exit 164 and Exit 162 (US 10) (4 lanes each way)
  • between US 10 and Adam Street Exit (exit 154) (3 lanes on each side)
  • between Adams St./Zilwaukee (exit 154) and M-13 (exit 153) (4 lanes on each side) — Zilwaukee Bridge
  • between M-13 and Dixie Hwy (exit 144) (3 lanes on each side)
  • between Dixie Hwy (exit 144) and north end of I-475 (Exit 125) (4 lanes each way)
  • between the northern I-475 interchange (126) and US 23 (Exit 115) (3 lanes each way)
  • between US 23 and southern end of I-475 (2 lanes on each side)
  • between I-475 and Joslyn Road (Exit 83) (3 lanes on each side)
  • between Joslyn Road (Exit 83) and Exit 75 (Square Lake Road) (4 lanes each way)
  • between Exit 75 and Exit 59 (M-102/Eight Mile Road) (3 lanes each way)
  • from Exit 59 to I-375 (4 lanes each way)
  • through I-375 interchange (2 lanes each way around ramps)
  • from I-375 to I-96 (4 lanes each way)
  • through I-96 interchange (2 lanes each way)
  • from I-96 to Exit 43 (M-85/Fort Street) (4 lanes each way)
  • from Exit 43 to Ohio line (3 lanes each way)


Before any segment of freeway in Michigan was designated Interstate 75, there were already segments of freeway built which became part of it. These segments were built from the mid to late 1950s; they include:

  • US 2 between what is now known as BL I-75 in St. Ignace and M-123. The Upper Peninsula's first segment.
  • Alt US 24 between Ohio border and US 25 (now M-125) - Michigan's first segment of I-75 to cross the state border; and the only freeway to cross the border until the late 1960s.
  • Mackinac Bridge (then US 27)
  • M-20 (now part of US 10) - when this segment became US 10; it carried the temporary Interstate 75 designation.

The most congested portion of Interstate 75 within Michigan is the stretch between Flint and Saginaw. This stretch has had constant additions of lanes due to the urban sprawl that has occurred between the 2 towns.

Beginning on February 25, 2008, the Interstate closed completely to traffic in both directions from Rosa Parks Boulevard (Exit 49) to Clark Street (Exit 47) in Detroit.[2] This facilitated the complete rebuilding of the road as part of the Gateway Project to better connect Interstates 75 and 96 to the Ambassador Bridge. Through traffic on 75 was instructed to take I-94 to I-275 and local detours were posted. The freeway re-opened to through traffic in July of 2009.


In Detroit, the spur route I-375 is the shortest signed spur of I-75 at 1.06 miles (1.71 km). Interstate 375 is the shortest signed Interstate Highway. In addition, at that same junction, the I-75 curve where it shifts from the Fisher Freeway to the Chrysler Freeway is one of the sharpest on a mainline route in the entire Interstate system, with a 25 mph (40 km/h) advisory speed.

The section between Grayling, Michigan and M-32 was built in 1961. Between Higgins Lake and Grayling, it was built by converting the northbound lanes of U.S. Route 27 to southbound lanes and building a new set of northbound lanes leaving the former southbound lanes as a strip of grass. The terminus of the freeway near downtown Grayling was converted to a partial interchange for what would become BL I-75. Alongside that, the former segment of US 27 between Grayling and Gaylord, Michigan was turned back to local control. After this individual segment of freeway was completed, it left a gap between Gaylord and Indian River which was filled in a year later. While the gap was being filled in, a special "TO I-75" designation was applied to the former segment of US 27. Around that time, US 27's northern terminus was scaled back to 5 miles (8.0 km) south of Grayling until it was redesignated as an extension of US 127 in 2001.

Until the early 1970s, I-75 between Bay City and Grayling was routed west to Clare (along US-10 then north along then-US-27, and was signed as "TEMP I-75". This freeway segment had some at-grade intersections at the time. In 2002 the portion between Clare and Grayling was redesignated as an extension of US 127, although it was posted as US 127 on a National Geographic road atlas in the year 2000.

In the 1960s, I-75 had several discontiguous segments connected with roads with "TO I-75" signs in addition to US 10 doubling as "TEMP I-75".

The routing between Alger and Roscommon was completed in 1973, and the temporary section reverted to U.S. routes, although of freeway quality.

Until the completion of I-75 in 1973, the stretch of freeway between Standish and West Branch had the designation of M-76. When the I-75 signs were erected along the freeway, M-76 vanished from the state road map after 53 years of existence.

