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Greensbor Urban Loop
Interstate 85 Business
Business loop of the Interstate Highway System.
Length: Southern Segment: 30 miles (48 km)
Northern Segment: 11 miles (18 km)
Formed: North section added in 2004
Direction: South/North
From: I-85.svgI-285 (Future).svgUS 29.svgUS 70.svgUS 52.svg I-85/US 70/29/52/Future I-285 near Lexington, NC
I-73.svgI-85.svgUS 421.svg I-73/I-85//US 421 in Greensboro
I-40.svgUS 29.svgUS 70.svgUS 220.svg I-40/US 29/US 70/US 220 in Greensboro
To: I-40.svgI-85.svgI-840 (Future).svgI-785 (Future).svg I-40/85/Future Interstates 840/785 (Painter Blvd) near McLeansville, NC
Major cities: Lexington, NC
Thomasville, NC
Trinity, NC
High Point, NC
Jamestown, NC
Greensboro, NC
System: Interstate Highway System

Interstate 85 Business (commonly known as just "Business 85") is a business loop of the Interstate Highway System, running from Interstate 85 southwest of Lexington, North Carolina through Lexington, Thomasville, High Point and Greensboro to I-85 east of Greensboro. It consists of two sections, separated by a 2-mile (3 km) hiatus along I-85. The southern section, the longer of the two, was once part of I-85 and later Temporary I-85; it includes several large non-freeway stretches. The northern section is a freeway, though not built to Interstate standards, and was I-85 until 2004, when that road was shifted to the Greensboro Bypass. Most of the northern section was still part of Interstate 40 until February 2008, when the southwestern section of the Greensboro Urban Loop opened and the old route became Interstate 40 Business (which has since been decommissioned, making the road I-40 once again). Except for the northernmost bit near Greensboro, the whole length is concurrent with U.S. Route 29 and U.S. Route 70. The southernmost 4 miles (6 km) are also part of U.S. Route 52, planned to become Interstate 285 in that area.

Business 85's junction with I-40 in Greensboro is commonly nicknamed "Death Valley" for its unusual design and high rate of traffic incidents. One of the main reasons I-85 was rerouted along the Greensboro Bypass (as was I-40 when the southern portion was completed) was to lighten traffic at the Death Valley interchange area.

The northern Greensboro segment of Business 85 was given the street name Preddy Boulevard after the Preddy Brothers (one of which is George Preddy) for their outstanding service in World War II.

Business 85 is co-signed with I-40 in Greensboro, although Business 40 once ran through the area after I-40 was routed onto the Greensboro Urban Loop. To make up for I-40's return to its original route, US 421 was rerouted onto the I-40 portion of the loop. The US 421 sign has since been removed to reflect this routing change.

In September 2008, the FHWA granted the NCDOT permission to return I-40 back to its former route through Greensboro after residents and motorists complained about the apparent confusion between green (Business I-40) and blue (I-40) signage, as well as increased traffic on the I-40 portion of the loop. As a result, Business I-40 has been truncated to its original endpoint in Kernersville, North Carolina, east of Winston-Salem. In its place, U.S. Route 421 has been rerouted onto the former alignment of I-40, which is also signed as Interstate 73. The restoration of I-40 on its original routing through the city re-creates the rare instance of a regular and Business Interstate sharing the same highway.

Exit list

Mile # Destinations Notes
I-85 south / US 29 south / US 52 south / US 70 west Southbound exit and northbound entrance
84 Linwood
85 Green Needles Road
US 29 Bus. north / US 70 Bus. east – Downtown Lexington
87 US 52 north – Winston-Salem North end of US 52 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
88 Old US 64
89 US 64 west – Mocksville South end of US 64 overlap
90 West Center Street
92 NC 8Lexington, Winston-Salem

US 29 Bus. south / US 70 Bus. west (North Main Street) – Lexington
US 64 east – Asheboro North end of US 64 overlap
North end of freeway
Thomasville Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
NC 109Thomasville, Winston-Salem Interchange
NC 68PTI Airport, West High Point Interchange
South end of freeway
Old Thomasville Road – High Point
Prospect Street
West Green Drive
Surrett Drive
US 311 south – Asheboro, High Point South end of US 311 overlap
Brentwood Street
US 311 north – Winston-Salem North end of US 311 overlap
North end of freeway
Baker Road Interchange
Kivett Drive – East High Point Interchange
South end of freeway
Vickrey Chapel Road – Jamestown, Sedgefield
I-85 south – Salisbury, Charlotte South end of I-85 overlap
120 33 Groometown Road to Grandover Parkway Signed as exit 119 northbound
I-85 north – Durham, Raleigh North end of I-85 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
33 I-73 north / US 421 north to I-40 west – Winston-Salem Signed as exit 120B northbound
121 34 Holden Road
122A 35A US 220 south – Asheboro
122B 35B No image wide.svgTo plate blue.svg
US 220 north to I-40 west  – Coliseum Area
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
122C 35C Rehobeth Church Road, Vandalia Road
I-40 west – Winston-Salem South end of I-40 overlap; no northbound exit
Randleman Road Once signed as exit 36 northbound on I-85 Bus.; now Exit 219 eastbound on I-40
South Elm-Eugene Street – Downtown Greensboro
Sanford Formerly US 421 south
US 29 north / US 70 east / US 220 north – Reidsville North end of US 29/US 70/US 220 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
NC 6 (East Lee Street) to US 29 north / US 220 north
McConnell Road
To US 70 (via I-840)
44B 227B
I-85 south Northbound exit and southbound entrance
I-40 east / I-85 north – Durham Northbound exit and southbound entrance

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