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Invasion from Inner Earth
Directed by Bill Rebane
Produced by Bill Rebane
Written by Barbara J. Rebane
Starring Paul Bentzen/Debbi Pick
Cinematography Jack Willoughby
Editing by Peter Harlos, Bill Rebane
Release date(s) 1974
Running time 94 min.
Language English

Invasion from Inner Earth (1974) is an apocalyptic science fiction film, starring Paul Bentzen and Debbi Pick. It was directed by Bill Rebane, the same director of Monster A Go-Go (1965), and The Giant Spider Invasion (1975). The film was also known as Hell Fire and They. It was inspired by the British film The Strange World of Planet X (1957), and was made in the style of the suspense thrillers directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


There are strange reports in the Canadian wilderness over the radio communications about planes crashing, cars stalling, and a heavy plague worldwide. It becomes clear that this is an alien invasion. The pilots land their planes and barricade themselves in a cabin deep in the woods, waiting for impending doom.

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