Until 1987, US 10 and I-75 were the same road between Bay City and Clarkston. Both also overlapped US 23 between Bay City and Flint. Now, Bay City serves as the eastern terminus of US 10.

As late as 1990, US 31 and US 23 both had their northern termini on I-75's southern approach to the Mackinac Bridge. Even though US 27 was scaled back 94 miles (from Mackinaw City to south of Grayling) in 1961, a lone sign assembly showed all three US highways ending at the same place as late as 1971.


Until the mid-1980s, I-75 crossed the Saginaw River via a drawbridge called the Zilwaukee Bridge. This was replaced by a much higher structure slightly north of the former bridge, which was obliterated.

I-75 connects Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas via the 5-mile (8.0 km) long suspension Mackinac Bridge.

Mackinac Bridge

At the northern end of I-75, at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge leads into Canada, into Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This is the closest connection of any Interstate to the Trans-Canada Highway.


The G. Mennen Williams Freeway is the name given to the portion of I-75 in Cheboygan County, Michigan beginning at the southern end of the Mackinac Bridge and proceeding southerly. The Prentiss M. Brown Freeway is the name given to the portion of I-75 in Mackinac County, Michigan beginning at the northern end of the Mackinac Bridge and proceeding northerly. The (Walter P.) Chrysler Freeway is a section of I-75 between downtown Detroit and Pontiac, and is one of busiest segments of I-75 and hosts one of the perennially busiest segments of freeways in Michigan. The Chrysler continues south as I-375.

Spur routes

  • I-275 - Begins as a loop from Northern Monroe County and continues to connect up with Interestate 696. Was going to connect back up with I-75 north of Pontiac. Serves the Western population of Wayne County and Detroit Metro Airport.
  • I-375 - Is the shortest signed Interstate in the nation. It serves the immediate downtown Detroit area.
  • I-475 - Known as the U.A.W. Freeway. Serves Flint's downtown areas as I-75 goes to the west side of the city.
  • I-675 - A loop into the city of Saginaw and back out north of the city. Served as an alternate to I-75 when the drawbridge over the Saginaw River was still operating.

Exit list

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Monroe Erie Township 1.66 2 (SB) Summit Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
2.49 2 (NB) M-125Conn.svg CONN M-125 - Erie Northbound exit and southbound entrance
4.60 5 Erie Road – Erie, Temperance
Luna Pier 5.78 6 Luna Pier
La Salle Township 8.62 9 South Otter Creek Road – La Salle
Monroe Township 11.36 11 La Plaisance Road – Downtown Monroe
Monroe 13.45 13 Front Street – Monroe
13.57 14 Elm Avenue
Frenchtown Township 15.21 15 Dixie Highway – Downtown Monroe Former M-50
18.03 18 Nadeau Road
20.26 20 I-275 north – Flint To Detroit Metro Airport
Berlin Charter Township 21.45 21 Swan Creek Road – Newport To Newport Road
South Rockwood 26.32 26 South Huron River Drive – South Rockwood
Wayne Rockwood 26.93 27 North Huron River Drive – Rockwood
Brownstown Township 27.96 28 M-85 (Fort Street) Northbound exit and southbound entrance; southern terminus of M-85.
Flat Rock 28.80 29 Gibraltar, Flat Rock Signed as exits 29A (Gibraltar) and 29B (Flat Rock) southbound
Woodhaven 31.79 32 West Road Signed as exits 32A (east) and 32B (west)
Brownstown Township 33.67 34A To US 24 (Telegraph Road) Southbound exit and northbound entrance
34.00 34B Sibley Road, Dix Highway Signed as exit 34 northbound
Taylor 35.06 35 US 24 (Telegraph Road) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
35.92 36 Eureka Road
Taylor, Southgate 37.06 37 Allen Road, Northline Road
Lincoln Park 39.84 40 Dix Highway
40.67 41 M-39 (Southfield Road)
Melvindale 41.81 42 Outer Drive
Detroit 43.13 43 M-85 south (Fort Street) / Schaefer Highway Signed as exits 43A (south) and 43B (north) southbound; northern terminus of M-85
44.83 44 Dearborn Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
45.57 45 Springwells Avenue, Fort Street
46.46 46 Livernois Avenue
47.42 47A Clark Avenue Former M-3
48.02 47B Lafayette Boulevard, Porter Street – Ambassador Bridge to Canada To Hwy 3
48.27 47C Vernor Avenue
48.85 48 I-96 west (Jeffries Freeway) – Lansing Eastern terminus of I-96
49.87 49 M-10 (Lodge Freeway) / Rosa Parks Boulevard  – Civic Center, Tiger Stadium Signed as exits 49A (Rosa Parks Boulevard) and 49B (M-10) southbound
50.16 50 Grand River Avenue Comerica Park
50.82 51B M-3 (Gratiot Avenue via Fisher Freeway) to M-53 Signed as exit 51 northbound
50.97 51C I-375 south (Chrysler Freeway) – Downtown Detroit Sharp turn 25 miles per hour (40 km/h)
51.76 52 Mack Avenue
52.50 53A Warren Avenue
53.06 53B I-94 (Ford Freeway) – Port Huron, Chicago
53.48 54 East Grand Boulevard, Clay Avenue
Hamtramck 55.14 55 Holbrook Avenue, Caniff Avenue
Detroit 56.17 56 M-8 (Davison Freeway) Signed as exits 56A (east) and 56B (west)
56.95 57 McNichols Road
58.02 58 7 Mile Road
59.01 59 M-102 (8 Mile Road)
Oakland Hazel Park 60.11 60 John R. Street, 9 Mile Road
61.40 61 I-696 (Reuther Freeway) – Port Huron, Lansing
Royal Oak, Madison Heights
62.38 62 11 Mile Road, 10 Mile Road west
Madison Heights 63.38 63 12 Mile Road
65.41 65 14 Mile Road Signed as exits 65A (east) and 65B (west)
67.62 67 Rochester Road
69.17 69 Big Beaver Road Signed as exits 69A (east) and 69B (west)
72.28 72 Crooks Road
Bloomfield Township 74.31 74 Adams Road
75.64 75 BL I-75 north (Square Lake Road) – Pontiac
Auburn Hills 77.58 77 M-59Utica, Pontiac Signed as exits 77A (east) and 77B (west)
78.59 78 Chrysler Drive
79.25 79 University Drive – Rochester
81.22 81 M-24 / BL I-75 south – Lapeer, Pontiac The Palace of Auburn Hills
83.11 83 Joslyn Road Signed as exits 83A (north) and 83B (south) southbound
East Entrance to Great Lakes Crossing
84.34 84 Baldwin Road Signed as exits 84A (north) and 84B (south) northbound
West Entrance to Great Lakes Crossing
Independence Township 88.75 89 Sashabaw Road
90.99 91 M-15Clarkston, Davison
Springfield Township 92.79 93 US 24 (Dixie Highway) – Waterford Northern terminus of US 24
98.21 98 East Holly Road
Groveland Township 101.19 101 Grange Hall Road – Fenton, Ortonville
Holly Township 106.33 106 Dixie Highway Southbound exit and northbound entrance
106.63 106 Saginaw Road – Grand Blanc Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Genesee Grand Blanc 108.86 108 Holly Road – Grand Blanc
110.08 109 M-54 (Dort Highway) – Burton Southern terminus of M-54
111.88 111 I-475 north – Downtown Flint Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Mundy Township 115.12 115 US 23 south – Ann Arbor South end of US 23 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Flint 116.49 116 Airport Sign.svgBristol Road Signed as exits 116A (east) and 116B (west) southbound; former M-121, Exit to Bishop International Airport
Flint Township 117.38 117 I-69 / Miller Road – Port Huron, Lansing Signed as exits 117A (I-69) and 117B (Miller Road)
118.91 118 M-21 (Corunna Road) – Owosso
Mt. Morris Township 122.11 122 Pierson Road – Flushing
125.59 125 I-475 south – Downtown Flint
126.13 126 Mt. Morris
Vienna Township 131.21 131 M-57Clio, Montrose
Saginaw Birch Run 136.29 136 M-54 / M-83Birch Run, Frankenmuth Northern terminus of M-54; southern terminus of M-83
Bridgeport Township 144.69 144 Frankenmuth, Bridgeport Signed as exits 144A (Frankenmuth) and 144B (Bridgeport) northbound
Buena Vista Township 149.40 149 M-46 (Holland Avenue) – Sandusky Signed as exits 149A (east) and 149B (west)
149.72 150 I-675 north – Downtown Saginaw
151.88 151 M-81Caro, Reese
153.08 153 M-13 (East Bay City Road) – Saginaw
Zilwaukee Bridge over Saginaw River
154.02 154 Zilwaukee
Zilwaukee Township 155.96 155 I-675 south – Downtown Saginaw
Bay Frankenlust Township 160.30 160 M-84 (Saginaw Road)
Monitor Township 162.81 162 US 10 west / M-25 east / BL I-75 east – Downtown Bay City, Clare Eastern terminus of US 10; western terminus of M-25 and BL I-75; Signed as 162A (east) and 162B (west)
164.31 164 Connector plate.svg
M-13.svg M-13 CONN, Wilder Road - Kawkawlin
Kawkawlin Township 168.05 168 Beaver Road
Fraser Township 173.01 173 Linwood Road – Linwood
Pinconning Township 181.02 181 Pinconning Road – Pinconning
Arenac Lincoln Township 188.65 188 US 23 north – Alpena, Standish North end of US 23 overlap
190.97 190 M-61Gladwin, Standish
Adams Township 195.08 195 Sterling Road – Sterling
Moffatt Township 202.87 202 M-33 north – Mio, Cheboygan
Ogemaw Horton Township 212.13 212 BL I-75 north (Cook Road) – West Branch
Ogemaw Township 215.73 215 M-55 east / BL I-75 south to M-30Tawas City, West Branch South end of M-55 overlap
Roscommon Richfield Township 222.83 222 Old 76 – St. Helen Former M-76
Backus Township 227.60 227 M-55 west – Cadillac, Houghton Lake North end of M-55 overlap
Higgins Township 239.61 239 M-18 / BL I-75 north – Roscommon, Houghton Lake
Gerrish Township 244.26 244 BL I-75 south – Roscommon, North Higgins Lake State Park
Crawford Beaver Creek Township 250.02 249 US 127Lansing, Clare Southbound exit and northbound entrance; northern terminus of US 127
Grayling Township 251.03 251 4 Mile Road
Grayling 254.11 254 BL I-75 north to M-72Downtown Grayling, Traverse City Northbound exit and southbound entrance
256.14 256 North Down River Road Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Grayling Township 259.19 259 M-93 (Hartwick Pines Road) / BL I-75 south to M-72Downtown Grayling, Traverse City
Maple Forest Township 264.23 264 Frederic, Lewiston
Otsego Otsego Lake Township 270.83 270 Waters
Bagley Township 279.05 279 BL I-75 north (Old 27) – Downtown Gaylord Former US 27
Gaylord 281.95 282 M-32 / BL I-75 south – Downtown Gaylord, Alpena
Vanderbilt 290.70 290 Old 27 – Vanderbilt
Cheboygan Nunda Township 300.97 301 C-58Wolverine
Indian River 310.16 310 M-68Indian River, Rogers City
313.49 313 M-27 north – Cheboygan, Indian River Southern terminus of M-27
Munro Township 322.51 322 C-64Cheboygan, Pellston
Hebron Township 326.71 326 C-66Cheboygan, Cross Village
Mackinaw Township 335.69 336 US 31 south – Petoskey, Charlevoix Southbound exit and northbound entrance; northern terminus of US 31
Mackinaw City 337.72 337 M-108 (Nicolet Street) – Mackinaw City Northbound exit and southbound entrance; southern terminus of M-108
Emmet 338.47 338 US 23Cheboygan, Rogers City, Alpena Southbound exit and northbound entrance; northern terminus of US 23
338 Michigan Welcome Center Northbound exit only
339.22 339 Jamet Street
Mackinac Bridge over Straits of Mackinac
Mackinac St. Ignace 343.80 343 Bridge View Park Southbound exit only
344.38 344 US 2 west / BL I-75 north – St. Ignace, Escanaba, Manistique Signed as exits 344A (north) and 344B (west) northbound
Eastern terminus of the western US segment of US 2; southern terminus of BL I-75
345.08 345 Portage Street – St. Ignace Southbound exit and northbound entrance
St Ignace Township 348.10 348 BL I-75 south / H-63 north / Mackinac TrailSt. Ignace
352.15 352 M-123 north – Tahquamenon Falls, Newberry, Moran, Trout Lake Southern terminus of M-123
359.37 359 M-134 east – Drummond Island, De Tour Village Western terminus of M-134
Chippewa Rudyard Township 373.71 373 M-48 east (H-40) – Pickford, Rudyard Western terminus of M-48
Kinross Township 377.88 378 M-80 east – Kinross Western terminus of M-80
379.64 379 Gaines Highway – Barbeau Area
Dafter Township 386.27 386 M-28Munising, Newberry
Sault Ste. Marie 392.57 392 BS I-75 north (3 Mile Road) – Sault Ste. Marie
394.74 394 Easterday Avenue – Sault Ste. Marie, Soo Locks
International Bridge over St. Marys River to Canada To Hwy 17


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